Lead Actor In A Comedy Series Emmy: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

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September 16th, 2012

This is one of our "2012 Emmys, Who'll Win? Who Should?" posts, to see all our posts on the Emmy Awards click here.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards nominations are in.

Using my predicting, without predicting, method I use each year of simply choosing the previous year's winner (which is beginning to wobble a bit, but I'm sticking with it!) I am compelled to pick Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) to once again win for Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.

In a double poll, here's your chance to tally who you think WILL win, and who you think SHOULD win.

Feel free to explain.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards airs on ABC on September 23, 2012.


  • a p garcia

    I hope Jim Parons will win

  • CCV

    Should: Louis CK
    Will: Someone on a far less intelligent series (that probably has a laugh track)

  • Rebecca

    Jim Parsons as Sheldon (I like Alec Baldwin on 30R too), my kiddo’s favorite nerdy guy besides her daddy. :D

  • Raykov

    Will and should – Parsons

  • Gary A

    A question that someone may be able to help me out on:

    Where can you find the list with the Actor/Actress/Series nominations and the episode(s) that they are nominated for?

    & does anyone know of a place where you can find the same for previous years?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kaylie

    Jim Parsons should & will win!!!!!!!!!

  • Hattie

    You really can’t go wrong with Jim Parsons! He deserves it every year.

  • FlorianN

    Will win : Jim Parson
    Should win : Jim Parson. He’s really great. You can dislike The Big Bang Theory, but you can’t deny that.

  • cc

    Always Jim Parsons for me.

    As for those who don’t think Cryer should be nominated. Get outta town. The guy has excellent comedic timing. And isn’t overshadowed this year by the dope.

    Who shouldn’t be nominated is Baldwin. Overrated and not funny.

  • TheEmulator23

    The one reason I like Louis more here is he quite simply doesn’t seem to be acting. Jim Parsons is obviously playing a character. The best acting shouldn’t be seen as acting at all.

  • NYC

    For sure Alec will not get it, and really, it’s the same old, same old line up, they need have like 10 to pick from…The list is dim….Granted all VERY talented players, Jon Cryer should get THE WIN, he’s been around now 10 years and has great acting abilities…When he wins, he should thank Charlie Sheen for leaving before the show just went wayyyyyyyyy down hill… No way will the ratings be like when Sheen was the lead….Two very bad shows do not equal one good show…Everyone loves TBBT….ever go to Comic Con in San Diego – if the fans could vote, its Parsons all the WAY.

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