Lead Actress In A Drama Series Emmy: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

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September 16th, 2012

This is one of our "2012 Emmys, Who'll Win? Who Should?" posts, to see all our posts on the Emmy Awards click here.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards nominations are in.

Using my predicting, without predicting, method I use each year of simply choosing the previous year's winner (which is beginning to wobble a bit, but I'm sticking with it!) I am compelled to pick Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) to once again win for Lead Actress In A Drama Series.

In a double poll, here's your chance to tally who you think WILL win, and who you think SHOULD win.

Feel free to explain.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards airs on ABC on September 23, 2012.


  • cortexifan

    The Ewwy’s have revealed it! Anna Torv! Nuff said.

  • Gary A

    A question that someone on here may be able to help me on:

    Where can you find a list of the episodes that the Actors/Actresses/Series submitted for their nominations? I realize in the case of acting they only submit one episode and that series submit between 6 and 8.

    And does anyone know of a place where you can find previous years nominess and the episodes for which they were nominated? I can find list going back to the 60’s for who and what was nominated, but not for which particular episode(s).

    Thanks in advance.


    HOMELAND is amazing!! Just finished the first season online, Clair Danes def deserves this

  • FlorianN

    Will win : Claire Danes
    Should win : Julianna Margulies or Claire Danes (both are amazing).

  • steven m. burton

    Love TGW and Julianna Margulies. Last season wasn’t the greatest and she had to wade through some bad writing. It would be nice to see her win again. Or Kathy Bates. She is such a powerful actress. Funny, savage, menacing, the perfect doormat in Fried Green Tomatoes. Glenn Close is like a less perfect, and therefore more relatable,version of Meryl Streep. The Mad Men thing kind of lost me a season or so ago.

    Claire Danes is pretty overrated in my book. You see the seams too clearly in her performances. She is actress-y. Yes, that takes a level of talent. But it kind of gets in the way of delivering true pathos. She has taken some emotionally complex roles, but her innate reserve comes through way too often, even in Temple Grandin. She is essentially Claire Danes playing some character or the other. Watch a film like Silkwood. Streep is the white trash nuclear power plant worker with a social conscience. Being able to disappear completely into a character is a rare gift. Danes ain’t got that gift. She might well win this particular award, but she is not remotely the equal of a couple of the other actresses in this category.

  • HustisHarper

    Seriously? No Anna Torv? I love Claire and Julianna but no Anna? WHAT A JOKE!

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