Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

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September 16th, 2012

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The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards nominations are in.

Using my predicting, without predicting, method I use each year of simply choosing the previous year's winner (which is beginning to wobble a bit, but I'm sticking with it!) I am compelled to pick Modern Family to once again win for Outstanding Comedy Series.

In a double poll, here's your chance to tally who you think WILL win, and who you think SHOULD win.

Feel free to explain.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards airs on ABC on September 23, 2012.

  • OUAT- The real #1 new drama

    Should Win: Community or Happy Endings

    Will Win: Modern Family or 30 Rock

    I hate that Emmy voters keep voting for the same actors and shows year after year.

  • Cory

    Last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was the funniest yet, it really needs to win. I’m sure MF will three-peat, but its fairly disappointing. It’s not a bad show at all, but season 3 was worse than season 2, which was worse than season 1. Curb seems to get better with age, and MF does not.

    I’m also a huge 30 Rock fan. Season 6 wasn’t their strongest, but was pretty damn good nonetheless.

  • Rebecca

    I’d be okay with MF or TBBT winning – I enjoy both of those. 30R, too. And I’m caught up on Curb (great show but I like the other nominees more). But yeah, Community and P&R should be nominated and I’d be great with either of them winning some day.

  • Mon

    I’ll be happy if Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, or Veep wins. All are hilarious.

  • Raykov

    Will: Modern Family
    Should: The Big Bang Theory

  • Kaylie


  • Ralph Hahn

    I’m not all that thrilled abot “Veep.” Because it’s on pay cable, too much gratuitist use of the ‘F’ word and other obsenities. But, Julia Louis-Dreyfus IS the funniest woman in television.

  • Tessa

    Modern Family will and should win.

  • ddutchie88

    will win: Modern Family

    and it should, out of these nominees. But if you ask me, either Parks and Recreation or Community should win. Sigh.

  • Allen

    Boring selections….

    No Louie? Parks and Rec? Community?

  • Kyle

    The Big Bang Theory SHOULD win though. It’s really a dark horse and is praised by many critics. To bad the Academy and Emmys will never fully recognize that.

  • Hattie

    Should: Parks & Rec – still surprised this isn’t even on the list!

    Modern Family is definitely an award magnet and has done well at the Emmys before, but their past season wasn’t as strong as previous seasons have been and I’m hoping the voters recognize that. TBBT is excellent, but slipping in quality as well. Since 30 Rock is in the field, maybe they’ll pick it up? But probably one of the HBO comedies will take it. Emmy loves cable.

  • Jim

    man i wish The Big Bang Theory got Outstanding Comedy Series. just once man. that’s all i ask for the Emmy. but they can be predictable just as the MTV Movie Awards with the Twilight winning at the end of the award show.

  • ReallyTired

    30 Rock or Curb SHOULD win. Hell ….. they are funny as hell.

    Modern Family will likely win, because the voters are suckers.

  • MattM

    Have really nothing against Modern Family, one of the funniest shows on TV but some of the other nominees are a complete joke.

    I think the old Emmy dudes are gonna try and be edgy and go with Girls not realizing it gets less viewers than Community. Not that that matters.

  • Chris B

    Will: Modern Family

    Should: 30 Rock

    Huge omissions: Louie, Parks and Rec, Community, Children’s Hospital

  • FlorianN

    I’m sick of Modern Family, all the awards for THAT. Oh God.
    Will win : Modern Family (Grr)
    Should win : Girls // The Big Bang Theory.

  • Tom

    What’s “Girls” doing with a nomination? This program is merely annoying. That’s hardly synonymous with funny.

  • HBO

    Bill, you used that photos last year….Horrible, Lena Dunham should be on top. GIRLS all the way.

  • Dean-W

    Why ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are not nominated ?

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