Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

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September 16th, 2012

This is one of our "2012 Emmys, Who'll Win? Who Should?" posts, to see all our posts on the Emmy Awards click here.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards nominations are in.

Using my predicting, without predicting, method I use each year of simply choosing the previous year's winner (which is beginning to wobble a bit, but I'm sticking with it!) I am compelled to pick Modern Family to once again win for Outstanding Comedy Series.

In a double poll, here's your chance to tally who you think WILL win, and who you think SHOULD win.

Feel free to explain.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards airs on ABC on September 23, 2012.

  • NYC

    GIRLS will win…Lena Dunham is like NO OTHER….she’s the WRITER, an ACTOR, a SHOW CREATOR, a PRODUCER, a DIRECTOR – and is ONLY 26 and goes naked, and then goes naked, and then makes us love her and then is bold..HBO has it right, the risk was worth it…Lena Dunham you rock sister…ART as it’s BEST for NYC life on a tv series…like no other….Lena will bring home the gold.

    I’m hoping Lena that you sista make it to 100 eps……..


    Just for the record Bill – your photos suck – this is the entertainment business – really get a grip – get other photos – like you have no resources to do that – laid off too many people – Bill – dont be too busy for excellence – I had to tell you because as a want to be producer and showrunner and director and writer much like Lena Dunham – I’d fire you in a NYC minute with that photo above – its only modern family you should have all the noms its not like you have a shortage of space on this page – you must really want to think people that go to your site are dumbed down stupid non industry people – Bill – seeing that photo again from last year – tells me you may be right thinking that.

  • TBBT FTW!!

    The Big Bang Theory should win! I love that show, it´s so funny!

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