Outstanding Drama Series Emmy: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

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September 16th, 2012

This is one of our "2012 Emmys, Who'll Win? Who Should?" posts, to see all our posts on the Emmy Awards click here.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards nominations are in.

Returning to my predicting, without predicting, method I use each year of simply choosing the previous year's winner (which is beginning to wobble a bit, but I'm sticking with it!) I am compelled to pick Mad Men to once again win for Outstanding Drama Series.

In a double poll, here's your chance to tally who you think WILL win, and who you think SHOULD win.

Feel free to explain.

The 2012 64th Annual Emmy Awards airs on ABC on September 23, 2012.




  • martin

    I too thought that Homeland was ALOT better than Mad Men this year

  • ddutchie88

    will win: Mad Men
    Shoud win: Breaking Bad

    though I would also be happy with a GoT or Homeland win. Do not care about Mad Men, never seen Boardwalk Empire. I loved the first season of Downton Abbey, but the second season was crap. The Good Wife should have been nominated instead.

  • luisl

    This year was like this:

    Breaking Bad > Homeland > Mad Men

  • Hattie

    I adore both Homeland and Mad Men and definitely both are worthy of this award. Both shows show all-around excellence. Hopefully one of these will bring it home.

  • Herb Finn

    I think this year may be too close to call



  • Lamdog

    I have not seen any nominee except Breaking Bad. It is hard to imagine any drama better than Breaking Bad, for those who missed the opportunity to watch one of the best show of ALL TIMES.

  • Chris B

    Will and Should win: Breaking Bad

    With Homeland a close second

  • Crawford

    Revenge should have been nominated because it was the best new show last year in my opinion and many others. It was gripping, addictive, and very well written. The Emmy’s are a disaster this year. They always nominate the same showns and neglect many other amazing shows like Revenge every year. But if I had to choose wich should win it would be Breaking Bad but for will win most likely Homeland or Downtown Abbey.

  • kellie

    Should win: Breaking Bad everyday all day
    Will probably win:Mad Men ugh i tried to watch it and Homeland but i couldn’t get past the first two epis of those shows they were boring imo.I love Game of Thrones but i don’t think it will win also love Downton Abbey so it might just sneak up and take the win.

  • Jared

    I am a HUGE Goodwife fan and can only imagine if this series happened to be on cable what the possibilities would be.

  • Tom

    What’s interesting here is that none of the six nominated drama shows is on a major network.

  • TheEmulator23

    Thrones should win simply because almost every episode last season was basically like getting to watch a mini-movie every weekend. I only subscribe to one pay channel & it’s worth $16 a month. You can’t even see a decent movie more that once a month in theaters if you’re lucky these days.

  • POI – amazing cliffhanger finale tonight

    Hope PoI to be in that list next year.

  • Chris

    Game of Thrones is better than all these other shows combined.

    Homeland doesn’t impress me in the slightest. Mad Men is well past its overrated prime. Breaking Bad should have been a miniseries. Boardwalk Empire is a pale shadow of The Sopranos, set in a different era. Downton Abby is just a revamped Upstairs Downstairs, with far less substance (or viewers).

    Game of Thrones is the best show on TV, and there’s not a damned thing the Emmys can do about it, except maybe acknowledge it, if they want to get over their stupid prejudice against genre.

    It’s a disgrace Treme isn’t on the list, but of course The Wire never was either. Why does anyone care what the Emmys say is the best? It hardly ever is.

  • Michael Hadley

    Person of Interest is the best drama on television now.

  • NYC

    Mad Men will win everything.

    Jon Hamm is the best looking actor on television. Smokin HOT!

  • stark

    “Mad Men” will win but I think “Boardwalk Empire” should win. Both are great show, however Boardwalk Empire is better than Mad Men and all other candidates.

    Boardwalk Empire clearly deserves it; wonderful cast, complicated and elaborate story line, fantastic cinematography… I think that it’s art.

    Also I like GoT and Breaking Bad but Boardwalk Empire is the best.

  • Rob R

    “Mad Men” will win and should win. The most brilliantly written and acted television show of 2011-12.

  • a p garcia

    My fav POI was not nominated and it should be there and win. I wouldn’t be surprised if politics was involved.

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