The JJ Abrams' 'Revolution' Will Be Televised, But for How Long?

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September 16th, 2012

Revolution premieres Monday night at 10pm. While it's always true that the premieres don't say much about a show's future prospects, it's even more true with Revolution since its premiere  will have the benefit of premiering in a week where there's no original scripted 10pm competition on ABC and CBS. That will change the next week.

Several have suggested that Revolution will be our next Fringe or Chuck. We'll be delighted if that turns out to be the case but the odds are against it. Most new shows don't go on to get 5 seasons. For several reasons I think the better comparable is probably Terra Nova with the exception that I could definitely see Revolution lasting a full season like, say, The Event rather than only the 12 episodes Terra Nova lasted.

The good news for fans of the show is it's on NBC where starting out OK and then merely muddling along might be good enough for renewal.

  • John A

    Honestly worst pilot i have ever seen. Even worse than the terrible Bionic Woman and Knight Rider NBC remade. Probably start with a 3.0 then nosedive.

  • victor hugo

    I say: 11 million viewers and 3.2 rating

  • john

    I already watched the pilot on hulu. There are some scenes banal or too made-for-teen, but the story has potential and… we are talking about Kripke!

    Kripke give us five amazing seasons of Supernatural, so I’m going to trust him until the end of the season…

    and PLEASE stop put JJ name on everything… This is a Kripke show, JJ apport is very limited.

  • lotusguard

    The show is pretty bad. It will probably last a full season but no longer than that.

  • KS

    I watched the pilot. But I am not really happy about it. It does not live upto its expectation and certainly NOT better than Fringe pilot episode. I still wonder why, they didn’t choose a 2-hour pilot instead of a 1-hour one. I felt the pilot is too stuffed up and hardly anything is appreciable or heart-felt. I hope this changes with the subsequent episodes.

    There are two things I believe that must change:
    1. Charlie – Actress is pathetic and character is Dean Winchester-ish in terms of taking care of her little brother. I have absolutely no expectations about the show if she remains to play the major role for the rest of the series. She is not even 10% what Jensen Ackles is.

    2. Just because sibling love and family drama worked on Supernatural(indeed, the show was successful mainly because of that), doesn’t mean it will work on Revolution, especially when acting is bad. On Supernatural, I give all the credit to Jensen Ackles, for making the show an emotional one. I hope Kripke would rethink about making this show a family-driven drama rather an Sci-Fi one.

    I don’t think this show will last for more than 2 seasons. I think this show will get 3.0-3.4 and I attribute the loss of viewers to early Online premiere of the pilot.

  • Tested

    I watched the debut on demand this past week. I liked it. It has potential.
    But it reminds me of several other shows.

    The lack of electricity and tribal living reminds me of Falling Skies.

    The single secretive event that someone did that impacted the whole world reminds me of Flash Forward.

    The secretive computer talking to an unknown person (as seen in even the promos) is exactly like the quantum entangled typewriter on Fringe.

    The good news for Revolution is that I like(d) all three of those shows.
    The question is whether they can sustain suspense and mystery enough to keep me tuned in.

  • don juan

    after the event and terra Nova, I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Julia

    I just want to see how the writers BS an ending they clearly have not thought up yet.

  • Mark

    I will pass. They got me whith “The Event” and “Chase.” Not again this year.

  • Dan S

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. I found the pilot to be very well done but I suppose you can always poke holes in the logic of the shows premise. It’ll definitely premiere to good numbers & don’t really think the early online viewing will hurt it. Obviously it’ll drop in the coming weeks but don’t think it’ll go below 2.5 & will likely see a 2nd season.

  • Jase

    This was one of the worse pilots I have seen in awhile. While I can only hope things get better, I don’t have enough faith to fully believe that it will. That said, I’m going with a 2.5-2.9 range and falling very fast thereafter.

    The writing is weak and the acting overall is pretty bad. Plus, I doubt a large enough number of viewers are willing to dismiss the many, many holes in show’s premise week after week to make this show a long-term success.

  • Marcos

    5.4 and 28 millon

  • rob60990

    “But The Event is a bad comparison because there’s virtually no chance that Revolution will premiere as well as The Event did.”

    Really? Because I think it could. But it sure as hell won’t hold. The Voice lead-in may keep it afloat.

  • Thomas

    I don’t care. NBC will let other garbage like this on the air and cancel other good shows. I agree about the comment of Knight Rider. They should have let well enough alone if they weren’t gonna have the Hoff involved. He should been the series “Devon Miles” and left the new Michael as driver, the car (should have been in talks with original KITT), and the female mechanic. Just sayin. What’s messed up is NBC Universal has good shows, but they’re on USA. (Psych, White Collar, Burn Notice, etc.)

  • SarahL

    I am just interested to see if this show lives up to all the hype manufactured by Kripke fans. However, I expect it to last the season because it has The Voice as a lead in.

  • Mark

    The Voice – 4.0
    Revolution – 3.5

  • Justin121


    LOST-wannabe’s are still in demand, I see.

    Aren’t we past that?

    Seriously, NBC could benifit from any type of soap-opera drama or even work-place drama. Genre just doesn’t work.

    Why are they sabbotaging their turn-around season?

  • Robert Seidman

    @rob: indeed. merely more memory deterioration on my part. For some reason I’d remembered The Event premiering much higher than it actually did (3.6). While I think it’s unlikely the Revolution will draw that high a rating either, “virtually no chance” is too strong.

  • Lucard

    Its certainly a crap pilot, but as we know the actual quality of a show bears no relevance to its later rating.
    However I don’t think its going to do well, its just too silly and cliched – and that it seems more to be a soap with a mcguffin is not likely to appeal to the scifi crowd – but then no networks really want the scifi crowd anyway, do they.

  • MattM

    If this show didn’t hook you after the pilot, you were watching a different show. This looks like it will be favorite action drama of the season just as Alcatraz and Missing were last season. The only problem with that is both of those shows are now canceled. Let’s hope America tunes in.

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