The JJ Abrams' 'Revolution' Will Be Televised, But for How Long?

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September 16th, 2012

Revolution premieres Monday night at 10pm. While it's always true that the premieres don't say much about a show's future prospects, it's even more true with Revolution since its premiere  will have the benefit of premiering in a week where there's no original scripted 10pm competition on ABC and CBS. That will change the next week.

Several have suggested that Revolution will be our next Fringe or Chuck. We'll be delighted if that turns out to be the case but the odds are against it. Most new shows don't go on to get 5 seasons. For several reasons I think the better comparable is probably Terra Nova with the exception that I could definitely see Revolution lasting a full season like, say, The Event rather than only the 12 episodes Terra Nova lasted.

The good news for fans of the show is it's on NBC where starting out OK and then merely muddling along might be good enough for renewal.

  • pirate1303

    I bailed after 15 minutes-dumb plot-no legs-unlikeable characters-kill it quick

  • William Wheeler

    Liberals will hate this show cause its a glimpse of what life would be like if Government was removed from the picture… SHOCKER people survive cause the do for themselves! those that dont die. alla the people in the cities degenerating into mob rule creatures and possibly cannibalistic, while those in the vast countryside rebuild into self sustaining communities. Its a welcome change to see quality scripted Television again. But I fear like Terra Nova its too intellectual for a typical Liberal city folk. They couldnt be bothered and just want to see more Ouch my balls type programing…

  • birke

    Show is absolute junk. They walk to Chicago in one day. The first person she talks to is her uncle. God this show sucks balls. They need to show why I should care and not tell me why I should care. Lame.

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