The JJ Abrams' 'Revolution' Will Be Televised, But for How Long?

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September 16th, 2012

Revolution premieres Monday night at 10pm. While it's always true that the premieres don't say much about a show's future prospects, it's even more true with Revolution since its premiere  will have the benefit of premiering in a week where there's no original scripted 10pm competition on ABC and CBS. That will change the next week.

Several have suggested that Revolution will be our next Fringe or Chuck. We'll be delighted if that turns out to be the case but the odds are against it. Most new shows don't go on to get 5 seasons. For several reasons I think the better comparable is probably Terra Nova with the exception that I could definitely see Revolution lasting a full season like, say, The Event rather than only the 12 episodes Terra Nova lasted.

The good news for fans of the show is it's on NBC where starting out OK and then merely muddling along might be good enough for renewal.

  • Californiadgd

    The Voice – 4.0
    Revolution – 3.5

  • EatMorePez

    I didn’t have a problem with the pilot for Revolution. I had a problem with the trailer. Except for the identity of General Munroe, the trailer gave away all of the major story points of the pilot, including the final scene which revealed a huge secret. So any disappointment I had after watching the trailer, was mainly because I had already known most of what would happen.

  • CrystalBall

    The pilot was awful but I had the feeling they were trying to pass quick on some plots on purpose (the blackout, the characters, the militia).
    I will watch the next episodes but if the writing quality doesn’t improve it sure won’t have a season 2.

  • Oliver

    Making it 15 years after the blackout rather than makes for a more sustainable premise rather than front-loading the series. It’s a good creative decision.

  • bluejays

    The pilot was bad. It reminded me a lot in the feel of it of Terra Nova and I can see this going down the same route where nothing much happens and it’s really a soapy show all about teenagers and family and all that crap. In fact Terra Nova picked up towards the end and got really good again but a really weak middle section probably was the nail in the coffin.

    Plus Revolution can’t even get basic things right, like clothing and hair and make up which is irritating. If a show looks good – like battlestar Galactica did then I’ll be more likely to stick around but if a show has people in a horrendous future with no electricity who just look like they’ve come out of the salon? It’s a pretty irritating start.

  • AppleStinx

    Is this the show where electric power goes out all over and a woman runs around shooting arrows? Maybe their guns needed electricity? Or they ran out of manufactured bullets but somehow can produce perfectly machined bows? I might watch it.

  • Tessa

    Watched the pilot and kept comparing it to “The Walking Dead” until my teeth began to hurt. Really, can’t network shows learn a thing ot two from Cable shows? First off, the acting. Everyone is a walking exposition megaphone. Do real people in real situations talk like that? Also, the creator’s fascination with showing absolutely everything to the audience, which resulted in hilarious segments like when the guy comes out on his porch to watch the lights go out. Not only have the lights waited for him to appear, they go out in turn based on where the camera is pointing at. Front shot! Lights go out! Right pan! Lights go out! Left pan! Lights go out. It’s so ridiculously choreographed it’s hard to believe.

    Speaking of believing, are we supposed to believe these people have been without life’s amenities for so long when they all look like they just stepped out of a Neiman Marcus catalogue? They don’t have a fridge to keep their food cold yet somehow the heroine’s leather jacket has the best tan and trim of any I’ve seen in my technology laden time. You wonder if she owned a time machine and made a trip back to 2012. Same goes for everyone’s clean hair and pearly white teeth. I guess barber shops and dentists still retained their power sources.

    In short this show’s premise had a lot of potential but the writing and production squandered it by ignoring the most obvious details. The only thing I can see saving it is the teenage angle. The Hunger Games fans looking for something to doze off on before the next movie comes out might save it from immediate cancellation. That and, as you mentioned, the fact that it’s on NBC.

  • Ricky

    @Oliver: Nobody wants to call out TWD, period. Any mention of any flaws it has seemingly has to be treated with white-hot flames. It’s probably because it’s a cable show and cable shows are somehow immune to criticism compared with broadcast, ’cause they get all the Emmys. Not to mention, RVN is produced by Abrams (who seems to be an acceptable target nowadays, except where Fringe is concerned), it’s a genre show (none of which have done terribly well since Lost), and worst of all, it’s on NBC, whose reputation has been in the toilet for years.

    I love TWD, but I will admit there are some problems with it. The pacing is painfully slow at times, especially during the most recent season. I have high hopes that RVN will not have such flaws. The first episode alone had some awesome twists and turns that hopefully will continue in a full 22-24 episode season and beyond.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m thinking around a 2.7. I watched the pilot and I thought it was ok. Not great, not bad, just alright. Which is a bad thing since it means that it doesn’t really hook you. I also found too many of the characters unlikable, particularly the teen girl that is supposed to be the ‘lead’ of the show. I was hoping they’d kill her off in a surprise twist.

  • Jase


    I disagree. You can’t jump that many yrs. ahead and just go from there and use flashbacks and such to fill in the holes. That may work for other shows but it’s not really plausible (or practical) in this case.

    Really, it’s not necessary the premise that I have an issue with, it’s more of the execution of said premise.

  • Ricky

    @AppleStinx: To answer your question about the bows: the civilians have to use them because the militia has a strict ban on anyone else carrying guns.

    Captain Neville: Sir, owning a firearm’s a hangin’ offense.
    Villager: So go hang yourself.
    -from the RVN pilot

  • Justin121

    I watched V for Elizabeth Mitchell and I’ll watch this for her.

    I like the premise but… discouraged by the track record of high-concept serials on network television.

  • Jase


    I’m willing to admit that TWD has its issues and have said so in the past, but TWD has never had in its two seasons as many holes (often obvious ones at that) as Revolution has in just one episode.

    Some level of plausibility has to exist at the start in order for viewers to want to invest in a show long term. There is only a certain amount of patience I’m willing to give and I’m sure other feel the same way.

  • Polar Bear

    The ratings don’t reflect what you think of a show.

  • Justin121

    @Polar Bear

    I know.

  • luisl

    It’s a good pilot.

  • KS


    I hate to disagree with you, but I have to :(. The fact is, there was a time a century or a two back when there was no electricity at all and people back then still managed to live clean and green. Personal cleanliness can be maintained even if the electricity went out of the world. All it requires is a good knowledge of things. For sure, books from libraries haven’t gone missing and the older people who lived some of their lives in Electric world are present to advise about cleanliness. Above all, most of them don’t have abundance of time. So, they can spare time for this.

    Brushing can be done using twig of a Neem tree or some medicinal plant.(My grand parents still prefers to use that over tooth paste and tooth brush). May be in your country every barber shop is equipped with electricity, but the barber shop I visit trims my hair physically with a pair of scissors without using any electric equipment. Just think of Game of Thrones – Are people really dirty there.

    There are a lot of villages in India which are not connected by electricity, but people there are tidy and certainly not living life like a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Millie

    Why the heck do you all want to kill the show before it even airs? With all the reality crap that is clearly dumbing down America – a scripted drama is welcome. Unless we want ONLY shows like Honey Boo Boo Child and The Jersey Ho’s then I would hope we support Scripted TV and let fame be given back to the people with TALENT. C’mon Support the Script!!

  • KS

    ^^ I made a mistake in earlier post

    most of them don’t have abundance of time

    Most of them have abundance of time as they do not do any formal work

  • Ricky

    My comments aren’t posting. Is there something wrong with the servers today?

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