Guess the Ratings for the 'Bones' and 'Mob Doctor' Premieres

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September 17th, 2012

Tonight, season 8 of Bones premieres followed by the series premiere of the new drama Mob Doctor.

Last season, Bones premiered to  a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating on Thursday, November 3, 2011, but it had The X Factor as a lead-in. Its season finale, on Monday May 14, 2011, garnered only a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. So will season 8 do better or worse?


Mob Doctor inherits House's time period.The longrunning medical drama averaged in the low 2.0s during its final season. Will Mob Doctor be a hit, or the network's biggest medical flop since the little remembered Medicine Ball?

  • Baqinardo

    2.2 for Bones and 1.9 for Mob.
    Poor Mob has to deal with final hr of The Voice.

  • KS

    Mob Wife?

  • The End

    Between 1.5-2.0 for Mob Doctor. Already premiered in Canada. The naughty types would of already ‘obtained’ the episode and watched, if they’re in Nielsen households that number could be lower.

  • Matt

    2.3 for bone, 1.9 for mob

    it wont be a good night or YEAR for FOX

  • SueK

    Mid 2’s for Bones (Keeping fingers crossed. Mob Doctor= Meh

  • Kaylie

    2.3 for Bones, 1.9 for Mob.
    Bones – 6.8 – 7.4 million viewers, Mob Doctor – 5 million viewers.

  • Jon23812

    Bones: 2.1
    Mob Doctor: Lowest, 1.7, highest 2.0.

  • SJ

    2.1 for Bones, around 1.5 for Mob Doctor.

  • James

    In the Monday premier for Bones it did quite well. It also beat House a couple of times, I seem to remember. So I think roundabout 3 for Bones give or take. A little confident perhaps.

    Mid 2 for The Mob Doctor.

  • Networkman

    Bones 2.4
    Mob Doctor 2.0

  • Joseph

    “Monday Night Football” on ESPN will “do a number” on all the broadcast networks this Fall.

  • EatMorePez

    I love Jordana Spiro so I’ll watch the Mob Doctor, but I have a bad feeling about the future prospects of this show. 2.0

  • rob60990

    Bones- 2.7
    Mob Doctor- 1.8 (I think I am being very generous here)

  • AppleStinx

    Yes! Any show with ‘Mob’ in the title should be a hit: > 3.5.

  • rob60990

    ““Monday Night Football” on ESPN will “do a number” on all the broadcast networks this Fall.”

    Your acting like MNF is something new.

  • Hadesa


    Probably being a bit too optimistic. I’m rooting for all shows this season, I hate how smug people get when a show fails. Besides there should be plenty of variety on tv not just singing competitions.

  • omabin

    2.5 for Bones and 2.1 for Mob Doctor, with Bones holding those numbers relatively well (2.2/2.3) and Mob Doctor falling to 1.8 fairly qickly.

    I seriously think Fox is in trouble this year… I mean, sure they will have AI in the Spring and even The Following, but until then?

    Monday: I love Bones but it’s nothing more than a modest performer that could have easily been canceled last season if Fox had any dencet programs left. Mob Doctor is DOA. Fox will be fourth this night systematically.

    Tuesday: This might be an acceptable night for them, but it’s a very big if. At 8 they will likely come out at 4th as well, unless Ben and Kate does really well; I certainly don’t see Raising Hope beating the results shows or NCSI. The 9pm is harder to predict, I think they might actually come out on top of both ABC and NBC (though not by that big of a margin, as they will cannibalise themsleves, especially ABC and FOX), but they will still be beaten by CBS. So, I predict a 3rd place overall.

    Wednesday: This will likely be the best night of the week and the only one they will come out on Top. Still, the X-Factor is down from last year and will likely only go further down. A likely weaker ABC (courtesey of Neighbours) and no competition from NBC will help, even though CBS is still very much in the game with the always formidable Criminal Minds. Likely first on the night, even though not by a lot

    Thursday: They will loose the 8pm hour by far to CBS, even though they will likely beat ABC (I would love for LAST Resort to work, but even its best scenario doesnt have it beating the X Factor). As for the 9pm hour, I would be shocked if both Greys and POI dont finish miles ahead of Glee (even considering the canibalism that will exist between Greys and Glee). Best case scenario: a second, if Last Resort really flops. If not, they could risk a third

    Friday: They will loose to ABC for sure, to CBS for sure and to NBC most likely (unless the comedies really flop and Touch miraculously suceeds)

    Sunday: NBC will come first, then probably CBS, followed by ABC and then Fox (ignoring baseball and other events).

    So I reallllyyyy think Fox is in trouble this year (I know I am ignoring the 10 pm hour that, in my opinion stupidly, is accounted for in the nighly averages when comparing networks, but you got the idea)

  • Dennis

    Bones: 3.0

    Mob Doctor (House II) only 1.9 –> Cancel bear come

  • Raykov

    Bones – 2.4
    The Mob Doctor – 1.8

  • Ultima

    Sunday: NBC will come first, then probably CBS, followed by ABC and then Fox (ignoring baseball and other events).

    FOX will be last if you ignore 40% of their Sunday programming! :roll:

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