Guess the Ratings for the 'Bones' and 'Mob Doctor' Premieres

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September 17th, 2012

Tonight, season 8 of Bones premieres followed by the series premiere of the new drama Mob Doctor.

Last season, Bones premiered to  a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating on Thursday, November 3, 2011, but it had The X Factor as a lead-in. Its season finale, on Monday May 14, 2011, garnered only a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. So will season 8 do better or worse?


Mob Doctor inherits House's time period.The longrunning medical drama averaged in the low 2.0s during its final season. Will Mob Doctor be a hit, or the network's biggest medical flop since the little remembered Medicine Ball?

  • Karin

    Mob Doctor is from critics worst fall’s show so 1,5 before cancelation

  • omabin


    Yeah, I know. Sundays are a hard day to speak about because it’s a very irregular day, except basically for ABC (which also happen to have my favorite lineup). But well, even if you give them baseball, they will be beaten by NBC..

    My point being… Fox will be in a looof of trouble this year!

  • Hubert

    2.5 for Bones.
    2.2 for Mob Doctor.
    And about 3.8 for The Voice?

  • Dan S

    I think Mob Dr will premiere to ok numbers, probably 2.3-2.5 since the only real competition is The Voice. I can’t imagine any crossover with the 2 shows unless someone has to fight over the remote. Once it’s sampled if it’s as bad as some people think it’ll quickly fade but who knows it just might work. Imagine crossing The Sopranos with House & it could be a surprise hit like last years Grimm that a lot of people were writing off early. Also Once Upon A Time was picked to be an early casualty in last years poll & now it’s the anchor ABC’s new Sunday lineup.

  • Tony ^_^

    “Bones”: 3.0
    “Mob Doctor” could score a 3.0+ and then collapse in the next episodes OR premiere below a 2.0 (and be like “Lonestar” :o)

  • Brian

    Saw TMD last night in Canada and it was awesome. This show is a definite 3.0 to 3.5 for the ratings :)

  • Shabbir

    Mob Doctor aired last night in canada and it was average. Nothing special.


    Up against The Voice & CMA, 2.5 is generous for Bones

    Think Mob Doc will hold same @ 9:00, but w/ Major Crimes on TNT, I’m probably way over


    Bones- 2.4. Mob- 1.9

  • Survivor Fan

    Bones- 2.4
    Mob Doctor- 2.1

    Voice- 4.0
    Revolution- 3.5

  • Mike

    The Mob Doctor Will be cancelled really quick. the network is sinking this year… their playing things too safe with their shows this year.. although i will dvr the mob doctor and see if ill be suprised..

    The only 2 shows on fox i want to see this year is… The Following and Ben and Kate

    Bones: 2.5
    Mob Doctor: 2.2 (but will decline week to week)

  • Mike

    The voice: 4.1
    Revolution: 3.7

  • ABC hater

    2.2-2.4 for Bones and 1.0-1.5 for The Mob Doctor. And what the hell is Medicine Ball anyway? lol

  • Sashoi

    mob doctor wont last saw first episode online n its not good

  • Scott M

    I always have a hard time guessing shows like Mob Doctor. My initial reaction says its bombs, but maybe all the House fans think this show looks good… so either a 2.6 or a 1.8 and nothing in between.

  • Greg

    Bones: 2.4.
    The Mob Doctor: 2.0.

  • Matto

    Bones will do 2.3 and The Mob Doctor will do around 1.8

  • Nick

    Bones: 2.5
    TMD: 2.3

    Anyone guessing <1.0 for TMD is a hater. Plain and simple.
    It will have a good premiere, but down to around 1.8 by December.

  • Roger

    TMD : 1.308M yesterday in Canada (CTV 9pm)

  • sarah nz

    Bones – 2.3
    Mob Doctor – 1.9

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