Guess the Ratings for the 'Bones' and 'Mob Doctor' Premieres

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September 17th, 2012

Tonight, season 8 of Bones premieres followed by the series premiere of the new drama Mob Doctor.

Last season, Bones premiered to  a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating on Thursday, November 3, 2011, but it had The X Factor as a lead-in. Its season finale, on Monday May 14, 2011, garnered only a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. So will season 8 do better or worse?


Mob Doctor inherits House's time period.The longrunning medical drama averaged in the low 2.0s during its final season. Will Mob Doctor be a hit, or the network's biggest medical flop since the little remembered Medicine Ball?

  • Mark

    Bones – 2.4
    The Mob Doctor – 1.8

  • Dan C.

    Mob Doctor is after really bad lead-in based on that 1.9. I say Mob Doctor is dead in the water first airing. Best chance: 1.7 (but optimistic)

  • Holly

    Hey look, Rita’s back!

    Now… explain to me why Harry’s Law was canceled.

  • Holly

    Bleh! Rena, not Rita.

  • Hugh

    2.6 Bones
    2.3 Mob

  • Lisa

    Surely Rena is a troll… not a very interesting one, unfortunately.

    Say 2.2 for Bones and a 1.9 for Mob Doctor, with a big drop next week because it really sucked.

  • Terry

    hmm… 2.4 for Bones and 1.9/2.0 for Mob Doc.

  • Hattie

    A low 2 for Bones and a high 1 or low 2 for Mob Doctor. Can’t see either of these shows lasting more than 1 (more) season.

  • tv#1

    I don’t think either show will get above a 3.0. Bones will probably get a 2.7 or 2.8. Mob Doctor may get a 2.5 or so. Either way not great numbers, but Fox is going to have to deal. Fox’s line-up this season is going to struggle. On Monday nights their dramas are going to be able to compete with the competition. Same thing for their comedies on Tuesday. The X-Factor has already proven itself to be a moderate performer. Of course you can’t expect much of anything from their Friday line-up. Finally, Sunday will be an okay night for them. Football overruns will probably help their Sunday night ratings. So it looks like again Idol will save Fox’s season.

  • Nick

    @ Karin

    Mob Doctor is from critics worst fall’s show so 1,5 before cancelation

    Say what now?

    20 of the most popular critics in the US. Not one said The Mob Doctor.

  • CD

    My predictions:

    Bones 2.5 plus/minus 0.1.

    Mob Doctor 3.0 plus/minus 0.1. Given the promotion for Mob Doctor, if it doesn’t get close to 3.0 at least, it will be a disappointment.

  • Nikos

    Not sure how the ratings will be (2.5?) for Bones but the first episode was excellent.

  • Holly

    Hard to tell much from the overnight hh numbers, but it looks like Revolution got off to a really good start and Mob Doctor premiered very low.

  • Fran

    HH numbers
    The voice 8.8 (up 10% from last week)
    Revolution 7.9 (like the voice last week!)
    And then Spoiler tv wrote that in the 25 most important market, early numbers said a 4.5 in 18-49 (O.o !!!!) for Revolution and 1.8 for The mob doctor.

    It’s pretty clear that revolution premiered big. A 4.0 is the number to be expected. Not a 3.0 :D

  • senor chang

    Prelims are in.

    Revolution: 4.1
    the Mob Doctor: 1.5

    OUCH. Even Playboy Club premiered higher than that.

  • senor chang

    Bones: 2.3
    Half hours for Revolution: 4.4, 3.8
    Viewers for Revolution: 11.7 million

  • Shane

    I don’t think Bones could have easily been cancelled due to the fact for only having 13 episodes, the ratings weren’t to shabby. Each year their ratings are getting better and better. I think it wil end on Hart Hanson’s time,not due to ratings. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong but that’s just what I think.

  • Shane

    I meant ‘too’ shabby. Bones rating:2.0-2.5

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