'Katie' Opens as the Definitive Number 1 New Daytime Talk Show in Households and Women 25-54 Ratings

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September 17th, 2012

via press release:

 “Katie” Opens as the Definitive No. 1 New Daytime Talk Show in HH and W25-54


Freshman “Katie” Outranks Key Returning Shows in Women 25-54,

Beating the Premiere Weeks of “Dr. Phil,” “Dr. Oz” and “Anderson Live”


Winning the Week in Each of the Top 3 U.S. Markets, “Katie”

Ranks No. 1 in its Time Period in 14 Metered Markets Among Homes


“Katie” Finishes Out its Premiere Week with a Kick, Spiking

+29% in HHs and +38% in W25-54 from Thursday to Friday


“Katie” Debut Week Ratings (w/o of 9/10/12)

Debuting amidst one of the most competitive landscapes in years for syndicated talkers, “Katie” opened as the clear No. 1 freshman daytime talk show, winning all 5 days of its opening week in Homes. On average during the week, “Katie” held wide advantages over its freshman competitors in both Households (2.3/7) and Women 25-54 (1.2/7), including “Steve Harvey” (+64%/+33%), “Jeff Probst” (+188%/+140%) and “Ricki Lake” (+229%/+200%).


  • Newcomer “Katie” also performed extremely well against the returning talk shows.  In HHs and W25-54, freshman “Katie” towered over sophomore “Anderson Live” in its first week (+92%/+140%) and beat out the premiere of veteran “Dr. Oz” by 5% and 20%, respectively.  Furthermore, “Katie” bested the premiere week of “Dr. Phil” by 20% in Women 25-54 and ran in a near-tie in Households (pacing within 1-tenth of a rating point and tied in audience share).  Overall, “Katie” opened as TV’s No. 3 syndicated talk show in Women 25-54.


  • “Katie” delivered the No. 1 position in its time period in 14 metered markets among Households, including the Top 3 U. S. markets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.  In addition among Women 25-54, the new show won its time slot in both New York and Los Angeles for the week.


  • Finishing out premiere week with a kick, “Katie” shot up from its Thursday telecast to its Friday telecast by +29% Households and by +38% in Women 25-54 from day to day.


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.


Source: WRAP Overnights, Weighted U.S. Metered Market Averages, Live + Same Day (w/o 09/10/12).


  • Nadine

    Go, Katie!! ‘Bout time you proved YOU were it, not Lauer.

  • moraliste

    If it takes Katie Couric to drive that awful daytime dreck, still on since the 1990’s, I’ll light votive candles in her honor. Besides,there’s something appealing about a person who is a natural in front of the camera and despite the kibitzers just keeps on doing what she’s doing.

  • SG

    Wanted to hate her new show but it was actually pretty good.

  • Susan

    I can’t stand Katie and think her boring show will sink in the ratings. Every show she has done has tanked. This will be no different!

  • Jimmy

    Does it have legs?

    By the end of her first week the numbers fell almost 40%.

  • Jiji Moran

    The daytime talk show field is oversaturated, and hopefully some of them will bite the dust in the next few weeks.

  • Cath

    She had big numbers when she started the CBS EVening News.

  • Lelani

    Too bad men have to act like children. Katie is a super news person,interviewer. Men just think nothing can be right unless they have control over it. Oprah succeeded,Katie will also. You go Katie…Let the men be jealous, cause that’s all it is. Scott is okay, it’s the rest I’m talking about

  • bob

    Boo! Hopefully that won’t last. I would much rather her back at NBC Today Show. I really enjoyed her work on that show.

  • sofaspud

    Wow, is her show *still* on the air? Hasn’t it already been on for a week?

  • Doug

    As somebody mentioned above, her ratings fell dramatically over the course of the week, to the point where it was even behind last year’s timeslot (General Hospital). ABC should’ve kept One Life To Live….

  • The Watcher

    I like Katie a lot, but the show is terribly ernest and dull…we’ll see if she has the ability to entertain instead of just taking up airtime.
    Seems doubtful right now.

  • Adam

    “Too bad men have to act like children. Katie is a super news person,interviewer. Men just think nothing can be right unless they have control over it. Oprah succeeded,Katie will also. You go Katie…Let the men be jealous, cause that’s all it is. Scott is okay, it’s the rest I’m talking about”

    What are you talking about? Is it the fault of men than her numbers, thus far, have fallen at a dramatic rate? If so, that’s nonsense. If the show fails, it’s because she and ABC created a show that was no different than 20 other shows on television, and there was nothing remarkable about it.

  • Jeff

    good spin on disappointing #’s. Those are same or lower than GH this year and last, and in the demos, lower by a lot. They cannot be happy about that. They can pretend, but I think the reality is that ABC is slowly realizing they F’d up by cancelling AMC and OLTL.

  • Miz TV

    This is a very good spin. The numbers were below GH by the end of the week and it was felling below The Chew and The Talk.

  • sofaspud

    I never watched AMC or OLTL but those fans seem hardcore and loyal. I don’t think Katie enjoys that level of fandom (few yakkers do). And for all the money ABC has flat out wasted trying to replace those two soaps, they could just as easily have put that money into better production values (writers, producers) and marketing. It’s been almost a year since AMC is gone and those 2M fans are still upset while I don’t hear ANYBODY talking about The Chew. The bitterness over OLTL is even more palpable. ABC did screw up big time, not that we’ll ever know how much it really cost them. Adios Sweeney.

  • MBmomof3

    @sofaspud, Adios Sweeney are two words I have longed to hear! I hope Katie is her undoing. Still miss OLTL!

  • Mary Amos

    Can’t stand her,she needs to get over herself.Conceited.Blamed CBS because none was watching her.News is news Katie.Nobody cared for you giving it.She is in love with herself.what can she talk about that isn’t already talked about on all these zillion talker.Watch the first in the morning and you’ll she whats going to be on all of them in the next week.Nothing new just another face added to a talker.

  • tex

    I’m confused. If she beat Dr. Phil, shouldn’t she be the #1 talker, not just the #1 NEW talker??

  • tony curtis

    Cant stand her or Kelly Ripa. I will never watch her no matter who she has as guest. I change the dvr 3 minutes early to make sure I have not to witness her. I need to take lessons from the author on how to spin barn yard waste into silk……..nor will I watch the Chew or anything on ABC. Just General Hospital…..i cant wait for the breakup sale of the house of mouse oh wait I wouldnt even by a thing then…

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