'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Season 7 Finale Scores Season High Ratings

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September 17th, 2012

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The 7th season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday, September 16th from 9pm-10pm delivered the show’s highest-rated and most watched episode of the season with a 2.61 Household rating and 3.6 million Total Viewers, ranking it as one of the Top 25 most-watched telecasts on E! ever.



The 7th season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also over-delivered its average for all premiere episodes this season with all key measures, including a +24% uptick with HHLDS, +35% with Total Viewers and +34% with Adults 18-49 (2.3 mil).



Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 finale posted immediate time period gains at 9pm as it performed 5x to 10x better than the prior year as well as with all key measures, including gains of +479% with Households, +640% with Total Viewers and +835% with Adult 18-49 viewers versus the year-ago time period.



Keeping Up With The Kardashians also registered appointment viewing from the beginning as it held or built its audience each quarter hour throughout the show, growing +10% among Total Viewers from start to finish and +6% with Adults 18-49.



Looking at online, the 7th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians delivered E! Online’s highest weekly average page views and unique visitors to its show package than any other E! show across all seasons (130K weekly uniques and 841K page views). Season 7 finale week delivered E! Online’s strongest finale week in traffic across all shows and the Kardashians’ best finale week to date with 184K weekly uniques and almost 470K page views.



The fifth premiere episode of Married to Jonas followed on Sunday from 10pm-10:30pm with a 1.64 Household rating and over 2.2 million Total Viewers which more than triples E!’s Primetime average with both Households and Total Viewers.



Married to Jonas also matched its highest rated HHLD episode of the season and ranked as the most-watched episode to date among all key measures, including Adults 18-49 (1.5 million) and Adults 18-34 (1.0 million).



*Source Nielsen Media Research, Fast Nationals, 9/16/12 Live + Same Day, COV AA% & Impressions; E! Primetime based on 2Q’12 to date (06/25/12-09/13/12, Mon-Sun, 6pm-12am)




  • The End

    Maybe it’s because I’m over 21, but honestly I can’t see what the entertainment value is from this show. Sad that such fakeness rates so highly on Nielsens systems when other, more substantial shows are struggling.

  • Kat

    I weep for humanity.


    This is an abomination!

    Touche’ @ The End & Kat

  • SG

    Some people like to watch and listen to garbage.

  • The End

    Probably. Trying to be nice here but I attempted to try and watch this out of curiousity if anything and after a few moments I had an uncontrollable urge to change the channel as the show was quite literally dreadful.

    I’ve seen some bad stuff in my time but this is easily one of the worse. Certainly not something that deserves to be going on for 7 seasons and counting.

  • Ralph Hahn

    There are 3.6 million Americans who require therapy immediately, if not sooner.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Kat: >>> I weep for humanity. <<<

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! GOOD line!

  • Adam

    Sometimes I think NBC fraudulently pumps up the numbers for this s#*$, as it’s hard to believe that anybody watches this broadcast diarrhea.

  • Chris

    If TV Guide did another Worst Shows of All Time list, this series may very well top Jerry Springer. What is the point in people watching this stupid show? The Kardashians are famous for doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

  • susan

    I’m with u Adam…I don’t believe these numbers for a second…With all that was on last night, I’m sure their finale tanked..This is just one PR letter to cover up the fact that nobody cares and few are watching.

  • linda

    i think the reason ppl watched was that they were concerened for KHLOE and wanted to see what was up with her and the baby thing….our hearts hurt for her..Kim is a self centreed person and could not get out of the camera frame so Scott could see his own baby…and why is she telling MOMERGER all of KHLOES bis plz give KHLOE&LAMAR their show back and let them be.

  • Matt

    You people are the usual bigots. Anything to put Kim and co. down. Personally, I find the girls to lead interesting lives. I don’t have cable, so don’t watch much, but I do have it on DVD. Kim is always appealing. All this talk about her popularity fading is, as usual, a bunch of crap. As for the claims that the ratings are made up, LMAO. What a bunch of fools! Now, if you want to watch crap, go ahead and continue watching that garbage called scripted TV.

  • The End


    You don’t seem to understand that a lot of people just don’t care for this kind of stuff, and as said above, they are famous for absolutely no reason what so ever.

    As said below. Pretty sure this show is scripted, from what I’ve seen I’m almost certain of this, before the cameras roll they likely decided on how they want each episode to proceed and run with it.


    You do realise that once the cameras go on, that it’s all pretty much entirely fake and playing to the cameras right? I’m sure once the cameras go off, they’re all BFFs and such. Counting the money made from the mindless viewers watching their show.

    Hate to sound so critical but this show does seem entirely fake to me. Scripted even.

  • Diego

    I think that you people who consider yourselves too smart to watch this show should turn off the computers or change the channels and go watch you EXTREMELY CLEVER show , or read your ABSOLUTELLY AMAZING books and stop losing your time coming here to say all this crap about somebody. they work, they have stores, clothing/make-up/fragance/and a lot more lines, and I think this things you guys are saying it’s just that you are jealous that you do not have their life and their fame.

    And, before I forget, congratulations to the show!

  • The End


    Lots of assumptions and falsehoods there. Do you not understand that some people just don’t like the show? Can’t speak for anyone else but I personally wouldn’t want their fame, and to speand my life playing to a camera to get people to love me. I would rather be respected on my own merits, which offline I am.


    This show is just too fake for me.. and I watched every episode of The Hills!

  • Seda

    I love them, I love the show, I watch them when I am tired or depressed, it makes me happy it’s fun, it’s fancy I want to see beautifull people, fashion I learne new things I am seek and tired of depressing news, who killed, how. Bed is the world how scary everything, how expensive everything, abouth kidnappers , I need to enjoy my live without thinking I am going to duy tomorrow.

  • Jay

    Yeah, I find it funny how light entertainment like this is considered so much worse than all the shows about murder that clog our airwaves. Some of us need light entertainment to relax – well 3.6m to be exact…

  • Matt

    All this talk that the show is scripted is pure conspiracy theory. You have anything to back that up? Nope! It bothers me that people whine about this show so much, it’s actually pretty tame compared to others. Look at Maury Povich, any soap, or those Judge shows. of course, many scripted shows are much worse, with their violence and graphic imagery. This show follows the lives of three girls and their family and friends, who happen to live interesting lives. If you don’t like it, don’t watch, and don’t comment. People are different, just accept that because you hate a show, doesn’t mean the next person will.

  • Brandon

    @Matt – i do agree with you. it’s mindless fun, like most reality television. putting too much emphasis on it ruins that aspect of it.

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