Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled First? (Poll)

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September 17th, 2012

Update October 10, 2012: Though it came in a distant sixth, Made in Jersey was first to be cancelled.

The cancellation bear has awoken after his summer hibernation and he's hungry.

The new broadcast primetime shows have already begun premiering, so it's  time to throw your hat in the ring and guess which new broadcast primetime show you think will be caught by the cancellation bear and canceled first!

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later (two seasons ago those who answered The Whole Truth in the "next to be canceled" poll ended up being correct, it was removed first among the shows noted and never returned, despite initial ABC claims to the contrary).

What's your guess?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

9/19 Update: You can also guess which new show will be given a full season order first.

  • Carol_R

    The Mob Doctor premiering with a 1.5 demo on FOX means that it should die fairly quickly.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Bill : ““I might guess that the first show canceled won’t be one of those I listed…”
    Did I leave a rookie show out, or are you playing crazy?”

    Uh, not sure what you mean. What *I* mean is that I don’t think any of the shows I listed will be the first show canceled – which doesn’t mean they won’t be canceled, just not the first show canceled. In other words, I suspect that at least one of the other shows listed on the poll has a higher chance of being canceled than the ones I listed. But I don’t know WHICH show that would be.

    I’m just playing the odds, in other words. There are more shows in the poll than in my list and the ones in my list don’t seem overly disastrous (with the possible exception of Revolution and maybe Last Resort), so I’m guessing there are more disastrous shows in the poll than in my list. That IS a guess, too, since I don’t know much about those other shows other than their premises don’t interest me.

  • AprilFox

    From the new shows I’ve viewed so far I didn’t care for Guys With Kids and The New Normal. I actually liked Animal Practice and really like Go On.

  • Alex

    This is going to be a tricky one. As ever it’ll be all about which network blinks first.

    NBC will have at least one of their Wednesday comedies.
    Fox already have The Mob Doctor.
    ABC will presumably have The Neighbors or Last Resort (sadly).

    CBS might escape this face-off. You’d think Partners but their Monday comedies tend to be well insulated and survive. Vegas is a big unknown and Made in Jersey would have to do terribly to get pulled early.

    Fox will presumably end up blinking first though.

  • nikkiwhat

    I think that we need to remember that some networks’ failures would be considered marginal successes on another , due to expectations. For that reason, I want to choose Partners!

  • TheEmulator23

    Looks like a lot of garbage w/a couple possible Gems. I love how NBC is touting “Revolution” as a hit after one episode. Sound familiar? “The Event” And we know how that panned out. “Animal Practice” has a great cast…And that’s it. Canceled. “Go On” should be renewed as well as “New Normal.” They’ve to replace “30 Rock” for next year. Why the hell “Whitney” was renewed is beyond me, don’t plan on seeing it next year. Not that I watched more than a couple last year & had enough. “Mindy Project” may stick around, but we’ve yet to see how it performs ratings wise.

  • dennis p

    look at the list, you can honestly say anyone of them is a candidate for getting cancelled? there is not one of them you would want to stay home and watch over visiting the emergency room…

  • Holly

    there is not one of them you would want to stay home and watch over visiting the emergency room…

    Ummm…. Visiting the ER for fun and entertainment? Or putting off going to the ER for that broken leg so you don’t miss your show?

  • Muuro

    Probably a show on FOX or NBC. Those two networks seem to usually be the first to cancel a show in the last ten years by my memory. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess.

  • Suzy

    I wouldn’t watch The Mob Doctor from the print ads alone; a disgusting photograph of a woman holding bloody gloves to her face!

  • 728huey

    While Guys With Kids and Animal Practice both look like they’re worthy of being yanked from the schedule pretty quickly, my pick for first show to go would be The Mob Doctor. While I did see a few promos for that show, there practically was no buzz for this show at all, and it looks like a hastily assembled show to replace House at the same timeslot. Plus it has already premiered to some rather dismal numbers, and I think if there’s no improvement with next weeks episode, FOX will pull it from the schedule.

  • me

    CBS oh, pleazzzzzzzz Cancel 2.5men, does anyone care at this point besides the advertisers that suck anyway. Ashton, wrong wrong wrong, you are just wrong for this show.

  • tomsman

    I went with the “Mob Doctor”. Admittedly, I based this on the promos (I know, I know) which left me wondering how in the heck this could continue as a series… No I did not watch it. Not appealing to me in the least.

    HOWEVER, if not the first, “The New Normal” will probably be at the top of the list for cancellation – because… I LIKE IT! lol In fact, I swore I wouldn’t watch it for that reason, but I got suckered in. Ellen Barkin is hilarious (but a more than a touch creepy looking) and the other cast is great and the writing – some of the lines they get have me laughing, seriously, out loud.

  • Hades


    the ratings would suggest enough people

  • Alienware

    Gonna jump on the mob doctor bandwagon.

  • pig_man

    It doesn’t look good for “The Moctor”, it’ll have two airings before most of the other shows in the list have their first airing.

  • Angel

    Looks like its going to be Fox’s Mob Doctor. It’s basically on life support after just one episode.

  • Hello

    Cancel all of the, They’re all awful!

  • Alan 59

    I chose the extremely popular (only in this context) “The Mob Doctor.” Who says Preston Beckman can’t get five nights a week out of “The X-Factor?”

    I passed on the NBC comedies because I don’t think that NBC has enough of a bench to replace them. They’ve already pulled the plug on “30 Rock,” “The Office,” and – let’s face it – “Community.” Can they afford to throw “The New Normal,” “Animal Practice,” “Guys With Kids,” and “Up All Night” on the scrap heap as well? Or maybe they can air twelve hours of “The Voice” every week…

  • K

    The Neighbors.

    The show looks dumb.

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