How Long Before 'Touch' Replaces 'The Mob Doctor' On Monday? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating last night. It's not long for this world. It may not survive until the cancellation bear makes his first post of the season on October 2.

"Luckily" for Fox, they've got Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), and presumably it has plenty of episodes already "in the can" for a Fall start, so taking The Mob Doctor off Monday and putting Touch in is the easy move.

But when will that happen?

I'll let the focused schedule jockeys provide handicapping tips in the comments, because Fox's Fall schedule has so many quirks with the baseball playoffs and the election, I can't keep up with it.

Whether The Mob Doctor gets moved to a Friday burn off, or off the schedule entirely is another topic you may wish to cover in your comments.

Update: While there was no presidential election in 2010, after Lone Star "Lonestar'd" its premiere ratings, the series premiere of Lie To Me replaced it on October 4, after two episodes.

Update (2): Voters thought that Lone Star would stick around more than 2 weeks, and we know how that turned out.

What's your guess?

  • Justin121

    I don’t think they’ll replace it with Touch, at all.

    Does any one remember what replaced Lonestar?

  • Bill Gorman

    “Mob Doctor to Saturday nights.”

    Nope. Fox has sports on most Saturdays now. It will go to Friday or off the schedule.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Does any one remember what replaced Lonestar?”

    The premiere of Lie To Me was moved up to begin on October 4.

  • Tom

    “Does any one remember what replaced Lonestar?”
    Lie to Me. Which did middling, but was better than dead air.

    Again, Fox won’t expect Touch to be a hit. They just need something on the air until The Following starts.

    (Man, Fridays are looking bare for Fox for Spring. Cue reality game show announcement?)

  • Jerry

    Does Fox have baseball again this year? My vote would be after baseball

  • Phil

    Touch is better and I hope it survives to season 3 and onwards.

  • cc

    Me too @Phil.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Does Fox have baseball again this year?”

    Fox has baseball playoffs every year until their deal runs out in…?

  • Justin121

    A reasonable guess would be a November premiere for The Following.

    Anyone agree?

  • Max

    um – i kindof liked the show :)
    the biggest surprise?
    how the heck did they get zach gilford?
    when bad TV happens to good actors?

  • Ccemerson

    FOX should rerun their sister networks show American Horror Story the first season on Monday . Leading up to the second season premier on FX in October. I think this show would perform better than Touch.

  • Greg

    FOX won’t air repeats of Bones. They’ll air original episodes of Bones. Bones has 26 episodes this season, if I remember correctly. They only need 15 episodes to serve as a lead in for The Following, leaving 11 to air any time they want.

    I say The Mob Doctor airs a second episode and that’s it. The next two Mondays, FOX airs two episodes of Bones. Then comes baseball and the first Monday after baseball, they air Bones/Touch.

  • Joe Jackson

    What did Terra Nova pull in on Mondays?

    Lonestar with a 1.3/3 – 4.06 got a 2nd week

  • Alex

    Are we sure they’re going to slot Touch into this slot?

    At the risk of bringing out the Fringe obsessives would it not make more sense to put Fringe there? Surely if you’re going to send any show to be slaughtered on Monday night (and lets face it whatever Fox put there is going to be slaughtered) it should be the cheap drama that’s ending its run this year anyway. Touch might still find some kind of audience on Friday night (although admittedly signs aren’t good) but I’d imagine there’s almost no chance what so ever of that happening on Monday night. They’d be sending it to its death. Plus there’s every chance – looking at how it did at the end of last season – that it would do just as bad if not worse than Mob Doctor anyway.

  • Ccemerson

    P.S. Fox can still burn off a show on Saturdays despite sports……they’ve done it before @ 11.30pm I think.

  • Bill Gorman

    “At the risk of bringing out the Fringe obsessives would it not make more sense to put Fringe there?”

    Bring them out! Bring them out!

    Alex, that comment was worth a Twitter mention/link!

  • s0303

    @max…i agree, zach gilford is awesome…just hope he can find another successful show…

  • Alex

    Glad I could do my part to help increase traffic to the site!

  • tv_viewer

    It makes sense that the first show to be cancelled (or taken off the air) has to be one of the new Monday shows. For the record, I’m predicting (on September 18, 2012) that a new Fox Monday drama will be the first show to be cancelled for the 2013-2014 season.

    Fox is scheduled to broadcast the National League Championship game 1 on Sunday October 14, 2012. My predictions about the next 3 weeks:

    September 24: Fox will air the 2nd episode of Mob Doctor. They must pray that the LoneStar curse won’t drop the ratings below 1.0.

    October 1: If the September 24 rating is 1.0 or below, Fox will let the cancellation bear have an early meal. Fox could air 1 hour repeats of the X Factor for the first two Mondays of October until the NLCS begins.

    If the 2nd episode rating is above 1.0 but below 1.5, Fox will still air the 2nd and 3rd episodes as scheduled until the NLCS begins. After baseball season is finished, feed Mob Doctor to the cancellation bear.

  • tv#1

    I think Fox will give it another week or two before they pull it. Especially since they really having nothing else to offer. If we see any rise or stability next week they may just ride it out.

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