How Long Before 'Touch' Replaces 'The Mob Doctor' On Monday? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating last night. It's not long for this world. It may not survive until the cancellation bear makes his first post of the season on October 2.

"Luckily" for Fox, they've got Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), and presumably it has plenty of episodes already "in the can" for a Fall start, so taking The Mob Doctor off Monday and putting Touch in is the easy move.

But when will that happen?

I'll let the focused schedule jockeys provide handicapping tips in the comments, because Fox's Fall schedule has so many quirks with the baseball playoffs and the election, I can't keep up with it.

Whether The Mob Doctor gets moved to a Friday burn off, or off the schedule entirely is another topic you may wish to cover in your comments.

Update: While there was no presidential election in 2010, after Lone Star "Lonestar'd" its premiere ratings, the series premiere of Lie To Me replaced it on October 4, after two episodes.

Update (2): Voters thought that Lone Star would stick around more than 2 weeks, and we know how that turned out.

What's your guess?

  • Masterbreel

    I think Bones will be rescheduled to 9PM, possible Touch at 8, that would be more kind to Touch than Fridays will..

  • Ricky

    @Nick: Scandal’s timeslot is less-than-ideal because it’s gotta go against Elementary, which, given the proper care (the chain of guaranteed smash-hit shows preceding it during the evening) and feeding (about 11-14M viewers and a rating in the high 2’s to mid-3’s or so), will crush everything in its path. Plus Scandal’s ratings weren’t the stuff of legend to begin with.

    As for “hated” Touch and Harry’s Law…I just wanted to avoid saying “negative publicity” again. Guess I should have found a better choice of words. Especially for HL. There are a lot of people who seem to have a problem with Touch, though. I remember last season people were cheering right and left as its ratings slipped uncontrollably week to week.

  • Ultima

    The problem is, the episode of Touch that aired last Friday got a .7.

    I’m sure you thought the 1.3 that the random summer episode of Happy Endings got last year was going to be predictive of its fall performance as well. (And that actually aired in its usually timeslot when repeats had been airing!)

  • a p garcia

    I think Terra Nova would have beaten both of them.

  • Ultima

    Scandal’s timeslot is less-than-ideal because it’s gotta go against Elementary

    That’s ridiculous. Elementary is an unproven freshman drama that hasn’t even aired an episode; Grey’s Anatomy is the #3 drama on TV! The only better timeslot on ABC is Wednesday 9:30p.

  • Vero

    LOL! 1.5 Demo for The Mob Doctor? I consider this as the punishment and revenge for not renewing HOUSE MD for a full season.
    FOX using HOUSE MD to promote The Mob Doctor was an insult to every HOUSE MD fan.
    Dr. Gregory House has had better manners and a better sense of tact then FOX!
    I’ve voted for 10/8-10/22, before Nov. sweeps!

  • Bill Gorman

    “I think Terra Nova would have beaten both of them.”

    I am shocked by how little Terra Nova chatter is in our comments today. I’d have thought it would be everywhere.

  • Ultima

    I consider this as the punishment and revenge for not renewing HOUSE MD for a full season.

    Why are you bitter at FOX for House being canceled? They don’t produce the show and it wasn’t getting the ratings to maintain profitability.

    Blame NBC for either not lowering the licensing fee or for not picking it up themselves.

  • Ricky

    @Ultima: Are you saying you don’t expect Elementary to get strong ratings with all it has going for it (CBS, strong lead-ins)? Or are you criticizing me for not taking into account the possibility that Elementary will fail in spite of all it has going for it?

  • Michael

    @Ultima: Touch’s finale last year got a 1.3. Maybe I’m being harsh in suggesting a 1.1 but I don’t expect a weekday airing this season to do better than last season’s finale.

  • Ricky

    @Ultima: Also, don’t forget, Scandal has had to put up with mediocre ratings from the get-go. You can check them on this site if you like, but last season it got 2.0 for four weeks in a row, 1.9 for two weeks in a row, and 2.3 for the finale. Granted, it was always in the neighborhood of 0.80 on the R/C Index, but if Elementary scores big ratings then it seems reasonable to expect Scandal to start dipping into danger territory…

  • Ultima

    Or are you criticizing me for not taking into account the possibility that Elementary will fail in spite of all it has going for it?

    That’s certainly a possiblity; you can never assume success. Every timeslot has competition, but I can’t imagine there’s much complaining about being up against a freshman drama and a newsmagazine. And competition aside, there’s no better timeslot on ABC for Scandal.

  • Ultima


    I didn’t say that Scandal wouldn’t do terribly and get cancled, it will, but it won’t have anything to do with its timeslot.

  • DW

    mondays at 9 could be fox’s saturday night. just dump something old there so it could go off and die. move either glee or bones to that slot put something new on at 8.

  • Ultima


    It also won’t have anything to do with TVByTheNumbers killing it. A lot of the negative expectations and criticism was wishcasting from fans of other ABC bubble shows like GCB, Missing, Private Practice, (Pan Am :roll: ), etc.

    That Scandal was renewed while the others were canceled (and Private Practice lost its timeslot and has a short order final season) is enough to invalidate the influence of the internet grumblings.

  • Slam

    There is no real upside moving Touch or Fringe there. Those shows have peaked. Bones reruns are the way to go. Or better yet Kitchen Nightmares at 8 leading into Bones. Ramsay is usually a good bet.

  • Mike

    Why would touch replace any show its lates special airing had a 0.7 and its latest regular episodes scored a 1.3 in may. they should have had more dramas to replace both of them

  • sara


    House fans are upset with Fox because they were targeted by Fox in a very brash way. HouseonFox the Fox twitter account that linked House fans sent out
    some stupid message about a “new doctor in the house” Really showed how Fox
    has nobody in the PR department who “gets” fans.

  • Spencer

    Well this should have been Terra Nova’s spot. :/ That’s what you get FOX for cancelling good shows (or at least a possibly good show if they worked out a few kinks).

  • Mike



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