How Long Before 'Touch' Replaces 'The Mob Doctor' On Monday? (Poll)

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September 18th, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating last night. It's not long for this world. It may not survive until the cancellation bear makes his first post of the season on October 2.

"Luckily" for Fox, they've got Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), and presumably it has plenty of episodes already "in the can" for a Fall start, so taking The Mob Doctor off Monday and putting Touch in is the easy move.

But when will that happen?

I'll let the focused schedule jockeys provide handicapping tips in the comments, because Fox's Fall schedule has so many quirks with the baseball playoffs and the election, I can't keep up with it.

Whether The Mob Doctor gets moved to a Friday burn off, or off the schedule entirely is another topic you may wish to cover in your comments.

Update: While there was no presidential election in 2010, after Lone Star "Lonestar'd" its premiere ratings, the series premiere of Lie To Me replaced it on October 4, after two episodes.

Update (2): Voters thought that Lone Star would stick around more than 2 weeks, and we know how that turned out.

What's your guess?

  • Nick

    @ a p garcia

    I wonder if it is possible for FOX to uncancel Terra Nova like CBS did with Unforgetable

    Way, way too late for that. Sadly.


    Terra Nova eaten by dinosaurs, digested and then …

    What a nice thought. Maybe they should do that to you sometime…

  • Vince

    I really hope you guys watch the 2nd episode. I thought it was great and has potential.If you would stop bashing it and watch it you would see that it has alot of great acting and cast. The show is cool and I hope it lasts especially with all the cool shots of chicago. I love it and will watch as long as I can!!! F U Ulitima your a creep

  • Emily

    I reckon they’ll give it 2 more chances (because lone star premiered in the fray of the rating seasons so to speak) to improve, unless there is a drop next episode, in which case replaced then, I really really hope however that it lasts longer, just until guys with kids is cancelled

  • KevinY

    This is good news for the potential mid-season pickup, holdover from this pilot season, “Guilty” starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Eva Amurri.

  • SJ

    I don’t think The Mob Doctor will live to see its 3rd episode televised. I’m guessing Bones repeats replace it on Oct 1 and Oct 8, after which Fox could double up on Bones originals during November sweeps. Putting Touch there would make no sense, as it would do exactly the same, if not worse. Bones has a bigger-than-usual order this year because they have leftover episodes from last season so they’re already “in the can”.

  • were123

    That’s actually a good idea to solve the problem, Bones rates avarage, while Touch would most likely bomb on Mondays. Touch’s only chance is in Fridays and it didn’t make a good impression with its bonus episode. As for The Mob Doctor, it seems to be almost certainly gone, which is a shame because I liked it, but unless it shows either an increase of rating next week or stays the same to be then swap with Touch, The Mob Doctor won’t live long

  • Riff Rafferty

    FOX’s new shows are all s#!t. All of them. Every last one. The only one that is even halfway watchable is “Ben and Kate” and that’s ONLY because of Nat Faxon. “The MD” isn’t even the worst of the lot.

    And you really thought the ratings were going to be the death of it? Like they even mattered once those reviews came in! When has whatshisface ever disagreed with a cridiotic? “So what did you think of our new show? Oh, you loved it? I loved it too! Oh, you hated it? Yeah, we made some year-end lists with that one.” What a pathetic sycophant. And how much of an idiot does one have to be to cancel 8 shows and replace them with 5 shows? I mean, for real? Are you kidding me? What, did he finally succeed in bankrupting FOX with his terminal stupidity and 5 new shows was all they could afford or something? Even CBS has a deeper bench than that.

  • Justin121

    House, M. D. was in danger of cancellation in 2004 before turning into a hit.

    Be patient with The Mob Doctor. It’s really good.

  • NJ Viewer

    If FOX wants to be ruthless, they could move TMB to Wednesday, and put the first hour of X Factor on Monday.

    I watched TMD just to see what it was about. Actually, it wasn’t bad, but I want to see more mob activity.

  • Bill Gorman

    “House, M. D. was in danger of cancellation in 2004 before turning into a hit.”

    Fan Excuse Bingo! (although the classic reference is, of course, to Seinfeld)

    “Be patient with The Mob Doctor. It’s really good.”

    Enjoy it while you can. It’s really dead.

  • Joe

    It is a shame, now i have nothing to watch from 9-10 on Mondays, i can’t stand 2 Crude Girls or Fat and Fatter that comes on right after that.

  • Billy martins

    Here is my option if I was running this network I would first return mob doctors on a later time & day say Thursday at 9pm following American idol 8/9c in they spring & have it run til end of summer & than see if it good enough to renew it for next fall.& have glee move to Monday’s at 8pm following touch at 9pm then move bones to Fridays at 9pm following kitchen nightmares at 8pm. There u go I do still think that mob doctors is still good just don”t put it in they trash just quite it “s still needs to fine an audience still? Please don”t cancel mob doctors!!!!!!!!

  • Kerri

    I’m bummed! I actually like this show and would love to see where they are going to take it. Hopefully if it gets kicked off Mondays they will throw it on Fridays so I can get some closure.

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