'Revolution' Starts Well, 'The Mob Doctor' Flops

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September 18th, 2012

NBC Revolution's premiered with a 4.1 adults 18-49 rating, far above the 1.6 rating for the unlamented The Playboy Club premiere a year ago. We'll likely learn it was NBC's best results for the time period in, oh, forever. Update: The half hour ratings were a 4.4/3.8. Our polled readers were excessively pessimistic. As the saying goes, the Revolution will continue to be televised...

No such good news for the premiere of Fox's The Mob Doctor, which opened with just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. That's less than half the 3.1 rating for the 2 hour premiere of Terra Nova on Monday, September 26, 2011. Update: the half hours were both 1.5's. Our polled readers turned out to be wildly optimistic.

Cue the disgruntled Terra Nova fans whining in our comments now!

Monday's full fast affiliate ratings report is now posted.

  • SteveO

    Revolution was so cheesy, but it doesn’t surprise me that it premiered well. Will probably settle in the high 2s, low 3s by winter.

  • KS

    Happy about Premiere rating. But that doesn’t mean the ratings are gonna be the same here after. I hope by season finale, rating stays in their mid 2s.

  • James

    Touch won’t be airing on a Friday then!

  • joss



    Stick to your CW shows then

    Ya im about to to that HAH! please …

  • Holly


    Will probably settle in the high 2s, low 3s by winter.

    If it stays that high it will be a huge win for NBC. Really, anything in the 2s will be good for them.

  • jt

    isn’t this how almost every jj abrams show starts off?

  • hammard

    3.8 18-49

  • John A

    Fox may as well should air Fringe monday at 9pm. It might have got a 2.0 if promoted alot and that be good for them.

  • Oliver

    Mob Doctor is DOA. This is going to be a really tough year for Fox.

    Monster ratings for Revolution, but I don’t expect it to last. If it can hold onto 2s then it’ll be renewed.

  • Jim

    I enjoyed Revolution. It kept my attention. We will see how it holds my attention the next few weeks. I like that NBC is going to replay it again Wed Night at 10, for anyone who missed it and hear people talking about it. That days later replay is what pulled me into the Revenge pilot last year after everyone was talking about it and ABC replayed it that Saturday Night.

  • Fran

    Revolution started BIG!! And a better(quite much) than The event and Smash (3.8).
    Also i think that it retained like 90-95% of its lead-in… IMPRESSIVE!
    Curios about the half-hours. Berman reported a (8.2-7.5 in HH) not bad at all.

    Now the fate of the show it’s on the writer’s hands. It can be a huge hit like Once upon a time last year… or a failure like The event, FF…
    I hope they can do it right!

  • Kayla

    Josh Berman clearly not ready to play with the big boys yet.

  • PreciousCat

    I dunno, i did not like Revolution… started good but then turned to crap

  • Fran


    Undercovers premiered witha 2.0, Alcatraz a 3.3 and Poi 3.1. So i guess it’s one of the most successfull JJ Abrams’s new show of the last 5 five years

  • Alex

    Strong start for Revolution. Not sure what to make of its half hours though.

    4.4 to 3.8

    That’s a noticeable drop across the hour. We’ll see how things go next week against actual competition I guess.

    Terrible start, as expected, for The Mob Doctor.

  • Agnes



  • KS

    It’s not J.J.Abrams. Out of 4.1, 3.1 rating is due to Eric Kripke and the concept of the show.

  • Jayme

    Lets not be to quick to judge its just one episode for each show.

  • KarenM

    Fox’s screwed they killed TN! Haha!

    Revolution sucked! What a mess!

  • Cyrax86

    The Lone Star curse is back!

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