'Revolution' Starts Well, 'The Mob Doctor' Flops

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September 18th, 2012

NBC Revolution's premiered with a 4.1 adults 18-49 rating, far above the 1.6 rating for the unlamented The Playboy Club premiere a year ago. We'll likely learn it was NBC's best results for the time period in, oh, forever. Update: The half hour ratings were a 4.4/3.8. Our polled readers were excessively pessimistic. As the saying goes, the Revolution will continue to be televised...

No such good news for the premiere of Fox's The Mob Doctor, which opened with just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. That's less than half the 3.1 rating for the 2 hour premiere of Terra Nova on Monday, September 26, 2011. Update: the half hours were both 1.5's. Our polled readers turned out to be wildly optimistic.

Cue the disgruntled Terra Nova fans whining in our comments now!

Monday's full fast affiliate ratings report is now posted.

  • Sid

    I sampled it but I won’ be watching it again. I didn’t like it at all and Five-0 returns next week.

  • esc27

    I didn’t expect much from The Mob Doctor, but thought the first episode was great. I’m just not sure how the rest of the season (should it have one) will work.

    Revolution requires a ridiculous suspension of disbelief and seems very generic at this point. I feel like I’ve seen this show a dozen times already and it never takes off. Maybe next week will be better.

  • Brendon

    This is really good due to the fact that it was up on nbc.com for about a month… already the pilot

  • charmedcraft

    Revolution started pretty good, but then not so much. I’ll give it another chance to see if it improves though. I don’t get the cars stopped running thing; it makes no sense, cars run on gas/oil not electricity. All programs and movies similar to the plot still have cars, trucks, buses, and motor homes to get around. Just little things throughout the episode that annoyed me, but I’ll watch some more before giving up on it.

  • Alex

    Revolution half hours


    A drop of 0.6 across the hour. Not great but could have been a lot worse. We’ll see how it holds up next week against competition. I’m expecting a big drop for week two but we’ll see.

    Expectedly terrible for The Mob Doctor.

  • geo

    I guess there are a lot of morons out there.

  • Name

    I was bored enough to give Mob Doctor a shot. Man that was bad. They killed off the one interesting character (and actor) almost immediately.

    Revolution was entertaining, but certainly not great. It needs a lot of work. But I trust Kripke to continue to mold the show into something that works.


    4.1 for Revolution? No wonder the advertisers love ’em, the kids today will buy anything.

    Here’s hoping for a nose dive in coming weeks.

    MD DOA–poor Fox

  • senor chang

    Half hours for Revolution were 4.4, 3.8.
    Compare to Smash, which a)had a much bigger lead-in from The Voice and managed 4.2, 3.4. So that Revolution started slightly higher and managed to hold on to more viewers is a good sign.
    NBC might finally have a hit drama on their hands…about damn time.

  • Simon

    Great start for Revolution!! Topped Once Upon A Time’s premiere ratings by one tenth of a point, doubt we’ll see these numbers with any of the other Pilots this year.

  • Fran

    The voice had a 4.6!!! Wow great, fantastic night for NBC.

    The drop of revolution it’s not that bad. At 10.30 a 3.8 is way too good

  • Justin121


    That’s the excapt OPPOSITE of what I wanted to happen :'(

    Mob Doctor was surprisingly great and RVN was boring as hell.

    That said, WAY TO GO NBC! Even my most optimistic guess wouldn’t have reached a 4.0. That’s ridiculously high.

    Nice. For NBC.

  • senor chang

    That is just a sad number for the Mob Doctor, though. The wheels are beginning to come off for FOX…

  • Holly


    I’m NOT trying to explain how the blackout worked, but cars do require electricity and are knocked out by emps.

  • Jerry

    Revolution and Castle are on my DVR, Hawaii Five-O will be picked up On Demand. I’m still not sold on the show but I need SciFi in my life.

    As for Mob Doctor, is anyone surprised? I’m not. I heard of the concept, watched the preview from the announcement, and thought it was a pretty bad concept.

  • DKD

    Promotion in the Olympics and debuting earlier than other networks is really helping NBC so far.

  • Justin121

    I expect Nashville to beat Revolution’s premiere numbers.

  • senor chang

    And doesn’t every 10PM show, new or established, drop at 10:30?

  • Nick

    Well, that screws my whole defense of TMD.
    Damn. I guess it gets deleted off my DVR.

    Yay for Revolution!!! I think it will be adjusted down, though. It won’t really do better than Once.
    I saw the pilot online, I can’t wait for episode 2!

  • Simon

    Bones premiered to 2.3 btw, up from the final last season and I believe a Monday night high since the move.

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