The Emmy Awards, By The Numbers

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September 19th, 2012

Each Emmy weighs 6 pounds, twelve and a half ounces. Now, you know.


  • Ralph Hahn

    No question: Johnny Carson was the best Emmy host. The 11-host show in 2003 was probably the worst. This year and the previous three seem to be setting a trend: Gay, Straight, Gay, Straight. In 1951, Earl Warren? The (future) Chief Justice of The Supreme Court?

    Bob Hope was the best Oscar host. Billy Crystal among the WORST and they keep asking him and his tired borscht-belt schtick back.

  • Justin121

    400 statues a year for the primetime Emmys — that’s why no one takes them seriously.

  • Aslie

    So there are least 20,000 Emmys out there? That’s more than five times the population of my town, and half the population of my entire county!

  • Ben

    Another reason why no one takes them seriously; they love to frequently give the same award to the same people and the same shows over and over again. Jon Stewart has won 10 consecutive awards for the Daily Show for example. Judging a program to be the “Best Comedy show” or the “Best Drama show” is a matter of opinion, what one person might find to be funny, another might not. To give the same “Best Comedy show” award over and over again to a program that many people might not find funny is to result in all of those people not to be interested in the Emmys. Giving out the same award over and over again to the same people and shows is boring.
    Almost no other awards show loves to give the same award to the same people year after year after year.
    As long as the Emmys tends to be the most predicable awards show aired on USA television, expect them to have the most least amount of viewers as well. For an awards that honors the Best in Television, the Emmys is one of the worst reguarly scheduled programs on TV.

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