Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Get A Full Season Order First? (Poll)

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September 19th, 2012

On Monday, we asked which new Fall broadcast TV show would be canceled first, and today we go the other direction.

Which new Fall broadcast TV show will get an order for a full season first?

For the uninitiated, rookie shows are usually given an order for 13 episodes as an initial commitment, and after a certain level of early success, are typically given an order for an additional 9 episodes to complete a "full" season of 22 episodes (although slight variations from the magic 22 are not uncommon).

These orders typically happen anytime from the start of the broadcast season until about Thanksgiving, but could conceivably go even later than that, for shows that don't premiere next week. The busiest period for these announcements is typically mid to late October.

I believe that Fox's New Girl (on 9/28/11) was the first rookie last season to get a full season order, but as always, am open to correction!

What's your guess for this season?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

  • Jay

    Write in vote for Oh Sit!


    Chose Go On also

    Hoping New Normal is next, then Nashville or Elementary for dramas

  • Annie’sGotAGun

    Go On!

    If NBC is smart they will wait to see how Revolution does against is competition before a full season order. I have felling Revolution is going to sink next week.

  • omabin

    Gotta go with NBC because of the early start… Go On! Had they started all at the same time, I would have gone with Arrow or Elementary.

  • Oliver

    NBC will hold back on renewing Revolution for a few weeks as high-concept dramas have been known to fall heavily.

    No such concerns for Go On.

  • Petar Ivanov


    CBS give full season order at the same time for all their shows last year. I guess will be the same this year.

  • Melanie

    Did Go On already get picked up? I said Arrow – the CW is so hot on it, I’m surprised they haven’t done it already. Has a show ever been given the back 9 before it premiered? LOL

  • Melanie

    I agree with you, Oliver. NBC will hold off on Revolution until they see how a few more episodes do against Castle & H5O.

  • Petar Ivanov

    But will be smarter to do it at the same time for both hit shows. The true is that they will not start so well if not was The voice protection. And that will show how smart they was with move for two cycles(the voice) when so many people argue against that.

  • Oliver

    NBC gave a 22-episode commitment to the new Michael J. Fox show which hasn’t even had a script written for it yet.

  • Shabbir

    surely has to be Go On. Cheap to make and deserves at least an additional order given its early success.

  • Petar Ivanov

    ps Are you notice that positive topics and polls attract so less people than negative one@

    And in Europe the stereotype is that americans are positive people. I think we must change that.

  • AppleStinx

    Should win: The Mob Doctor
    Will win: Go On


  • Oliver

    Go On won’t be especially cheap to make. Big lead, huge cast and lots of outdoor shots. I’d guess $2m/episode.

  • Sel

    Nashville!!! Gosh I’m such a geek when it comes to country music :D I’d love to see this show on for 5-6 seasons.

  • Jared K

    Voted for Go On. After the strong numbers last night, I think NBC will want to be quick out of the box with the message that “We have a hit show and this season is going to be different!” (I’m anticipating that the press release will be only slightly less excited in its wording). If Revolution holds up strong next week, I could see them announcing both pick-ups simultaneously.

    As for the first non-NBC pick-up, my guess would be Elementary, even though CBS tends to be a bit slower with these things. I’m anticipating that Person of Interest will score series-high premiere ratings behind Two and a Half Men, and that rising tide will lift Elementary to a strong start as well.

  • Alicia

    Go On and The New Normal will definitely be getting there full season pickups.

  • Percysowner

    If Revolution doesn’t fall precipitously, it should be the first, but genre shows often drop fast. I want to see the numbers of other premiers before I predict on anything else.

  • Simon

    Go On will be first, obviously, Revolution after given that it performed far above people’s expectations.

  • Samunto

    If GO On averages a 3.0 or more next week it’ll get a full season order immediately.

    Revolution will be next if it can keep Monday’s numbers or fall only 10%.

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