Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Get A Full Season Order First? (Poll)

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September 19th, 2012

On Monday, we asked which new Fall broadcast TV show would be canceled first, and today we go the other direction.

Which new Fall broadcast TV show will get an order for a full season first?

For the uninitiated, rookie shows are usually given an order for 13 episodes as an initial commitment, and after a certain level of early success, are typically given an order for an additional 9 episodes to complete a "full" season of 22 episodes (although slight variations from the magic 22 are not uncommon).

These orders typically happen anytime from the start of the broadcast season until about Thanksgiving, but could conceivably go even later than that, for shows that don't premiere next week. The busiest period for these announcements is typically mid to late October.

I believe that Fox's New Girl (on 9/28/11) was the first rookie last season to get a full season order, but as always, am open to correction!

What's your guess for this season?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

  • Steven Leitner

    Probably a show that does not feature Winnie the Pooh. Why is there a picture of him, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger on there?

  • Nick

    Networks like to do this in groups, so…

    1. NBC: Go On, Revolution, The New Normal (Early Oct/Late Sept)
    2. CBS: Elementary (Mid Oct)
    3. Fox: The Mindy Project (Mid Oct)
    4. CW: Arrow (Mid Oct)
    5. ABC: 666 Park and either Nashville or Last Resort (Mid Oct)
    6. CW: Beauty and the Beast (TVD halo) and Emily Owens (Early Nov)
    7. CBS: Vegas (Mid Nov)
    8. ABC: Malibu Country (Late Nov)

    Just because some shows get a full-season pick up, doesn’t mean they’ll get renewed (I don’t think B&TB or Vegas will succeed in the long run). Also, some shows that don’t get a full season might get picked up (I think Ben & Kate might get renewed but will not get a full season to make room for The Goodwin Games.

    And no, there are not 8 networks now…

  • Nick

    @Steven Leitner

    Probably a show that does not feature Winnie the Pooh. Why is there a picture of him, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger on there?

    It’s supposed to be a happy post, because TVBTN has been doing a who’ll get canceled post.

  • Hugh

    Too easy to say Go On, imma say the Mindy Project

  • The End

    Not one to wish death on any show but I really hope Mob Doctor does so bad that Fox re considers Touch being on Friday and gives it back the Monday slot.

    Mostly due to me thinking Kiefer Sutherland is a fantastic actor and doesn’t deserve his show dying a horrific death on Friday.

  • Tom

    @Alex: “I’m fully expecting NBC to pick-up Go On’s back 9 next week. Probably followed by the announcement they’re pulling one of the Wednesday comedies…”

    Wait, you expect NBC to pull one of the Wednesdays after (or even before, I am fuzzy as to when ‘followed by’ means) one normal timeslot airing? When GWK isn’t even up against normal competition next week?

    I don’t like their long-term prospects either, but you may be a bit too hard on their short-term odds.

  • TheEmulator23

    Revolution will sink just like “The Event.” Sorry JJ. “Go On” will be renewed first.

  • DJ Turner

    I got Guys with Kids or Revolution.

  • HBO

    GIRLS on HBO didnt know when they made episode ten if it would get the green light for more, then they did….Cheers to HBO for having the courage and Lena Dunham to be bold enough to create a great script, and as an actress she is real and compelling….my advice HBO go all the way with GIRLS – go to 100 episodes…No way boring, not for a minute…funny and NYC in a very real way…Congrats…they will take the Emmy for Comedy – if they dont the Emmys are fixed.

  • sarah nz

    Go on

  • Emily

    if go on hadn’t premiered early, and before we had any of the ratings, I would have gone probably Nashville, or maybe ben and kate, while I think elementary is going to be the big “hit” of the season, CBS renewals usually in one block, and is rarely first, but I can see ABC renewing a buzzy show early (because they also have quite terrible ratings), and fox usally also jumps the gun a bit, but alas NBC premiered eraly, and thus Go On

  • Emily

    how on earth is the mob doctor beating like 10 shows? I mean there are plently of bad shows out here, but seriously did people not in jest vote for it?

  • Babygate

    I think NBC has the lowest standards of the big three for scripted shows so anything over 2.0 is guaranteed a full order. ABC is a toss up. They have been bleeding viewers so things are changing. Happy Endings, Last Man Standing and The B in Apt. 23 should have been cancelled by their previous standards. Last season’s ‘hits’, Revenge and Once Upon a Time were hardly record breakers. Revenge never hit 3 and Once teetered around that area. Their number one drama in the 18-49 is an aging show now going into its 9th season which rarely breaks the top ten in terms of total viewers so…ABC can’t be too picky right now. CBS has the top programs all around so anything that doesn’t do extremely well, they will cut.

  • Masterbreel

    I Think Revolution and Go On could get the order at the same time. Revolution will be cancelled at the end of the season though (i think, i hope not!)

  • Hadley

    Beauty and the Beast!

  • Dean-W

    CBS will pick up ‘Vegas’ and ‘Elementary’ the same day. ‘Made in Jersey’ will only have 13 episode then it’ll be canceled.

  • Dean-W

    Every new shows on the CW is sure to get at least 22 episodes !

  • Matt H.

    If Revolution’s numbers are stable, it will get the full season order immediately. If they go down, NBC will wait until they stabilize.

  • Alexa

    The fan in me voted for Revolution, but I’m very confident it will be Go On. It’s got Matthew Perry in an above-average sitcom for once and is getting good ratings. For a last place network, that’s about as close to a lock as you can get.

  • Holly

    The only thing that makes me hesitate on Go On is wondering whether NBC will want to announce several comedies together, meaning they’d have to wait on Go On until a couple others have earned back 9s.

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