Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Get A Full Season Order First? (Poll)

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September 19th, 2012

On Monday, we asked which new Fall broadcast TV show would be canceled first, and today we go the other direction.

Which new Fall broadcast TV show will get an order for a full season first?

For the uninitiated, rookie shows are usually given an order for 13 episodes as an initial commitment, and after a certain level of early success, are typically given an order for an additional 9 episodes to complete a "full" season of 22 episodes (although slight variations from the magic 22 are not uncommon).

These orders typically happen anytime from the start of the broadcast season until about Thanksgiving, but could conceivably go even later than that, for shows that don't premiere next week. The busiest period for these announcements is typically mid to late October.

I believe that Fox's New Girl (on 9/28/11) was the first rookie last season to get a full season order, but as always, am open to correction!

What's your guess for this season?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

  • Robert Moore

    My bets are on “The Neighbors,” “Revolution,” “666 Park Avenue,” “Arrow,” “Nashville,” “The Mindy Project,” “Partners,” and “Last Resort.”

  • Brian

    Go On, most likely. Then maybe Elementary, Revolution, or Vegas.

  • DKD

    It would be great to refresh the poll, taking out the three that just got extended and see what we think are the next ones.

    I’m thinking Elementary may be next.

  • Hillbilly
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