FOX Releases 'Fringe' Final Season Poster

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September 20th, 2012




Behold, the poster commemorating the final season of Fringe. As you gaze at it, reminisce about all the good times you had watching the show, then getting up on Saturday morning and coming to this site to check on the ratings. We're still in it together for one last season.

  • Simon

    LOVE IT! One week to go!

  • psychic

    Aw hell. Getting a definite X-Files vibe here.
    NOT THAT THAT’S A BAD THING! One week more, if you’ll pardon the pun! I’ll be waiting with bated breath!

  • Bob Keller

    Equally exciting is that HAVEN begins tomorrow night on SyFy!

  • ABCFanatic2012


    An end to this confusing TV series!

  • psychic

    There’s nothing confusing about it if you watch the episodes in order.

  • psychic

    But there is a truth to that comment, if a subtle one: if Fringe continued a few seasons more, there’d probably end up being eight universes and sixteen timelines.

  • were123

    Amazing! Loved it. Can’t wait till the premiere!

  • fringewillget5seasons


  • Sammo

    Now only if Fox sells them (I like the season 4 poster as well, but only can find bootleg versions on ebay). Maybe I will just take one from bus stops.

    @psychic: as much as I love Fringe, I totally agree with your statement :p Maybe not 8 universes, but at least a 3rd one with shapeshifter 2.0 and an infinite time loop!

  • Alex

    im still hoping there is 2-3 really good weeks and someone else on fox does horrible and they order a back 9 to stretch the story out.


  • The End


    Production on Fringe is likely finished by now, or close to it. 9 episodes if they have plotted out the 13 episodes originally to conclude it would destroy that ending they had in mind.

  • John A

    Ive seen John Noble tweet that production has started on episode 6. John Noble got treatment for a sleep disorder so production shut down for 2 weeks.

  • Emy

    In Fringe’s case, coming here saturday mornings was not “good times”‘, but watching the show surely was. Hope we get a kick ass last run. (Olivia in that leather coat is a good start).

  • KS

    Wondering how come Fringe gets “special treatment” on this website!!! LOL! It truly truly deserves. One of the greatest shows.

  • RyanCanada

    if this show was on Netflix, i’d deffinatly start watching it.

  • Kyle7

    @KS: Because it generates a lot of traffic to the site. They run a lot more articles on the highest-trafficking shows than the ratings would suggest because it’s only really the shows in danger that get people worked up. You’re not going to see stuff like this for, say, Grey’s Anatomy because it’s completely safe ratings-wise and doesn’t generate much speculation.

  • Patrick G.

    Cool poster. I’m looking forward to a grand 13-episode finale. Changing gears once again to the future leaves me dubious, whereas I think I would have preferred keeping the 2 universes and playing out the David Robert Jones (or WTF his name was) plot a little longer. Or even William Bell’s story. Shifting the entire series into the future and dealing with the Observers better pay off in a truly “full-circle” sort of way in terms of the entire storyline, particularly since the O’s were present from Day 1. If not, what’s the point? Their existence and purpose was already explained last season.

    Anyway, we got 5 (mostly) great seasons, as I had been prediciting all along (though the wasted “where is Peter” episodes from last year were a total waste!). I am eager to see how it all ends. I just hope it’s worthy and not some “it was all a dream” cop-out !! If the writers and producers pull a “LOST”, I will be royally pissed off!! :-(

  • EA

    I have watched Fringe since Olivia’s first partner was still alive, but I’m really not excited about the direction they went with the observers and the time jump at end of last season.

    I am not marking my calendar (or even my Tivo) for the premiere. I don’t want to watch 13 hours of defeating invaders from the future. Wish they had done more to pick up the abandoned thread of Olivia’s father.

  • Jumbotron

    This does make me reminisce about the good times watching the show: Seasons 2 and 3. Back before the show got needlessly confusing for the sake of being needlessly confusing, put the interesting alt-universe characters on the back-burner and basically revealed the Observers to just be Goobacks. Hopefully, with only 13 episodes and this confirmed as the last season, they’ll be able to keep on track better and wrap it up with a conclusion worthy of the quality of the acting, characters and earlier seasons.

  • TrashSpitter98

    No wonder the networks churn out drivel like Revolution and The Event when they see FOX lowering the bar season after season with this nonsense. An embarrassment to the science fiction genre.

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