Ian Terry Wins 'Big Brother'

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September 20th, 2012

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Frank Wins “America’s Favorite Player”

Ian Terry, the 21-year-old engineering student from Pittsburgh, Pa., who currently resides in New Orleans, La., won the BIG BROTHER grand prize of $500,000 during the LIVE season finale on Wednesday, Sept. 19, on CBS.


Last night, Dan and Ian faced off in the final Head of Household competition, where they had to guess how jurors answered questions. Ian answered the most questions correctly and became the season’s final HOH. After evicting Danielle, Dan and Ian faced the jury of the last seven evicted Houseguests (listed in order of eviction) – Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn, Shane and Danielle – to plead their case.


After each of the jury members had the chance to ask the finalists questions, they voted LIVE for the winner of BIG BROTHER. By a vote of 6 to 1, Ian won the competition.


In addition, viewers voted Frank as “America’s Favorite Player,” awarding him $25,000.

After the vote was revealed, BIG BROTHER winner Ian was met by his family and former housemates, and then interviewed by Julie Chen.


BIG BROTHER is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

  • Mike

    Dan played the best game, but Ian was a deserving winner, but in no way played the best game this season, but if anyone had to beat Dan I’m glad it’s Ian.

  • Ross

    Both Dan and Ian played superior games. The first based on deceit, lies and malicious handling of the other guests. Ian, on the other hand played with integrity through out as evidenced by him taking Dan to the final two (based on a comittment to Dan, even being aware of Dan’s methods). So the choice was deceit versus integrity. As a reflection on values, the correct decision was made. I will be watching next year.

  • TJ

    I don’t care about integrity, etc. However, I’ve always felt that the “deserving” winner in any of these types of games is the person who makes it to the final two and wins, and that was Ian. Dan failed the jury part, so he didn’t deserve it. With all of the behind the scenes stuff from production, their vote is just about the only thing jurors have control of, and they can make their decision based on whatever they want (bitterness, gameplay, whatever), and as far as I’m concerned they’re entitled to do so.

  • SG

    So happy for Ian. If it couldn’t be Janelle, Ian was my second favorite. But poor Jodi, not even a word from her last night!

  • Christian

    Integrity my ass. Ian lied and betrayed Frank, Boogie and Ashley. No one wins Big Brother without lying. That’s the name of the game and Bitter Bettys like Frank and Shane need to get over themselves. Janelle said it would be a travesty if Dan didn’t win and boy was she right. And Frank as America’s Favorite? Right, Allison. That fat bitch is so transparent.

  • Don N.

    Christian, It’s only a TV show……..

  • psychic

    C’mon. Jenn said it best–something along the lines of, “We all cheated and backstabbed. We all said, ‘Yeah, it’s okay, you’re not going home,’.” And House says it even better. “Everybody lies.” Might as well be the theme of Big Brother.

    And seriously. If, who-should-have-won wise, you’re going to go with the “Dan backstabbed everyone” argument, you can easily argue that Ian did it too and he won anyway. And Dan definitely played the better game, even if Ian’s, as he said, was slightly cleaner.
    There’s really no clear way to tell who SHOULD have won.

    Frank is a bitch, though.

  • Mike

    First of all, while Dan did not do his best during his jury speech and Q&A, he in no way failed that part of the game and I do think the jury for the most part was to bitter they wouldn’t of voted for Dan in any scenario. Also Ian was no more of a honest player than Dan, Ian completely betrayed his original alliance, notably Boogs and Frank, the problem was for most of Ian’s moves the jury blamed Dan.

  • psychic

    And not to change the subject or anything, but: how much more quantifiable proof do we need that Ian is secretly a Hobbit?

  • TJ

    “he in no way failed that part of the game”

    Did he get 4 votes? No? Then he failed. You have to account for the emotions and prejudices of the jury as you’re playing the game, and he didn’t do that well enough. Ian wasn’t that well-liked by many of the players at various times in the game, but he managed to mend relationships as the game went on, and that helped.

  • s0303

    a huge part of the game is to evict players in a way that they will not hold it against you too much and still vote for you to win in the end…and dan was not able to do that…which is why he did not deserve to win…congrats ian!

  • Greg

    I’m really proud of Ian and so glad he won….he WAS Big Brother this summer! Thank you, Ian, for the best season ever of Big Brother!!!

  • kill00

    Just so you know it really isnt cool to post the huge spoiler in the title and you suck right now. I was really happy that you didnt do that with Masterchef and Hells Kitchen but you just spoild big brother final for me because i didnt see the final yet and now i am like what is the point. Again you suck because of this

  • Evil Genius

    Janelle had it absolutely correct, it was a complete travesty that Dan didn’t win this season. He completely ran the house the entire summer and just dragged Ian along like a puppet.

    The jury voted 100% based on emotions and not who deserved to win. I know when they go back home and watch the season, they will realize just how big of a mistake it was to crown the least deserving winner in BB history.

    Hopefully in the future there is a better screening process on contestants, people that actually respect that it is a GAME and will not just be pathetic, bitter children that vote against the person that simply outplayed them.

    What a joke.

  • Ricky

    Oh yeah! Nerds rule!

    I would have been okay with Dan winning too, but at least Ian got 10x more money than Dan did.

    @Christian: Agree with you there. Because if America’s vote actually counted, Janelle would have got the 25K. Seriously, who likes Frank now? Besides Allison, of course.

  • bob

    I like Ian but I really thought Dan should have won. The jury was a bunch of babies. I believe the worst jury in 14 years due to their pity party.

  • Tee

    I think Dan was the most dominant player of all seasons thus far. Janelle is still one of my favorites, but Dan kicked butt!. I was happy to see Dan come back into the house, although he didnt play with the same intregity and kindness like his first season, he was an amazing player to watch.

    As far as Ian. I just wanted to hug him. He is sooo sweet.

  • Judy g

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned that Boogie devoted all of his coaching energy to promoting and protecting Frank. He did not support Ian so how can anyone blame Ian for finding another alliance on his own.
    As for Frank , his only sin was that he was a threat as a contestant. He was treated poorly by everyone in the house except for Mike Boogie. Frank deserved to be recognized as America’s Favourite to make up for the abuse he suffered.

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