'The Chew' Launches 'Behind the Soap Screen' Series with Four Stars of 'General Hospital'

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September 20th, 2012

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Julie Berman, Finola Hughes, Ingo Rademacher and Eric Valdez are Featured,

With Special Guest Appearances from Lindsey Morgan and Sebastian Roché

Beginning MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 fans of “General Hospital” have another reason to celebrate as “The Chew” pays house calls to some of the popular drama’s most celebrated stars. “General Hospital” airs at 2:00 p.m., ET/1:00 p.m., PT, immediately following “The Chew” on ABC.

Gordon Elliott, executive producer of “The Chew,” announced today that the talk & lifestyle show will launch a four-part series next week entitled “Behind the Soap Screen,” featuring an in-depth look into the lives of Julie Berman (“Lulu Spencer”), Finola Hughes (“Anna Devane”), Ingo Rademacher (“Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks”) and Erik Valdez (“Trey Mitchell”). The stars will open their homes to “The Chew” for a glance into their private, off-screen lives, sharing recipes and hobbies.


“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase our neighbors from Port Charles,” said Elliott. “Daytime television is all about showcasing personalities, building relationships and storytelling, and many of the ‘General Hospital’ actors are closet gourmets. We are looking forward to having them on the show.”


An outing to Julie Berman’s home includes a peek at her kitchen, where she and husband, Michael Grady, prepare one of their favorite dishes, a grilled chicken and basil pizza.


Finola Hughes proudly displays her green thumb as she tends her impressive vegetable garden in Malibu. The actress, who grows apples, plums, peaches and avocados, prepares a mouth-watering feta, cherry tomato, kalamata olive creation with flatbread, all with ingredients from her garden.


Ingo Rademacher unveils his breathtaking Hawaiian home, where he resides with his wife and two children. Rademacher’s trip includes his backyard, where he grows avocados and raises livestock. He shares his recipe for the perfect avocado and scallion omelet, and takes fellow “General Hospital” co-star Sebastian Roché (“Jerry Jacks”) for a paddleboard lesson.


Texas born and raised Erik Valdez cooks a dish he learned from his grandmother. He puts his own spin on her classic ground turkey taco recipe with guacamole, Pico de Gallo, rice and beans, and cooks for his “General Hospital” co-star, Lindsey Morgan (“Kristina Davis”).


“General Hospital,” the most honored show of the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards, celebrates its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013. Approaching 50 historic years on ABC, it is the longest running American soap opera currently in production and third longest-running drama in American television history. “General Hospital” was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Frank Valentini is executive producer. Ron Carlivati is head writer. Full episodes of “General Hospital” are available on ABC.com. Follow us at: www.facebook.com/GeneralHospital, Twitter  @generalhospital (#generahospital).

  • Mary Amos

    Still won’t watch the Spew.ABC forced them to go on it won’t make me watch the gross theif Mario.

  • metejt

    Would have been nice if this kind of support had been given from the get go. It’s too little too late IMO. ABC axed two shows and they still aren’t saying IF or for how LONG General Hospital is safe so I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon to support their replacement shows. This is SUCH an obvious act of manipulation on the part of ABC. Seems they’ve realized they do need the useless, old soap viewers after all!!!!! Ha!

  • Holly Jacobs

    This show does not interest any soap fan. It does not matter who they have on as guests, we still will NOT watch it!

  • WiseMocha

    I want to support GH actors/actresses, but I won’t watch the Spew… sorry.

  • Lisa

    @Holly Jacobs, speak for yourself. Not every soap fan thinks like you do. It’s not the fault of anyone at The Chew that AMC and OLTL got cancelled. If The Chew had never come on the air, they still would have been gone, just replaced by something else. Seeing that a few of my favorite GH stars will be on the show, I’ll check out those episodes.

  • DEE


  • cottle

    Will not be watching! I absolutely hate the stupid Chew!!!!

  • Erin

    Wow, what a horribly desperate attempte to win soap fans over. How low can you guys get?! Forcing soap stars to go on your pathetic attempt at daytime programming by threatening them with their jobs at GH if they don’t, that is really, really low, even for you ABC. If you are so desperate for viewers, you needn’t sink so low, just do the right thing and give us what we want ; Our Soaps!!!!

  • MBmomof3

    Well I see ABC/D has finally taken my advice and started to cross-promote GH. It’s about freakin’ time. I said I would never watch The Chew, and never have, but I want to support GH. This will be a difficult choice. I guess, be careful what you wish for :)

  • BG

    I LOVE Julie Berman and Erik Valdez, but I refuse to watch The Spew.

    @Mary–That is the main reason I DON’T watch the show. Mario Batali is a crook.

  • primetimeblabber

    Boring….not going to watch….sorry but this is a attempt for The Chew get higher ratings….ABC is getting dumber by the minute….the 1 pm timeslot is not allowed to be watched by these eyes unless it is AMC coming back….don’t care for Mario and his drunk friends….when is he going to change his clothes? I hate The Chew being on into GH’s timeslot, I have to tune into GH at 2:03 now….this attempt will not win fans over…

  • Claire Mandala

    Can’t believe these soap stars are going on this show. Why boost up The Chew’s ratings. I mean come on, they don’t need the money. Very disappointed in them. Definitely won’t be watching it.

  • Karla

    Who knows how ABC works these things and whether they ask if some will crossover and do the show as a promotional thing. In the end it would more than likely not help them to say no and they do have to look out for themselves as when the gig ends and it will at some point they still need to be viable. So I do not blame anyone for looking out for themselves and their families. Thankfully with YT someone will post the segments I am sure. I mean they had the Chew on all the TV’s in PC during the toxin story.

  • ht

    People have nothing better to do? The gym? Study? Work? Read a book? Jeez, we are so doomed.

  • Samantha

    Is it just me, or is this literally a slap to the face of all soap fans?!? This is so wrong on so many levels, and I for one, am INSULTED! This is just yet again another attempt to silence the soap fans and win them over. This, in my opinion is playing dirty and I won’t fall for it. ABC and the producers of The Chew must think that we are all idiots. I am not even remotely interested in watching this HORRIBLE show. If it wasn’t for this GOD AWFUL show, we would still be watching One Life to Live. I hope that all my fellow soap fans feel the same and continue to boycott this show. Thanks but no thanks, ABC…I will not be falling for your dirty tactics, and I will not be silenced. I am not an idiot.

  • Doug

    Well that’s a bit distasteful. Hey, we replaced your soaps, but now we’re going to piggyback off of the only remaining one!


  • cass rowland

    if you dont want to watch then do not watch the chew ratings are good for a talk show and it cost less than all my children and the chew is doing just as good aall my children and one life to live are not comming back period abc is saving over 100 million dollars

  • Dinah

    Sorry I won’t watch The Chew, it makes me gag. If you want soap viewers bring back AMC and OLTL and I’ll gladly watch them.

  • MBmomof3

    ‘Cuz apparently cass rowland knows all about ABC/D’s profit & loss…riiiiiight.

  • Batmantx

    We understand that publicity is part of an actors job…so no ill feelings toward the actors for appearing on the Spew…but cheap ploys like this will not make the soap fans start watching this awful show…Its time for ABC to finally face the facts…Until AMC and OLTL are returned to the air WE WILL ONLY WATCH GH ON ABC!!!!

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