Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The X Factor' & 'Survivor' Adjusted Up

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September 20th, 2012


 The X Factor and Survivor: Philippines were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 19, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 3.6/11 9.54
CBS Survivor: Philippines (8-9:30PM) - Premiere 3.2/10 11.37
NBC The Voice - R 1.7/5 5.53
ABC The Middle - R 1.1/4 4.36
CW Oh Sit! 0.4/1 0.89
8:30 ABC Suburgatory - R 1.0/3 3.43
9:00 ABC Modern Family - R 1.6/5 4.61
NBC Law & Order: SVU - R 1.2/3 4.70
CW Supernatural - R 0.3/1 0.96
9:30 CBS Big Brother (9:30-11PM) Finale 2.5/7 7.39
ABC Suburgatory - R 1.2/3 3.45
10:00 NBC Revolution - R 1.2/4 4.41
ABC Revenge - R 0.7/2 2.76

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    Great for Survivor!

    May the CBS road to ratings victory begin!

  • Sam

    How is “The aXed-Factor” improving week to week when this is only the second week of the show? Isn’t it a little too early to proclaim this especially since “Modern Family” will come along and DESTROY it in the demo, and then “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Two and a Half Men” will also follow suit on thursdays? Those numbers look pretty weak to me.

  • buddhaboi

    i don’t even watch x-factor and the oversell of britney has me hating it. congrats to oh sit and supernatural!

  • SJ

    I expect CBS to rank a strong second to Fox tonight, even with an all-repeat line-up.

    Solid start for Survivor, and an OK finale for Big Brother, all things considered.

    The Voice repeated well!

    I can’t wait for next week so that we can finally start talking about scripted shows again! :)

  • Stephen

    Well NBC will probably be lucky to average a 1.7 from 8-9 when Animal Prac. & GWK come back next week against even more competiton with ABC all new.
    Could Voice repeats be back here in a few weeks??

    X-Factor at least holding up well will be interesting to see if it takes a hit once all shows have had their premieres and if it may see an increase as gets closer to end of its season.

    Survivor is still solid after all these seasons – Wednesdays on CBS should be very close to last fall it seems.

  • Ultima

    How is “The aXed-Factor” improving week to week when this is only the second week of the show?

    Simple. It had a higher rating this week than it did last week, therefore it is up week-to-week. If you were to make comparisons to last season, you would say it is down year-to-year.

    See, your problem was that you had no clue what the term “week-to-week” actually meant. Next time, just ask.

  • DryedMangoez

    Good repeats for NBC.

  • israelCD

    X-FACTOR is improving whether u like it or not !


    I think if the X Factor can maintain 9 to 10 million with good young demos. It will be renewed by FOX but many things need to happen with it. It needs to be a more financially sound show for FOX to make money off of it. IMO I bet Britney Spears will do this for one season and 15 million is way too much for FOX to be paying for this show. Demi Lovato is a suprise IMO and is very good. She is only getting paid 1 million but I would give her 2-3 million next year. Simon Cowell should drop the 5 million dollar prize who cares about that and he should take a paycut. I would keep Demi/Simon because there is good potential between those two. LA needs to go as he is dull as dishwater and again too costly. IMO FOX can bring X Factor back for season 3 but its not to be brought down financially for it to work.

  • Dan S

    I found it interesting that Revolution that premiered Mon & has been available on line outdrew Revenge’s season finale rerun. I’ll be curious to see how Revenge does on Sun Aug 30th when it has it’s season 2 premiere. For the record I do watch it so I’m not rooting for it faltering. It’s a very risky gambit moving it away from Wed where it was more protected.

  • Oliver

    Pilots always repeat well, since it’s an introduction and no prior knowledge is needed to watch. I actually expected the Revolution repeat to do a little better than it did.

  • Karin

    Stop the real TV asap….plz

  • Jon23812

    @Jonnysbro, FOX does have a financially sound show. Family Guy and American Dad. Their cheap and they do well in reruns as well as premieres.

    And about your budget cuts idea. I think each judge should be paid the same amount of money, and those who have been there longer can get a bonus.

  • joss

    Whyare you bashing Big Brother the season finale of PoI and The Mentalist was 2.5 nobody said anything back then

  • John A

    Cant tell how a show will do based on repeats. The Event started well repeated during its premiere week really well and obviously nosedived. Same will happen to Revolution i think.

  • John A

    And no drama repeats well for ABC so its not just Revenge.

  • Joe

    YAY for Survivor! I know that it’s the ratings that count more than the actual viewers, but this premiere had more viewers than the last 3 seasons of Survivor. That makes me very happy. Still goin’ strong after 25 seasons. #TeamSurvivor!

  • Dan


    Lmao what are you talking about. It is not improving its way down from last season and it will get crushed when it gets competition.

  • Nick

    Wow, I was terribly off on my predictions; .3 too high for Big Brother, .3 too low for Survivor, and .9 (!!) too low for TXF.
    Man, I’m losing my touch. ;-)

  • Alex

    I think, all things considered, the rating of the night might very well be that Voice repeat. That’s a tenth behind what an original Parenthood did Tuesday night at 10 and against much tougher competition. And its a show that’s not really supposed to do anything but post horrific repeat numbers.

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