Gordon Ramsay To Save Fox Monday? 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Triage, What's Your Guess? (Poll)

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September 21st, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday night. It's now a dead show airing, and will be off Fox's schedule sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, we suggested that Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), would be moved to Monday, 9pm after The Mob Doctor is yanked, but it seems that we may have been limiting our options unnecessarily.

With the announcement that the season premier of Kitchen Nightmares has been indefinitely postponed, with no announcement of when and where it will go, some have speculated that Kitchen Nightmares featuring Fox's go to guy, Gordon Ramsay, will move to Monday's, either at 9pm, or at 8pm with Bones moving to 9pm. Some have also suggested that Fringe might move to Monday (but perhaps tongue in cheek).

What's your guess?

  • cimmer

    I’m betting on Gordon although, Fox is very good (or not depending on your POV) about airing all of the eps of their shows so I could just as easily see them biting the bullet and letting Mob Doctor play out.

  • Mrc8310

    The Mob Doctor might end up cancelled due to low ratings

  • C

    Bones at 9pm, Please! Not caring what goes at 8pm then but Kitchen Nightmares could work, I guess. It certainly pulls its own ratings and may be a good lead-in after all.

    That hour fits them much better since Bones is definitely more a 9pm show. And, they don’t seem to be the best lead-in. Bones viewers are loyal and possibly too loyal. Plus, they don’t care what runs after it. So, they’re best just being the last of the night.

  • Mike


    Duh thats the point of the post….. theirs no way its getting renewed

  • William

    mob dr will go 3 episodes at most. ramsay will take the spot w/kitchen nightmares

  • SJ

    I say Kitchen Nightmares moves into the 9pm slot on October 1st. I don’t see the point of moving Bones down to 9pm as it is a more competitive time slot – The Voice and DWTS are stronger in their second hours and it stands to reason that the Broke Girls-anchored 9pm portion of CBS’ comedy block will do better than the 8pm sitcoms. There is no way Mob Doctor even produces all 13 episodes that were ordered, let alone airs them!

  • The End

    Move Touch to Monday. It’s the best option. Ramsey has his days when his shows are on the air, Hells Kitchen etc. Leave Monday to some script shows.

  • were123

    I don’t think that Fringe will replace Mob Doctor, but with 6 episodes already made and being a final season you could see that dreadful Fringe ratings wouldn’t hurt FOX on Mondays. But actually, as they postponed Kitchen Nightmares, I think the thing is that they are waiting for the numbers of week 2 (in case of a miracle in which Mob Doctor could pull an increase in the rating) to then cancel it and put Gordon Ramsey there. Touch is no option, really, because it had a 1.3 for the finale and 0.7 in Fridays, so no, I think it’ll stay put on Fridays at 8pm, while Mob Doctor says goodaby, X Factor rerun for now and Fringe airs at 9pm on Fridats

  • chrisss

    @ The End

    So Ramsey has his days that his shows air on does he? Such as Monday, where Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and Hotel Hell have all aired this summer?


    I think it will be the cooking show to Mondays. Makes the most sense. Touch will get crushed in the Monday slot, Ramsey’s show can get high 1.0’s to low 2.0’s and be considered a good replacement

  • Nick

    Mon 9/24- TMD’s last airing.
    Mon 10/1-10/15- 3 leftover Kitchen Nightmares episodes, Bones at 9 pm.
    Mon 10/22- there’s some sports event here I forgot what
    Mon 10/29- World Series
    Mon 11/5-12/17- 7 Touch episodes

    Touch will return in February in Fringe’s spot following the new season of Kitchen Nightmares. After the six remaining episodes, a new season of Hell’s Kitchen. HK might bleed into the summer a little, but that’s OK.

  • Alex

    Whilst I don’t believe that they will I do honestly think they should move Fringe to Monday at 9PM (and I’m in no way a Fringe fan).

    I’m not convinced anything Fox puts into this slot, including Kitchen Nightmares, is going to do well. And worth remembering that Kitchen Nightmares is going to thrown opposite a loaded reality deck with The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. I think Fox probably have the right idea going for drama on Monday night they just haven’t found the right show. Fringe obviously isn’t the right show but its a cheap show and if you’re going to put something in a position to get crushed it may as well be the show that’s on its final season and you have no long term investment in any more.

    Having said all that with the announcement today that they’re bumping Kitchen Nightmares from Friday it seems much more likely that it’ll go there. But you never know maybe Fox just think they’ve had too much Gordon Ramsey on the network lately? What with Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and Hotel Hell all airing back-to-back. And certainly there’s a real possibility that they’re going to completely overexpose him if they aren’t already.

  • The End


    Blah, just meant that another show deserves the chance. Ramseys shows have the chances they need, give Touch that chance. Leaving it on Friday is just asking for cancellation.

    I guess my comment didn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things, just tired from being busy on stuff.

    Would like to see Touch Season 3 announced by Fox in time.

  • Jumbotron

    They’ll replace Mob Doctor with “Drama Damnation”, a new reality show where Gordon Ramsey tries to help turn around struggling, low-rated Fox dramas.

  • Alex

    Blah, just meant that another show deserves the chance. Ramseys shows have the chances they need, give Touch that chance.

    Didn’t Touch get launched out of American Idol last season and then spectacularly fail to hold onto any kind of audience at all? That it got given a second season at all is quite the big chance.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Monday is dead day for FOX. As wednesday and thursday for NBC. They need sothing cheaper to hold 2.0 in demo. Reality or cheap drama(which is only fringe).

  • Fake Me Out

    I’m not a MD viewer and never will be (not that there’ll be much chance to become one anyways) but just thought I’d toss out this tidbit … It’s a ‘Hit!’ THE MOB DOCTOR Whacks BIG BROTHER as 1.3 Million Viewers Tune Into Series Premiere on CTV. Yet another example of a show doing well up with the frozen chosen while tanking south of the border. This is why I think Canadian networks should develop their own content and leave the US shows to the border stations … CTV has a hit on their hands and it will be removed in short order with precious little they can do except buy the next import to appear on our shores.


  • were123

    @Fake Me Out
    And that’s just sad :(
    I wish like many other series (Flash Point, Saving Hope and L.A Complex) The Mob Doctor could live in Canada, but as it’s produced localy in the US I think that’s impossible, which is just so sad, moreover it’ll get an special time slot pre-Emmy on Sunday! CTV will surely moarn that FOX takes away their new hit

  • Brian

    Putting Fringe there and hopping for the best may work. It is Fringes last season so maybe if there is enough hype behind it they could get it to do 2.0 or so. Its getting 1.1-1.3 on Fridays so thats not unrealistic. Plus running Fringe against Revolution would hurt NBC, Fox would view that as a positive.

  • Brian

    With those ratings maybe CTV will pick it up and flip the situation, sell the rights to a smaller network like FX or Oxygen in the US to air it. A network like Cloo might pay a decent penny to negate some of the cost of production.

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