Gordon Ramsay To Save Fox Monday? 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Triage, What's Your Guess? (Poll)

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September 21st, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday night. It's now a dead show airing, and will be off Fox's schedule sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, we suggested that Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), would be moved to Monday, 9pm after The Mob Doctor is yanked, but it seems that we may have been limiting our options unnecessarily.

With the announcement that the season premier of Kitchen Nightmares has been indefinitely postponed, with no announcement of when and where it will go, some have speculated that Kitchen Nightmares featuring Fox's go to guy, Gordon Ramsay, will move to Monday's, either at 9pm, or at 8pm with Bones moving to 9pm. Some have also suggested that Fringe might move to Monday (but perhaps tongue in cheek).

What's your guess?

  • AO

    I think that there’s a fair chance that Fox will at least try KN on Monday, though I must say that I’m wary of the idea. The show works on Fri. and imo Fox needs to shore up whatever nights that they can. MD failing was predictable afaic and I expect their Tues. line-up to at least underperform (if not worse). I see darker days ahead for the Network and imo the best that they can do is try to manage their decline.

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    Something else…

    Bring back
    Lie to Me
    or Chicago Code
    or Human Target
    or Lonestar
    or Terra Nova
    or Alcatraz

    (Yeah, I know. But someone was going to mention at least one of them, so now they’re all out of the way)

  • chris


    I’d watch it! Hotel Hell was fun. I like Gordon best when he is trying to help someone, not just screaming at them and telling them how awful they are. Maybe when he is done at Fox he can go help resurrect NBC, ABC and the CW.

  • scifi

    Moving Touch to mondays is a bad idea. No chance it will survive. But if Touch will get 1.2-1.5 on fridays, it might earn a 3rd season.

  • Samunto

    It would make good sense to leave Bones at 8 for viewers to get used to it there but Ramsay could give the aging drama some good lead-in.
    What a reality-heavy Monday! On one of the hours only CBS will have scripted series.

  • Josh

    It’s doing great in Canada. I don’t understand why people aren’t tuning in. The pilot was great, in my opinion. And i thought Jordana Spiro played the part well. Hopefully ratings pick up next week, and it gets to air the 13 episode season it has been granted as well as earning a back episode pick up.

  • Justin121

    “Drama Damnation”: a new reality show where Gordon Ramsey tries to help turn around struggling, low-rated Fox dramas.

    I LAHGHED MY A** OFF LOooooooooOL

    Jumbotron you’re a genious w/ humor

  • Justin121

    @Alan 59

    I LAMO’d when I thought it was Domination.

    It’s actually Damnation :D

    Became that much funnier :D :D

  • Samunto

    I just watched the Pilot for TMD, it was actually nice. I expected the worst but somehow did enjoy the episode. But how FOX this show would have a chance of survival beats me. It’s not good enough for Mondays at 9. Very poor writing but PJ from My Boys tried her best.

  • Jay

    Who would have thought Fox would become so dependent on reality shows starring Brits?

  • SJ


    Uh… where have you been for the better part of the last decade? ;)

  • Dan

    @Ultima, they pulled the kitchen Nightmares episodes because its possible that they are saving the full season to use to replace Touch on Fridayus should it move to Mondays following Bones. Kitchen Nightmares is a good show but I doubt FOX will pair it with Bones on Mondays.

    @Nick, when I said season premiere I meant for this season despite the fact that the episodes were leftovers. If KN were to have premiered on September 28 as scheduled it would still be the season premiere because its the new season despite the fact that the episodes are holdovers.

    I do think now that FOX is waiting to see what will happen with The Mob Doctor so a new domino effect will take place. My guess is that if Mob Doctor lasts until next week or the week after since Baseball will come into play in October, FOX may wait to premiere the season of Touch until November 5 (alongside Bones) as opposed to October 1 or 8. Fox was able to to replace Lone Star with Lie to Me 2 years ago because A)Baseball did not effect the schedule and B) FOX had a lot of replacement dramas that year ready to go. I still think Kitchen Nightmares will air Fridays alongside Fringe but perhaps FOX will wait until October 26 or Nov 2. I’d be surprised but not shocked if FOX held KN until January.

  • Dan

    @SCifi – My thought is that why would FOX waste Touch on Fridays when it would be better suited with Bones on Mondays and why would FOX not air Kitchen Nightmares on Fridays when it has worked in that slot since September 2008?This is Fall 2010 all over again and my guess is that FOX scheduled Touch for fridays so if somehow The Mob Doctor failed theyd have a drama replacement that they wouldnt have to air on fridays and instead of saving Kitchen Nightmares for later in the season they could use that earlier. Touch may flop on Mondays but its worth a try to air in that slot, especially if FOX renewed it in the first place.

  • a p garcia

    If MD doesn’t improve significally on airing 2, then FOX will yank it.

  • Dan

    If Touch is moved to Mondays and airs 13 episodes, it will be a good bridge between The Mob Doctor and The Following. The Following will likely premiere in February 2013 Mondays at 9 for 15 episodes. If Touch somehow gets a full year than FOX will move the remaining episodes to Friday likely after Fringe ends but I dont see that happening,

  • Jayme

    I think this may make it hard for Fox if the ratings increase in Canada but decrease in the States maybe Ctv and Fox work out a deal i hope thats hwat happens.

  • SJ

    Are you sure those Kitchen Nightmares episodes are holdovers from last season? I couldn’t verify that anywhere. And if they are, does KN have 19 episodes this season, as it was (I think) renewed for 16, or does it have 16 episodes with the three season 5 holdovers (3+13)?

  • Tabitha

    I could watch Bones at 9.

  • Nick

    @AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    You forgot The Finder. ;-)

  • Nick

    Fox was planning to air a bunch of Kitchen Nightmares episodes last spring that were bumped for The Finder. They didn’t just vanish into thin air.
    Also, Kitchen Nightmares hasn’t even filmed the new season yet, there was an ad during the MasterChef finale for applicants.

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