Gordon Ramsay To Save Fox Monday? 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Triage, What's Your Guess? (Poll)

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September 21st, 2012

Fox's The Mob Doctor premiered to just a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday night. It's now a dead show airing, and will be off Fox's schedule sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, we suggested that Touch currently slotted to premiere on Friday (October 26), would be moved to Monday, 9pm after The Mob Doctor is yanked, but it seems that we may have been limiting our options unnecessarily.

With the announcement that the season premier of Kitchen Nightmares has been indefinitely postponed, with no announcement of when and where it will go, some have speculated that Kitchen Nightmares featuring Fox's go to guy, Gordon Ramsay, will move to Monday's, either at 9pm, or at 8pm with Bones moving to 9pm. Some have also suggested that Fringe might move to Monday (but perhaps tongue in cheek).

What's your guess?



    The Walking Dead, Sun @ 9:00, Sons of Anarchy, Tues @ 10:00 & Jersey Shore, Thurs @ 10:00 are some cable entertainment shows that affect ABC, CBS & NBC

    Tues @ 10:00 seems to be the most eroded

  • Sally

    While I know House was getting a little stale it was doing better than Mob Doctor. Maybe Fox should’ve dumped it so fast. The team wanted to come back for one more year, and I would have loved watching it one more year too!

  • a p garcia

    MD did well on a resun on Friday, so maybe it was on on the wrong day, besides, when 2BG on CBS and the Voice on on NBC, and DWTS on ABC, premiere I can only see MD going down, down until Bear territory is reached.

  • Dan

    Mob Doctor will have so much competition on Monday that its a dead show walking. On Tuesday or Wednesday FOX will likely announce its replacement. Fingers crossed for Touch.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “@Bill But isn’t that a cop out? You can say any show “could” be renewed if the studio cuts the fees, and never be wrong. Basically the concept that TV renewal is based only on the “numbers” ie. ratings (more specifically Adults 18-49 demo) is obviously not the only way shows are renewed. I’m not saying you aren’t aware of this, I’m just saying that many believe the site claims to be one that argues a show is renewed or cancelled based on their A18-49 ratings, not cuts from studios.”

    Please don’t put words in my (our?) mouths.

    It is not my contention that relative adults 18-49 ratings are the *only* metric that matters in renewal or cancellation decisions.

    It’s the *primary* one, but there are others. Syndication economics being the major one. Friday timeslots being another (requiring far lower relative ratings for renewal).

    If it was *only* the relative ratings that mattered, the Renew/Cancel predictions would include the list of numbers without any separate predictions. They’d be automatic. The fact that I do separate predictions that try to take into account the other factors should indicate that while the relative ratings are most important, there are a small number of cases when they are not *everything* that matters.

  • were123

    Exactly! Like being aired on NBC! Last season a show that pulled a 1.6 was a lock for renewal!

  • omabin

    Ultimately, I think it all comes down to whether or not Fox executives have expectations for Touch. If they really think there is a chance, as slim as it might be, that Touch can still gain some traction and become a decent long term performer for them, then it makes sense for them to expose the show to more viewers on Monday (even though one might make a case to how many viewers are still in front of their TVs with nothing decided to watch yet on Mondays at 9… maybe not much more than on Fridays but anyway). However, if they only renewed Touch for the sake of renewing it (whatever that may be) and think it can only die then Fridays is better for it, and Gordan Ramsay (or even Fringe) would be more suited to Mondays… Either way, I think Fox will love The Following!

  • Jeff

    I voted for Touch, but if there had been one, I would have voted that I didn’t care as long as the Mob Doctor torture stops.

  • Scott

    They should pull the plug on Mob Doctor as soon as possible. Do not let this show go on any longer. It is the best for the patient, thing to do.

  • T.W. Hackett

    What about “The Real Housewives of Kitchen Nightmares”? Or they could keep the mob show – sort of. They can put my buddy Gordon in mob run restaurants that aren’t doing well + instead of instilling the restaurant managers with fear of getting fitted for cement shoes,they would now be afraid that Gordon will come in + yell at them. “No,no! Please,I’d rather get 2 to the back’ada head then have Gordon come + yell at me + make md cry in fronta’ me wife”

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    Exactly! Like being aired on NBC! Last season a show that pulled a 1.6 was a lock for renewal!”

    Exhibit A on why ratings RELATIVE to the rest of the same network matter. Not absolute ratings.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Bill wrote:

    Edit: I was motivated to look at an in season day. On Tues, Nov 15, 2011 (all new broadcast shows), ~70% of the adults 18-49 audience was watching cable in primetime.

    Primary point is unchanged, but it’s not true that ~70% were watching cable. It is true ~70% watched something OTHER THAN FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW. But it wasn’t all cable. MOST of it was surely cable, but Univision and Telemundo accounted for about 6% of it, and I’d guess PBS & local independent broadcast nets, which includes ION, MYNET, smaller foreign language broadcast nets and pure independents accounted for another ~10%.

  • VinnyChase

    what does CTV know about TV? well I’m in Toronto! and we all know Fox is only good for 3 things – Cartoons, Reality shows, and Bones. Fox has a VERY good Monday night show, but like I said they’re only interested in Reality/Cartoons, and their older shows. Oh btw what show was this… any guesses? It was Alcatraz. it did pretty well the first few weeks but once word got out it ‘maybe cancelled’ like most people do, they stopped following the show because what’s the point.

    I’m also sure it’ll be Ramsay moving to Monday’s after the Mob Doctor is cut, I’m watching Mob doctor right now on my laptop and typing this, tells you how good it is doesn’t it…

  • Dan

    @omabin – The thing is FOX renewed Touch for a second season so they have to have some faith in it. Putting it on Fridays was likely done because they had no where else to put it (understandable) and they want to air a new series post Bones. The 2010-2011 season had Lone Star airing post House and Human Target scheduled for fridays but never aired there. I believe that Touch will move to mondays because why would FOX waste a more expensive sophomore show in the Friday slot when they dont have to. Kitchen Nightmares is cheap and does well on Fridays since September 2008 and has been the only show that has consistently done well against competition. Fringe is in its final season so FOX wont move Fringe to mondays.

    The real guess now is not what will move to mondays but when. The Mob Doctor should be pulled after next week but FOX has October 1, and October 8 and then Baseball until November 5. Whatever new series replaces the Mob Doctor will likely debut then.

  • The Black Knight

    Bring back Terra Nova. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. A show that brought in 7.5M viewers and made a profit, even if it was critically unpopular (see “Falling Skies”) cancelled for even more crap. Still don’t get that one, especially when a tighter storyline was developed for Season Two. Fox gets what it deserves.

  • Billy martins

    Please don”t cancel mob doctors I love this show after watching yesterday episode on ctv television in canada this is a great show that deserve to be watch but what I”m suggest is have it shuttle around maybe put it on later day & time maybe will help like say be spring time like march to burn off reminder of episodes lets say maybe following American idol on Thursday at 9pm and have glee neither have put on hiatus or have place on later time & day like say Monday’s at 8pm following bones at 9pm nor Fridays at 8/9pm following fringe 8/9pm.

  • BigSingh

    It’s not really all that original…GENERAL HOSPITAL in the daytime does this.

  • Ram510

    The fact that all Fox has on deck as far as a replacement is Gordon Ramsey shows how awful Fox is as far as dramas go. When is the last time Fox has had a hit drama? Glee? Depending on what you consider Glee, but that aside they haven’t had a hit drama in a loooong time. And even their live action comedies sketchy, the only hit they have in that department is New Girl.

    I guess Fox is thankful for singing shows and football otherwise they might be in bad of shape as NBC

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