More TV Ratings Pain For Thursday Entertainment Shows, NFL Network To Be Available On Time Warner Cable Next Week

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September 21st, 2012



More bad news for Thursday night entertainment TV ratings, Time Warner Cable has finally completed an agreement to include the NFL Network in its line up.

NFL Network will be available to Time Warner subscribers on their digital basic tier, and the Sunday only NFL Red Zone will be available on the sports tier.

Before this week, NFL Network is was in about 53% of households. Time Warner Cable has approximately 12 million subscribers, about 10.5% of the US TV households. No word on how many TWC cable subscribers get at least the digital basic tier, but my guess is that it's the significant majority.

That increase in households will bring even more ratings competition to the entertainment shows on Thursday nights. We're two games into the 13 Thursday Night Football games on NFLN (plus one Thanksgiving night on NBC) this season compared to 8 (on NFLN) in previous seasons.

The first Thursday Night Football game (9/13) drew a 3.8 adults 18-49 rating, likely more than almost all the broadcast shows will manage on Thursdays this season except The Big Bang Theory (and maybe, occasionally, 2.5 Men and Grey's Anatomy). As I write this, we haven't yet received the ratings for last nights Giants/Panthers game. Update: Last night's snoozer of a Giants/Panthers game drew a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating on NFLN.

  • Mark

    Last night’s Giants/Panthers game was a snoozer, so I don’t expect anything near last week’s numbers.

  • CarShark

    The NFL Network doing so well with such a low availability is amazing. And there’s little reason that it won’t continue to grow, unless it becomes too expensive. I don’t think Glee or Grey’s will suffer much, but I do wonder about Big Bang Theory and 2 1/2 Men.

  • SJ

    Hmmm… haven’t we already established that sports programming doesn’t hurt entertainment? I don’t see this as a problem, unless ABC’s and CW’s programming gets preempted in certain parts of the country like they were last night.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Hmmm… haven’t we already established that sports programming doesn’t hurt entertainment?”

    Some believe that.

    However, I personally resist the idea that 100% of those TNF viewers would simply have had their TVs off if they weren’t watching TNF. And until I see compelling evidence to the contrary, I’ll choose to believe some portion of them would have had their TVs on something else in the absence of TNF.

    Regardless of where you fall on that question, the ability for us to post headlines like “NFL Football tops broadcast Thursday” is not hampered. ;)

  • USAmerica1st

    I watched something else when I was with TW, but since I switched to ATT, TNF has been must see TV. And the NFLNetwork does a great job of presentation. TW made a good move here.


    Of course I’ve always stated that cable is sucking away the viewers from Network TV and will continue to do so.

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