How Will NBC's 'Revolution' Hold Up in Week #2? Is it the 'Falling Skies' of the Broadcast World?

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September 23rd, 2012

Revolution returns for its second episode Monday night on the first official day of the new TV season. That means there will be original scripted competition going up against it  on ABC (Castle) and CBS (Hawaii Five-0).  Show ratings typically go down after the premiere, and the increased competition isn't going to help matters any. But not so fast say the fan boys (and girls): the premiere of Revolution was available online before it aired on TV, the second episode isn't!

Not being the premiere plus facing increased competition strike me as much bigger factors than online availability, so I can't imagine it not going down at least a little. My guess is it drops to at least somewhere around a 3.5 adults 18-49 rating vs. the 4.1 adults 18-49 rating for the premiere. But calling a spade a spade, I was surprised it premiered as well as it did.

At this point I'm wondering whether Revolution turns out to be the Falling Skies of the broadcast network world. That is, a show that consistently draws mostly negative feedback in the comments, even though it's consistently the networks' highest-rated scripted show with young adults!

  • João Paulo

    I think 3.6 or 3.7

  • DryedMangoez

    I’d say a 3.5 is a good guess.

  • Tom

    Fall season is here. Of course Revolution is gonna fall.

  • luisl


  • Kavyn

    Decided to watch Revolution the other day. I liked it, but it didn’t exactly impress me. The best part had to be when they found the guy they were looking for, because he was very impressive in the fighting scene.

    Going to give it a watch next week, but honestly I’m very neutral about the show. I need to see where it’s going and see if it’s my cup of tea. I’m also digging the villain :)

  • KS

    I’d say it’s 3.6-4.0.

  • DeeAgeaux

    The last half hour of pilot was 3.8 so 3.3 is about right. And stabilizes at about 3.1-3.2.

  • Dennis

    Is it the ‘Falling Skies’ of the Broadcast World?

    Yes, is it!!!

  • BH @ TV Recaps/Reviews

    I would guess probably a 3.5.

    I will be watching even though I didn’t like the premiere. I’m watching to see how it works as a series. The pilot was mostly set up and only about the last 15-20 minutes were very indicative of how the rest of the show would look/feel.

  • Travis

    With the increased competition, plus the fact that the pilot wasn’t very good, I’m thinking it’ll drop below a 3. Maybe low 3’s if it’s lucky, but I’m predicting about 2.9.

  • danny94

    I would say around a 3.4, I will tune into the second episode even though i thought the pilot sucked.

  • DW

    2.0-2.5 . its a bad show and fans of castle and h5O will go back to each show.

  • Brian

    3.6 and settling in rather quick at 2.9-3.2.

  • Liam

    This one is hard to tell. Usually I’m good at guessing ratings but this time I am at a loss. I am going to guess the ratings will drop to around a 3.0. I dont think the ratings will stay at a 4.0. This season premiere of Castle is the most anticipated premiere of the TV season of returning shows so I an expecting goos ratings for Castle and Revolution to take a hit.

    My guess for next Monday: (im probably totally off but what the heck):
    Castle – 3.3 – 13.68 million viewers
    Hawaii 5-O – 3.2 – 12.58 million viewers
    Revolution – 3.0 – 9.68 million viewers.

    Thats just my guess for Mondays ratings at the 10pm slot. But it is really hard to tell. I expected Revolution to premiere lower since it was online beforehand. I was expecting around 9 million viewers and a 3.6 in the demo. So it will be interesting to see how Revolution holds up and how Castle returns.

  • SJ

    I say it gets a 2.9.

  • W

    Revolution is going to fall in week 2, due to Hawaii Five-0’s and Castle’s season premiere being aired on Monday, tomorrow! Of course, The Voice will take some ratings away from this show.

  • Ricky

    @Liam: Agree with your guesses for Castle and H50, but for RVN, I’m hoping for 3.8 and 10.5M viewers. I don’t think it’ll drop that dramatically, unless the amount of hate RVN gets on this site is an accurate gauge of how most of the world actually perceives the show (which I sorta doubt.)

  • Raykov

    3.4 for week 2 plus at least 1.0 DVR.

  • Simon

    For those of you who say that Castle and Hawaii Five-0 will be any competition for Revolution, true, EVERY show has a drop after its premiere episode has aired but I seriously doubt it’ll be effected THAT MUCH. Even if it falls from the monster premiere ratings it is still well within early full season pick up territory and, maybe even early renewal territory.

  • rob60990


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