How Will NBC's 'Revolution' Hold Up in Week #2? Is it the 'Falling Skies' of the Broadcast World?

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September 23rd, 2012

Revolution returns for its second episode Monday night on the first official day of the new TV season. That means there will be original scripted competition going up against it  on ABC (Castle) and CBS (Hawaii Five-0).  Show ratings typically go down after the premiere, and the increased competition isn't going to help matters any. But not so fast say the fan boys (and girls): the premiere of Revolution was available online before it aired on TV, the second episode isn't!

Not being the premiere plus facing increased competition strike me as much bigger factors than online availability, so I can't imagine it not going down at least a little. My guess is it drops to at least somewhere around a 3.5 adults 18-49 rating vs. the 4.1 adults 18-49 rating for the premiere. But calling a spade a spade, I was surprised it premiered as well as it did.

At this point I'm wondering whether Revolution turns out to be the Falling Skies of the broadcast network world. That is, a show that consistently draws mostly negative feedback in the comments, even though it's consistently the networks' highest-rated scripted show with young adults!

  • Hubert

    Revolution will be really okay, 3.2 I predict which is great for any network at 10 pm. I predict such a big drop because Revolution will drop twice tonight – once for itself and once for the Voice (which will be down heavily, it barely broke 4.0 only against Gordon Ramsay two weeks ago).

    I’m more curious of what CBS will pull. I’d go with 3.8 for HIMYM, but since the spring finale got 3.7 it’s imposible for the show to rebound this little, so 4.0 maybe?

    I’m pretty confident about 2BG gettin 4.4-4.6; it will work for CBS.

    have no idea what H5O can pull – last year it was led by 2BG’s 7.1, but this year it will follow mid-3’s M&M.

  • Ray

    As someone mentioned last week, it’s hard to take a show seriously when 15 years after the end of electric power they’re all wearing beautiful threads with no color fade and immaculately pressed. Perhaps they’ve borrowed some time-travel gear from Terra Nova or Eureka and we’ll learn of it in Episode 7. The Monroe Republic is really a fashion brand and they’re planning domination of apparel retail because that’s at the base of any post-apocalypse Maslow pyramid. Food, designer clothing, shelter.

  • Cody

    Castle and Beckett danced in the pants at the season finale expect a drop for the second episode

  • Josh

    The magical necklace and no explanation of the power going out seem to much like LOST. I had enough of making up the story and throwing crap in along the way in LOST. That show was such a complete waste of time always expecting some answer, any answer to really never get it. Revolution is officially turned off in my house no matter how much the critics may or may not like or how well it does or does not do. Most bad shows I just ignore but this evoked anger to where I am hoping it gets canceled before Thanksgiving.

  • fran

    DWTS 3.5
    Castle 2.7

    The voice 4.2-4.3
    Revolution 3.5-3.6

    HIMYM 4.0
    Partners 3.4
    2BG 4.4
    M&M 3.9
    HFO 3.1

    Bones 2.0
    TMB 1.2

  • Sid

    I say between 2.5-3.0

    Five-0 and Castle rule Mondays.

  • Robert

    It is good counter programing to FIVE-0 and Castle. So it will be interesting…

  • Walter Radio

    There is problem with Revolution: There are no likable characters. The scenario is beyond not-plausible. And some kid has a Heath kit power station in his room? LOST seems like hard science in comparison.

  • The End

    I’m going for, huge drop off. Mostly due to my not thinking Revolution hooked enough viewers with its premiere episode.

  • Lisa

    The pilot got a pretty mixed reaction, from what I’ve seen, so I think it’ll drop considerably to a 3.1.

  • TheRatingsMann

    DWTS 3.5
    Castle 2.6

    Voice 4.0
    Revolution 3.0

    HIMYM 3.8
    Partners 3.4
    2BG 3.9
    M&M 3.3
    HFO 2.9

    Bones 2.1
    TMB 1.3

  • MattM

    If it does in the mid 3s I’ll be ecstatic. It faces some tough but very beatable competition with Castle and 5-0, two shows with loyal but small fanbases. Will be fun to track its performance.

  • CrimTV


    Smash premiered with a 3.8 behind The Voice with a 6.7 18-49 rating, Revolution premiered with a 4.1 behind a 4.7!

  • Mary

    I’m guessing it will get around 3.0

  • UMGuy423

    I’d say 3.6-4.0. I watched the Pilot and I haven’t watched a Monday show at 10pm in a long, long time, so H50 and Castle have no affect on me and I imagine there are other viewers like me too.

  • Ron

    I’m interested to see how CBS does as well. Partners will lose alot of HIMYMs audience I suspect, if not tonight then in future weeks. This could hurt the rest of the night if 2BG is lead in dependent. With the Voice so strong I could see 2BG staying below a 4

  • Jason50

    I got a lot to watch tonight. Revolution, Castle, and H5O. Plus Alphas and maybe WH13. A definite drop for Revolution due to tougher competition. I’ll go 3.2-3.4

  • Justin121

    I voted 3.5-4.0, given NBC’s lucky streak w/ new shows this season.

    I think 2.7-3.2, given NBC’s track record w/ new shows the past 5 seasons.

  • Kevin

    Tough battle tonight when REVOLUTION goes up against CASTLE and HAWAII FIVE-O, both returning to kick off their new seasons respectively.

  • KarenM

    It’s going to crash and burn!

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