How Will NBC's 'Revolution' Hold Up in Week #2? Is it the 'Falling Skies' of the Broadcast World?

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September 23rd, 2012

Revolution returns for its second episode Monday night on the first official day of the new TV season. That means there will be original scripted competition going up against it  on ABC (Castle) and CBS (Hawaii Five-0).  Show ratings typically go down after the premiere, and the increased competition isn't going to help matters any. But not so fast say the fan boys (and girls): the premiere of Revolution was available online before it aired on TV, the second episode isn't!

Not being the premiere plus facing increased competition strike me as much bigger factors than online availability, so I can't imagine it not going down at least a little. My guess is it drops to at least somewhere around a 3.5 adults 18-49 rating vs. the 4.1 adults 18-49 rating for the premiere. But calling a spade a spade, I was surprised it premiered as well as it did.

At this point I'm wondering whether Revolution turns out to be the Falling Skies of the broadcast network world. That is, a show that consistently draws mostly negative feedback in the comments, even though it's consistently the networks' highest-rated scripted show with young adults!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I don’t think the ratings will drop by a full point, but I do think we can expect a significant drop. The real test will come over the next four episodes. If it can hold decent ratings over six episodes, it has a shot at renewal. If not, it won’t.

    Quality-wise, I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t horrible (like Falling Skies first season or The Event), but it wasn’t great, either.

    It all depends on what kind of overall conspiracy concept they can come up with to flesh out the basically ridiculous premise of electricity going away. If they can do that credibly, they may have a shot.

    If on the other hand they basically just do another “apocalyptic future” crap with the main conflict being between Burke and Lyons and no plausible backstory, I think real sci-fi fans will get tired of that fairly quickly, as they did with Alcatraz.

  • Anon


  • Alex S

    Rev will be good, think about monday night for a second.. there is more then enough room for another good show. Everyone wants a really good show for monday nights as well, I like Hawaii Five0 but it it still is what it is, a cop show a unique story like revolution can do really well.

    I’m sure however the show does today, it’ll stay around that number for the next few weeks (there isn’t that many great new shows this season, I can already mention which ones will be cancelled) I’ve seen some pilots.

    I personally liked 666 park avenue, BUT I can tell it won’t be something enough people like to keep it on the air, it’s too different.

    Chicago fire, it’s a good story but it honestly just seems like us broadcasters trying to rip off rookie blue and use firefighters instead of cops. It MAY do well, I’m 50-50 on it.

    here’s my list so far, play along guys:

    – Chicago fire (50-50)
    – Elementary (renewable)
    – Made in jersey (renewable) actually really smart, I enjoyed it
    – 666 Park Avenue (60-40) leaning towards cancel it
    – Go On (renewable)
    – Beauty and the beast (I think it could be a good show with GG ending)

    it’s funny last year had a lot more shows, with alot more potential and this year has less shows with less potential.

    with it being the last season of Breaking bad, Office, and a couple others NBC is coming out with what 17 new shows hoping a couple of them catch on.

  • bluejays

    @Nick – those numbers for CBS though were when NBC had much weaker competition on its fall schedule and when CBS hadn’t moved the top show of the night (2.5 men). I don’t see CBS getting the same numbers this year.

    As to those who keep on about HFO only pulling the numbers it did because it was behind two broke girls. It stayed above a three for pretty much the first half of the season, following the much lower demo of Mike and Molly. So looking at historic ratings there’s no reason to predict that HFO’s ratings were purely from following Two Broke Girls.

    However… if Revolution holds I expect it to hurt both HFO and Castle so we won’t see anything like the numbers they got last year. In fact all three shows could be really close.

  • Cody

    @Bill gorman…

    Haha, i remember Rena Moretti from a few years ago also… She would rant and rave on the comment board of every article ( it was actually kind of entertining arguing with her about her pschotically passionate opinions) and then she just dissapeared. She was a real nutcase. This is hilarious!!!

  • Alexa

    I like the show. That said, I think it might get in the 3.0-3.5 range tonight (closer to 3.0). If it can stay in the mid-to-high 2’s I think it gets a full season.

  • James

    The Revolution will only do one season cause these shows don’t work on networks no more. And NBC Sucks. For what it’s worth, I watch Walking Dead live usually or soon after I DVR it. Falling Skies…like it’s first season, I DVR the entire season before watching. I like season 2 so far.

    Falling Skies and Walking Dead are enough ‘end of the world’ shows for me. Sorry, Revolution.

  • Alex S


    true but, Falling Skies (TNT), and Walking Dead (AMC) – get most of their audience from the usa. A lot of Canadians don’t get TNT/AMC shows and if they do they’re not syndicated.

    so Revolution being on a major broadcaster, could be a big hit, As now it’s pretty much available to everyone who has a TV whether they have basic/premium cable.

    My 3 fave shows don’t even come on Canadian TV until a week after the new episode aires (White Collar, Suits, Covert Affairs) and during the fall/winter we don’t get Homeland on television either.

    The point I’m getting at is, TV shows on a major mainstream broadcasting network whether they are rehases of other tv shows has benefits, it’ll have more exposure and so far.

    Revolution posted a 11.7 million (US viewers) with a 4.1 rating in the adult demo, and take this into consideration as well, a lot of people watched the pilot beforeee the show premiered and skipped watching the premiere, like myself.

    Rev dropped from 4.4 in it’s first half hour, to 3.8 in it’s second half hour, my theory continues and lead in from a reality show always results in a drop as “reality-aholics” don’t usually stay.

    NBC will give Revolution a full season order if it pulls anything over 2.4, if it stays over 3, say hello to NBCs new hit

  • Doug in CA

    I watched the premiere of Revolution on demand. It was ok but it’s not a show I would get upset over if it was canceled.

  • Nick


    2BG 3.9
    M&M 3.3

    That’s laughably low! At the end of last year, when 2.5 Men had slid down to 3.9, Mike and Molly was getting 3.7! And shows increase from spring to fall. Both of those numbers are below the season finales.

  • SueP

    3.2-3.3 is my guess. I liked the pilot. I would normally watch HF0 but too much focus on McGarret’s family problems has relegated it to my DVR this season. I’m more interested in the ensemble than McGarret’s mom. Revolution had an intriguing start and I’m interested to see where they go with it and the reveals along the way.

  • City Kitty

    Going to fall. It is already OFF my watch list. Just horrible acting and a terrible script.

  • K_Will

    I really like it, but Revolution doesn’t seem like the kind of show that will last on broadcast network.

  • Lamdog

    I did not see the premiere. I can not get pass how implausible the plot is, I understand suspending disbelief, they are asking a lot. I would like an explanation as to how you have designer clothes though society is regressing?

  • Paul

    @Lamdog, It’s called the tv look. Every network tv show demands that their actors look good. Look at Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

  • Leo

    I had to turn it off after 10 minutes last night. I thought the pilot script was way too thin and the acting was Thursday night Grange Hall, but I decided to give the show a second chance. Oops, my bad.

  • Leo

    Oh, and the next storyline twist? “It’s Bush’s fault!”


    Gus Fring with his face back? I’m in!

  • sarah nz

    Watched the 2nd episode, not watching the 3rd.
    May get a full season but can’t see it lasting any longer..
    Actually wish it would go into freefall, very similar to Falling Skies imo.

  • thesnowleopard

    I think it will drop, and pretty hard, but there could be a delay as people give it some more episodes before they quit. On the other hand, hey, it may find its legs and give people a reason to keep watching. I don’t really see it lasting past a season or two, at best.

    Either way, I’ll be watching Castle.

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