It's Opening Day! Which Broadcast Show Rates Highest on Opening Night? (Poll)

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September 24th, 2012

It's the first official day of the 2012-13 broadcast primetime TV season and all networks are airing originals tonight.  On the first night of the season, which show will rate the highest? I put all the shows from the big four in the option. Is it frakking crazy to have The Mob Doctor in the list? Of course it is! But some of our readers are frakking crazy and we strive to be inclusive!

Sure, I left the L.A. Complex off the list, but I'm optimistic that none of our readers are that crazy.  I also left off ESPN's Monday Night Football (Packers-Seahawks) which certainly could best everything on the broadcast networks. That's not to exclude sports fans -- it's just that the new season is really a broadcast networks thing. I know I'll be watching ESPN, but of the many benefits of living in California is the game will start at 5:30p and I'll have plenty of time to decide whether I'm Team-Castle, Team-Hawaii Five-0 or Team-Revolution at 10pm.  In reality, if I'm still awake by then I'll likely catch the Bones recorded earlier on the DVR, but still...

As far as a guess in the poll...I did a coin toss between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls, and 2 Broke Girls won out.

  • cc

    I went with the other side of your coin.

  • Robert Seidman

    FYI, it looks like Mike & Molly isn’t showing up on the voting list (but is available under view results). If that doesn’t clear itself up in a few minutes, I’ll figure something out.

  • chris

    Hoping 2 Broke Girls succeeds at 9. My favorite new show from last season.

  • J.G.

    I voted 2 Broke Girls, but DWTS could have a huge bump

  • Dennis

    CBS series will highst rated shows!

  • Baqinardo

    I think The Voice will lead.
    DWTS will be like XFactor. The hype about “all-stars” will be just like Britney Spears on XF. But i could be wrong.

    The Voice > 2BG > HIMYM > Rvn > M&M > DWTS > Partners > H50 > Castle > Bones > TMD

  • rob60990

    I voted 2 Broke Girls.

  • Tom

    The Voice will probably lead 2BG by a couple tenths.

  • iggy

    HIMYM – it goes up against the weakest portion of DWTS & The Voice.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I suspect loading in the reality shows will skew the results. Should have left it between the scripted shows only.

    I’ll be watching Castle, H5O, Revolution, WH 13, and Alphas.

  • MoHasanie

    Should be 2BG in first place with HIMYM in second place and maybe The Voice in third.

  • Jon23812

    I think DWTS

  • Justin121

    The Voice (NBC)

    2 Broke Girls (CBS)


    Mike & Molly (CBS)

    Revolution (NBC)

    DWTS (ABC)

    Hawaii (CBS)

    Partners (CBS)

    Bones (FOX)

    Mob Doc (FOX)

    NBC > CBS > ABC > FOX

    NBC Mondays post-Chuck, Heroes, The Event, is a new dawn.

  • Potato

    Wow, more people guessed the mob doctor than partners

  • DW

    the voice , dwts , cbs-coms , fox. in that order.

  • KarenM

    I’ll be watching DWTS and H50!

  • glover

    2 Broke Girls.

  • tv log

    Dancing All stars (Celebrities) should be more involve in choreography! If not! I hope this edition is more like real ballroom dance contest! All contestant do same dance on floor same time and then Len, Toni and Anna pick the worst and best dance couples from dance category for show dance! If not! Will we see more phony show than WWE Raw! That’s Geriatric Wrestling Feel Good Glass House Dance show! Call your favorite couple when the couple march down the stairs! The producers never change the couple’s phone number following week! Why any of these couples never practice after camera stop rolling!
    This show is not reality show! It is phony show!

  • KarenM

    Also, Alphas.

  • Mary

    I won’t be watching but it’ll probably be one of the reality shows–either Dancing w/Stars or the Voice.

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