It's Opening Day! Which Broadcast Show Rates Highest on Opening Night? (Poll)

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September 24th, 2012

It's the first official day of the 2012-13 broadcast primetime TV season and all networks are airing originals tonight.  On the first night of the season, which show will rate the highest? I put all the shows from the big four in the option. Is it frakking crazy to have The Mob Doctor in the list? Of course it is! But some of our readers are frakking crazy and we strive to be inclusive!

Sure, I left the L.A. Complex off the list, but I'm optimistic that none of our readers are that crazy.  I also left off ESPN's Monday Night Football (Packers-Seahawks) which certainly could best everything on the broadcast networks. That's not to exclude sports fans -- it's just that the new season is really a broadcast networks thing. I know I'll be watching ESPN, but of the many benefits of living in California is the game will start at 5:30p and I'll have plenty of time to decide whether I'm Team-Castle, Team-Hawaii Five-0 or Team-Revolution at 10pm.  In reality, if I'm still awake by then I'll likely catch the Bones recorded earlier on the DVR, but still...

As far as a guess in the poll...I did a coin toss between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls, and 2 Broke Girls won out.

  • Dan S

    Looks like I voted with the majority & guess The Voice will be tops for the night. Of course Revolution is my true #1 pick that I’ll be watching followed by H50.

  • César

    The L.A. Complex, wait and see haha ok, no (I hope The L.A. Complex get a Season 3)

  • Tyson

    Monday Night Football should have been listed since it will win. In the broadcast division, I’ll pick The Voice.

  • César

    I think The Voice won tonight

  • s0303

    2 broke girls or the voice…i picked 2 broke girls…i won’t be watching either one though…

  • Mon

    2 Broke Girls!

  • Dillan

    I think 2 Broke Girls will rate the highest.

  • jt

    The Voice has the momentum. 2BG will be second – it doesn’t really have cliffhanger from last season. Otherwise I would think it could finish ahead of the Voice.

  • DKD

    The Voice beat 2 Broke Girls all but one week last year. I’m going with The Voice.

  • Jonathan

    I think The Voice will win, but I’ll be watching 2 Broke Girls.

  • don juan

    i think the voice will barely edge out the cbs comedies. but the comedies are better imo

  • Joseph

    I think “Dancing With The Stars” will top the broadcast nets, but I agree with Tyson that ESPN’s football game will top the 18-34’s and 18-49’s and maybe in total viewers as well.

  • Matt

    2 Broke Girls will be the highest because America can’t get enough of repeating racial stereotype jokes from the past..

  • Ben

    I am going with the minority and vote Hawaii Five-O. It ended on a cliff hanger last May and they might do something big to shake things up and start the new season with a shocker.

  • James

    I want it to be Castle.

    But it will be ‘dancing with the stars’ because people are easily entertained and aren’t demanding better programming.

  • Agnes

    The Voice vs 2BG? I voted Voice because it won out over 2BG last time by a considerable margin. It’s not a given though – the uncertains are Fall vs. Winter, The Voice is much weaker than last year and it’s premiere week for 2BG.

  • Sarah

    I know this probably isn’t the right place to ask, but does anyone know if there will be Live+7 ratings for last week in a few weeks since only a few shows premiered, or will they start with this week?

  • CrimTV

    The Voice or 2 Broke Girls

  • 728huey

    The Voice will win the demos, but CBS will edge slightly ahead of NBC for the night, followed by ABC and FOX in a distant fourth.

    It’ still to be determined how the bigger three networks will do, but FOX is going to take a beating. Bones is getting long in the tooth, and the Mob Doctor was whacked on arrival. I’m just waiting for FOX to run Kitchen Nightmares next week.

  • Simon

    The Voice (NBC)

    Revolution (NBC)

    DWTS (CBS)

    Castle (CBS)
    Revolution will no doubt be the highest rated Drama of the night even if it falls from the 4.1.

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