It's Opening Day! Which Broadcast Show Rates Highest on Opening Night? (Poll)

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September 24th, 2012

It's the first official day of the 2012-13 broadcast primetime TV season and all networks are airing originals tonight.  On the first night of the season, which show will rate the highest? I put all the shows from the big four in the option. Is it frakking crazy to have The Mob Doctor in the list? Of course it is! But some of our readers are frakking crazy and we strive to be inclusive!

Sure, I left the L.A. Complex off the list, but I'm optimistic that none of our readers are that crazy.  I also left off ESPN's Monday Night Football (Packers-Seahawks) which certainly could best everything on the broadcast networks. That's not to exclude sports fans -- it's just that the new season is really a broadcast networks thing. I know I'll be watching ESPN, but of the many benefits of living in California is the game will start at 5:30p and I'll have plenty of time to decide whether I'm Team-Castle, Team-Hawaii Five-0 or Team-Revolution at 10pm.  In reality, if I'm still awake by then I'll likely catch the Bones recorded earlier on the DVR, but still...

As far as a guess in the poll...I did a coin toss between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls, and 2 Broke Girls won out.

  • KarenM

    @James, while DWTS is reality crap Castle isn’t exactly intellectual genius.

  • SJ

    2 Broke Girls with a 5.2, followed by HIMYM/Partners (both mid-4s), Mike and Molly (low 4s), The Voice with a 3.9 and DWTS with a 3.5. H50 might hit a 3.0, but I doubt anything else will.

  • Christian

    @SJ you’re dreaming!

  • Norman

    1. 2 Broke Girls – 4.8 – 5.2
    2. How I Met Your Mother – 4.4
    3. The Voice – 4.2
    4. Mike & Molly – 4.1
    5. Partners – 3.8
    6. Dancing With the All-Stars – 3.5

  • Samunto

    The Voice will win,then 2BG,Revolution, HIMYM,DWTS….

  • miichael

    i think someone should come out with a hunger games tv show

  • Mark

    How I Met Your Mother – 3.9
    Partners – 3.2
    2 Broke Girls – 4.7
    Mike and Molly – 3.8
    Hawaii Five 0 – 3.0

    Dancing with the Stars – 3.3
    Castle – 2.8

    The Voice – 4.0
    Revolution – 3.4

    Bones – 2.2
    The Mob Doctor – 1.3

  • Carmen

    It will probably be 2 Broke Girls. It will depend on 2 factors

    1) How much DWTS and The Voice pull from each other and

    2) How many have abandoned CBS during Partners and not come back at the top of the 9:00 hour.

    Those (NBC) fans who are backing Revolution with their hearts are very likely to be sadly disappointed

  • Fed

    Voted and watching DWTS but probably it will be The Voice.

  • Cory

    No way that 2BG will get 5s in demo, more likely low 4s, The Voice will win but only by one or two tenths.

  • ABC hater

    Hopefully, The Voice.

  • Tony ^_^

    Either “2 Broke Girls” or “The Voice” will come out on top…

    “2 Broke Girls”: 4.0-4.5
    “The Voice”: 4.0-4.5
    “How I Met Your Mother”: 3.6
    “Partners”: 3.2-3.5
    “Mike and Molly”: 3.2-3.5
    “Revolution”: 3.3
    “Dancing With the Stars”: 3.0
    “Hawaii 5-0″: 3.0
    “Castle”: 2.8
    “Bones”: 1.8
    “The Mob Doctor”: 1.2

  • Jared

    I’ve never seen 2 Broke Girls but will be watching the premiere tonight to check it out. But think The Voice or 2 Broke Girls will be leading the 18-49 demo tonight.

  • ron

    I think 2 broke girl will win over The voice! im with you in that!

  • Hubert

    2 Broke Girls will win overall, but it might be a little behind the Voice in the head-to-head half hour

  • Jared

    Fox’s The Mob Doctor will seal its fate tonight..and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s cancelled tomorrow or at the latest the end of the week. As someone who watched the premiere by no means was it a great show..but the concept seemed pretty cool..which would have probably worked better on cable. I personally would have maybe watched tonight’s episode..but really don’t see the point now.

  • Survivor Fan

    Close between HIMYM, Voice, and 2BG

    My pick: The Voice (beating HIMYM in a virtual tie- 4.4 to 4.4)

  • Tim

    I think DWTS will rate higher than The Voice, especially since its the season premiere.

    But we will have to wait and see.

  • SJ

    2 Broke Girls was in mid/high 4s last fall and that was when it was in the lower HUT level at 8:30. If it doesn’t break at least a 5 tonight, CBS should be very disappointed.

  • Vance

    2 Broke Girls should beat The Voice comfortably. The Voice will definitely fall with the other networks airing originals.

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