It's Opening Day! Which Broadcast Show Rates Highest on Opening Night? (Poll)

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September 24th, 2012

It's the first official day of the 2012-13 broadcast primetime TV season and all networks are airing originals tonight.  On the first night of the season, which show will rate the highest? I put all the shows from the big four in the option. Is it frakking crazy to have The Mob Doctor in the list? Of course it is! But some of our readers are frakking crazy and we strive to be inclusive!

Sure, I left the L.A. Complex off the list, but I'm optimistic that none of our readers are that crazy.  I also left off ESPN's Monday Night Football (Packers-Seahawks) which certainly could best everything on the broadcast networks. That's not to exclude sports fans -- it's just that the new season is really a broadcast networks thing. I know I'll be watching ESPN, but of the many benefits of living in California is the game will start at 5:30p and I'll have plenty of time to decide whether I'm Team-Castle, Team-Hawaii Five-0 or Team-Revolution at 10pm.  In reality, if I'm still awake by then I'll likely catch the Bones recorded earlier on the DVR, but still...

As far as a guess in the poll...I did a coin toss between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls, and 2 Broke Girls won out.

  • Hubert

    you’re right, 2BG was pulling mid 4’s at 8:30 and scored a timeslot high of 4.8; but you don’t seem to remember that there was the Sing-Off on NBC with its mid 1’s I guess. Now they have the Voice. So CBS will be very happy with 2BG pulling 4.5 tonight, which I think is gonna happen.

  • Tony JJ

    I’m guessing 2 Broke Girls. It should be able to hit a 5.0+ or pretty close to it.
    The Voice vs. Dancing with the Stars will be very interesting. I’m guessing TV edges out DWTS, but with the All-Star cast DWTS could be higher than TV.

    RVN, H50,Castle will be interesting to watch because H50 and Castle usually premiere big, and RVN will down from it’s big premiere.

    How I Met Your Mother – 4.4
    Partners – 4.1
    2 Broke Girls – 5.2
    Mike and Molly – 4.4
    Hawaii 5-0 – 3.1

    Dancing with the Stars – 3.8
    Castle – 3.0

    The Voice – 3.9
    Revolution – 3.4

    Bones – 2.0
    The Mob Doctor – 1.3

  • Colin

    Bones, The Mob Doctor, Revolution, and The Inbetweeners is what ima watch tonight.

  • Vance

    @Hubert, The Sing Off may have been very weak, but this time around, 2BG will be facing comparatively weaker competition from every network besides NBC, as well as airing at 9 pm. I think it will fall short of 5.0, pulling high 4s.

  • Big Shooter

    I think people are overestimating the CBS lineup, 2 Broke Girls finished last year with a 3.3, I can’t believe it’ll be anywhere near a 5.0 as some are suggesting.

    1. Voice 4.0
    2. 2BG 3.9
    3. HIMYM 3.8
    4. DWTS 3.5
    5. Partners 3.4

  • RyanCanada

    i hope The Voice gets crushed, i want Bones, M&M and 2BG have a huge night

  • Karin

    Terrible ratings for Fox to come

  • Hubert

    Hopefuly you’re right and 2BG really will suceed :-)

    @Big Shooter
    So in your guesses 2BG rises 0.6 vs its finale and HIMYM rises only 0.1, as it finished last season with a strong 3.7.

  • Agnes

    @Big Shooter
    “2 Broke Girls finished last year with a 3.3″

    It was also it series low – it didn’t get a finale bump. Was the low rating because people were quitting the show or the spring effect of ratings trending down? I guess we find out soon…

  • Erika

    My guess is between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls. My vote went to The Voice.

    I will be live viewing Bones, DWTS, and Revolution. I’ll watch The Voice and HIMYM online.

  • Hubert

    @Big Shooter

    Also, 2BG was on 8 pm and aired 1 hour episode for its finale with average of 3.3, but the 2.9/3.7 halves (many people claimed they didn’t know the show started this early and gave up on watching second part only after they dicoverd the show already aired half of episode).

  • Big Shooter


    Yes HIMYM finished with a 3.7 for it’s season finale, although that was an hour long so will have been boosted by the 8:30-9.00 portion of the episode. 2BG has had much more promotion and is being billed as the flagship show of the lineup, and is airing later, so that’s why I see a bigger jump there. But neither show did much with their finale rerun ratings last week to suggest to me they do anything special (i.e. 4.5-5.0) tonight.

  • Survivor Fan

    Voice- 4.4
    Revolution- 3.6

    HIMYM- 4.4
    Partners- 3.6
    2BG- 4.3
    M&M- 3.6
    Hawaii 5-0- 3.1

    DWTS- 3.2
    Castle- 2.8

    Bones- 2.1
    Mob Doctor- 1.3

    LA Complex- 0.4 (1st) / 0.3 (2nd)

  • KS

    So there’s going to be a new poll on this website everyday?

  • bob

    Why are people putting H5O so low? It was winning non stop last year and I believe it will beat out Revolution big time. I did watch Revolution last week and found it ok but will not be watching tonight because of H5O. I think there are quite of few like me who watched the first night to see what it was about.

  • bob

    I should not have put H5O beating Revolution big time….I should have just put beat revolution. They might be close together in rating but I do believe H5O will win the 10 o’clock spot.

  • Great Friends

    Partners is the next Will & Grace can’t wait to see it.

    2 Broke Girls is the anchor of this comedy lineup now.

    Revolution vs. 5-0 vs. Castle will be a beast!

  • capslocke

    The Voice- 4.3
    2BG- 3.9
    HIMYM- 3.5
    M&M- 3.5
    DWTS- 3.4
    Revolution- 3.4
    Partners- 3.2
    Hawaii 5- 0- 2.8
    Castle- 2.4
    Bones- 1.9
    TMD- 1.1

  • omabin

    I think a lot of people here are going wayyy too high on Castle. It did premiere with a 3.2 last year, but it was coming out of a 3.3 finale. With estalished shows like Castle that’s pretty much what tends to happen: ratings for premieres are close to those for finales. Besides, Castle hit 2.1s for most of its spring run last year, with some 2.3s every now and then and even hitting 2.0s more than once. So I might be wrong, but even facturing in the possible (big if) that you are predicting for DWTS, I would still be shocked if it does more than 2.8 (optimistic prediciton here) that you are saying. More than 3.0 would be really mind blowing for me.

  • Tony ^_^

    Expect an ABC Press Release tomorrow saying that “Dancing With the Stars” had a gazillion viewers and was the most watched show on TV last night. Even higher than “The Voice”. Lol… xD

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