It's Opening Day! Which Broadcast Show Rates Highest on Opening Night? (Poll)

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September 24th, 2012

It's the first official day of the 2012-13 broadcast primetime TV season and all networks are airing originals tonight.  On the first night of the season, which show will rate the highest? I put all the shows from the big four in the option. Is it frakking crazy to have The Mob Doctor in the list? Of course it is! But some of our readers are frakking crazy and we strive to be inclusive!

Sure, I left the L.A. Complex off the list, but I'm optimistic that none of our readers are that crazy.  I also left off ESPN's Monday Night Football (Packers-Seahawks) which certainly could best everything on the broadcast networks. That's not to exclude sports fans -- it's just that the new season is really a broadcast networks thing. I know I'll be watching ESPN, but of the many benefits of living in California is the game will start at 5:30p and I'll have plenty of time to decide whether I'm Team-Castle, Team-Hawaii Five-0 or Team-Revolution at 10pm.  In reality, if I'm still awake by then I'll likely catch the Bones recorded earlier on the DVR, but still...

As far as a guess in the poll...I did a coin toss between The Voice and 2 Broke Girls, and 2 Broke Girls won out.

  • Emily

    Although my vote for the seeming hotly contested 10pmhour is revolution>castle>Hawaii 5-0 castle tends to be more closely linked with dancing with the stars ratings, than Hawaii 5-0 is, and I’m expecting, at least initial high numbers because it’s all stars ect, although I think revolution is the real wild card, it’s going to be interesting!

  • Yam

    Why LA Complex is not is in the polling list?

  • Justin


  • Christina

    … what an explosive SEASON finale, of The L.A. Complex!!!! A MUST WATCH!

  • miles silverberg

    Voice will take 18-49, and DWTS will take total viewers by a mile, as usual.

  • joss

    2BG and HIMYM were amazing

  • Joe

    I don’t get why people think 2BG will hit a 5.0. It hasn’t gotten numbers nearly that high since early last fall and it was in the 3s by the end of the season. I don’t see why a new timeslot would suddenly make it gain 1.5+ in the demo.

  • senor chang

    here’s me being an assumptive ass and fudging numbers…

    Voice: 4.1
    Revolution: 3.5

    HIMYM: 4.3
    Partners: 3.9
    2BG: 4.2
    M&M: 3.8
    H50: 3.1

    DWTS: All-Stars: 3.7
    Castle: 2.9

    Bones: 2.0
    Mob Doctor: 1.4

  • Nate

    2BG was disappointing tonight it was funny at times but I didn’t like the episode. That show has gotten worse instead of better. Whitney has gone in the opposite direction with these two shows. Her show was stale in the beginning and got better in the 2nd half.

    Partners, HIMYM, and Mike & Molly were good. I really liked Mike & Molly as this funnier than King of Queens now to me.

    I tried to watch the dramas but not all the way through. People should really check out Mob Doctor that show is actually surprisingly good like LA Complex. Doesn’t deserve the low ratings.

    Anyways Monday was all about the Seattle Screwjob on Monday Night Football probably the best bit of entertainment for this whole year.

  • fearless

    I hope Partners does well =)

  • Survivor Fan

    I am a big HIMYM fan, but I did not think that they told enough of the story for half an hour last night.

  • Nick

    The night’s biggest 5 programs:

    1. 2BG: 5.5
    2. HIMYM: 4.9
    3. Mike & Molly: 4.5
    4. The Voice 4.2
    5. Dancing With The Stars: 4.0
    (DWTS and 2BG tie with viewers)

    I have complete faith in 2BG winning the night. HIMYM and Mike & Molly are also strong, and may outshine the Voice. DWTS will have a boost from the All-Stars edition (which should really be named Fan Favorites, cause it’s not all winners).

    The week’s biggest 5 programs:

    1. TBBT: 6.4
    2. Modern Family: 6.4
    3. 2BG: 5.5
    4. HIMYM: 4.9
    5. 2.5 Men: 4.7
    [Just off the list: Mike & Molly (4.5) and Person of Interest (4.4)]
    (TBBT wins in viewers)

    TBBT and Modern Family will both be up due to extra exposure in syndication and the Emmys being on ABC this year (there were like 12 MF promos in the first 2 hours alone!). 2.5 Men will do resectably enough, but won’t manage to stay on the top 5 list much longer.

  • Nick

    @ Project Spencer

    How I met your mother 2.9
    Partners 2.5
    2 Broke Girls 3.4
    Mike and Molly 3.2
    Bones 4.1
    La complex 0.5

    These are the most deluded predictions I have seen in my entire life. The CBS comedies have never done that bad and probably never will. The LA Complex will NEVER get a 0.5. It’s just not possible. And Bones in the 4s? Really?


    @ Yam

    Probably for the same reason as Mob Doctor

  • Gustavo

    Would be between: The Voice and 2 Broke girl.The rest has no chance.

  • rob60990

    ABC & CBS will not be happy people today.

  • Geordiegirl1967

    Does anyone else think DVRing is making a nonsense of this? It isn’t like anyone actually has to chose between Hawaii 50 and Revolution. I’ll be watching both and neither of them live because I refuse to watch ads as they destroy the dramatic tension. In fact the less bothered about a show I am, and the less good / well plotted / gripping it is the more likely I’d be to watch it live. The current system is a recipe for reality shows and undemanding wallpaper TV.

    I know that the networks only care about those who watch live because of the ad revenues. But surely this outdated way of watching and funding TV must be on its way to the scrapheap.

  • Holly

    The new season begins :D

    *starts popping the popcorn*

  • Cory

    @ Nick

    Your predictions are delusional also, 2BG is never gonna open that high.
    2BG – 6.8 rating down from 7.9 last year time period opener.

  • Agnes

    Based on the overnights, I never thought CBS could ever go this low on a Monday. I wonder of 2BG will get 3.5 in the demos?

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