'Saturday Night Live' With Joseph Gordon-Levitt Delivers Above Average Ratings

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September 24th, 2012


This week's episode of Saturday Night Live  hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt with musical guest Mumford & Sons averaged a 3.0 rating with adults 18-49 in the 25 markets with local people meters. That's up 7 percent from last week's season premiere, which scored a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating.

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In Late-Night Metered-Market Household Averages for Saturday night:

  • “Saturday Night Live," with host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and musical guest Mumford & Sons (5.0/12 in metered-market households), dominated its time period.  In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, “Saturday Night Live” averaged a 3.0 rating, 13 share in adults 18-49.  Versus the same night last year, the September 22 “SNL” is up 11 percent in the Local People Meters (3.0 vs. 2.7) and versus the prior week, “SNL” is up 7 percent (3.0 vs. 2.8).
  • “Saturday Night Live” was the #1 telecast of the night on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox both in 18-49 rating in the Local People Meters and in metered-market household rating, outscoring all primetime programs on those networks.





  • MattM

    Makes sense, it was just an average show.

  • Ji (g)

    i didn’t know who the host was nor the musical group (and i play in bands on and off). I didn’t care for him nor the band, parts were good for me. But mostly not, just one opinion.

  • Amanda

    That’s b/c JGL is extremely talented!

    SNL in general sucks now though. They haven’t had a great cast since Tina Fey was there.

  • KarenM

    SNL sucks so bad!

  • Ricky

    I’m glad it went up. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a much better host than Seth MacFarlane, and they had a great musical guest to make up for the dreadful Frank Ocean last time…even better, there was a lot less Vanessa Bayer on screen. Maybe Lorne isn’t trying to make another Kristen-Wiig-y overexposure mistake after all.

    Although, the show overall was worse this week. The sketches just weren’t as funny or memorable, although JGL putting on his Magic Mike impression was funny (if only because it came out of nowhere.)

    Too bad we gotta wait an extra week for Daniel Craig and Muse. Now THAT ought to be most amusing.

  • Ellen in NYC

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt was more versatile than I expected, but that doesn’t mean I have an interest in seeing him on SNL. The show really sucked.

    Looking forward to Daniel Craig. Who I don’t generally think of as a funny guy. That he even laughed when he was on the Colbert Report surprised me.

  • pete

    Loved the show and JGL’s energy!

  • TimsDale4ever

    I can’t imagine why. I haven’t given up yet, but that first episode wasn’t anything to talk about so I can’t see why the second episode is up from the first. I’ll watch it sometime this week on comcast on demand. I noticed from last week that this season really lacks a strong female lead. The cast is mostly male now which to me isn’t a plus.

  • Ji (g)

    I will say I’m glad I don’t have to watch that talentless Kristen Wigg – Carol Burnett wanna-a-be.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I miss Wiig and it was up because of the host, I’ll start watching only the episodes I like the host not all the episodes because Wiig is gone.

  • Marcus

    Two things remain constant about SNL, one, – people always point out that ‘it isn’t as good as it used to be (in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. – whenever), and two, – that it consistanly has higher viewers ratings than all of Saturday evening in Prime Time. So, somebody is watching it, even if you think it was better way back when.

    SNL runs hot to cold on a week to week basis. This years season premiere was a good show in my opinion, but this last episode fell flat for me.

    Being an election year, I’m hoping for something better than what was presented last weekend.

  • Roy Chapman

    Saying it sucked is not a review; it’s barely a whiny-ass complaint. Ya know, similar to I don’t like vegetables; guess what? Neither do I. It’s not interesting to read; it’s not even worthy of posting. Nothing to it. Dull, monotonous, talentless; it takes no effort. If you’re going to take the time to review, then put some effort into it. Even if you do say it sucks, tell how and why.

    There should be a bot that stops “it isn’t as good as it used to be” from making it to the comments. Yes, it is, and sometimes, it’s better than it used to be. It has always been hot and cold with sketches that go too long and recurring bits that nobody likes or that appear too often. And yes, the characters talking in hushed tones as well as the characters who make up the songs as they go along (I think it’s the same two cast members)are the two worst bits EVER! They need to be booted. That’s when I usually get up and fix an elaborate midnight snack because I have the time; those two bits are way too long. Seth, you’re better than that. I think crazy uncle AND Nic Cage every week would be better than that!

    And that’s how you write a review! Don’t forget to take the time to do some editing; try it; you won’t look so uneducated on the comments boards.

  • dantas

    hmm, which one does really matter: the 3.0 or the 5.0?

  • Stephen89

    First of all, roy chapman, go suck a dick- don’t tell people what to write,people are saying how they honestly feel, and that’s what this is for- i have to say this episode, applegate/Oct. 13, was the worst, most talentless show I have ever seen!- Not only is the cast unengaged and seemingly lost, but I feel the biggest factor for the pathetic down spiral for snl into a pathetic, adolescent, amateurish on an incompetent level,of stagnation is the writers! It has to be. I don’t know who they are,but they need to be ‘let go’ immediately, It is obvious they are out of their league. They seem more fitting for writers of an comedic oblivious, low quality middle school skit course. We never had this problem when tina fey was writing!- SNL needs a serious S.O.S.!!-

    Idk how much longer Americans can stand to watch their awkward self destruction!- – and it’s beyond the idea of just changing the channel if we don’t like it; – because we want SNLto live up to what we know it can be!

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