'Trisha Goddard' Exclusive: The Man With Five Wives

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September 24th, 2012

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Fabulous Floyds Discuss Their Polyamorous Lifestyle This Week on “Trisha Goddard”

STAMFORD – September 24, 2012 –Trisha explores a sensational alternate lifestyle in which a family is comprised of a man and five wives, exclusively on “Trisha Goddard” airing Tuesday, September 25th (check local listings).

Eric Floyd and his wife Wanda have been married for 27 years.  Just a year after getting married, they mutually decided to bring additional “Spirit Wives” into their marriage.  Find out all the dirty details on the Fabulous Floyds as Trisha gets to the heart of this polyamorous lifestyle.

In this episode, Eric Floyd said, “I always hear about Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses, I’ve been doing Goddesses since the ‘80s.”

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  • Sam

    Her show seems to follow the same format and feature the same types of topics as Maury (although it does not feature DNA paternity tests like everyday like Maury), but with more time given to each guest story. It should work out well.

  • Gina


  • Dawn Lyle

    I caught the end of the show about the man with five wives. It’s funny. I remember seeing him and the woman sitting next to him on one of the Judge shows in which the woman he was sitting with was being sued by an ex-girlfriend of this man who has five wives. I caught the clip where this man was talking about jealousy and about how it lowers you as a person. While that may be true, I wonder if he would feel the same way if he was one of five husbands to one woman. Somehow, I’m thinking it would be a complete double standard. I have no respect for such arrogance and narcissism. He’s a piece of work and I am abhorred that these women settle for nothing but the best; to have a man who only has eyes for one woman; one wife. These women obviously have little self esteem and self respect and this man preys on that. He is a piece of crap as far as I’m concerned.

  • Rainey

    This Joker was on the Judge Ross show regarding two women fighting over him, because one stated she was the girlfriend first, while she was a co-worker of the other woman who was on the Trisha show today, stating they have been married over 27 years….ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! These shows are phoney and fake….Is this how low America has gotten? Do you not think that people aren’t watching these other shows?

  • Barbara

    This show should be called Trisha’s Trash.

  • Wala!

    Wow!! This show was soooo amazing!!! I loved the atmosphere the man with the five wives brought into the show!! At first I was very confused and one sided towards their type of relationship. This relationship seems so honest and just full of positive energy!! I’m definitely showing my friends! They were all so beautiful too!! Ahhh! I loved Wanda and Eric!! Their son was way crazy and his girlfriend? Gorgeous!!! O.o I loved the show!! Kudos!!! Hope there is a part two!


    AMERICA’S COURT with JUDGE ROSS was a paid Acting assignment that my parents were hired for, as they have both been Actors since the 80’s, so their marriage is REAL… their lifestyle is REAL… their appearance on THE TRISHA SHOW is REAL… and JUDGE ROSS was a paid appearance. Real easy concept to grasp. No deception here. Just working actors on one show & sharing their REAL lives on another show!

  • Keovar

    Polyamory isn’t just about men with multiple partners, it’s a choice that all involved make together. My initial interest in it came about because it requires some very open and honest communication, instead of relying on assumptions that a partner views your relationship the same way you do.

    My girlfriend is married, and while I’m not physically involved with her husband, he is a good friend. They live in a neighboring state, and when I visit it tends to be for a few weeks at a time, and all of us get along quite well. He and I have even taken her out on her birthday together.

    I don’t see love as some finite thing that has to be given to only one person. Most people don’t love one friend or family member less just because they have other people in their lives, and I see no reason it has to be different for romantic love.
    If something good happens in the life of a friend or family member, I hope you’re happy for them even if you weren’t the source of their happiness. Again, I see no reason that must be different for romantic love.
    There are activities that one partner may not be interested in, while another is. You probably have a variety of friends for a variety of interests. Why should a romantic relationship be expected to meet all of someone’s needs?

    Our loved ones are not property, why should we start treating them as such just because a physical element may be involved?

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