Guess the Ratings for 'The Mindy Project' & 'Vegas'

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September 25th, 2012


Tonight sees two new show premieres, and they couldn't be more different. The Mindy Project premieres tonight on FOX after New Girl and has received a considerable amount of buzz as the "next" hot comedy. Vegas, on the other hand, hasn't enjoyed the same amount of pre-show notoriety but is the only scripted drama premiere of the night, and makes its debut after NCIS: Los Angeles.

So how will these two freshmen fare tonight? Take a guess and tell us about it in the comments!


  • rob60990

    2.8 for Mindy, 2.7 for Vegas with a very strong old skew.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Ben & Kate?

  • The End

    Less than 7 million viewers for Mindy Project, and around a 1.9.

    Vegas I would say around 12 million viewers, between a 2.7-3.2

    Mindy Project sounds pretty sucky to me, so going with it being another Mob Doctor type failure for Fox.

  • James

    I voted 2.0-2.6 for both of them.

    Vegas might do well as it has relatively weaker competition (relative to H50 yesterday) but I’m not massively confident.

    The Mindy Project has had big critical acclaim. That never amounts to a hill of beans round this way, mind. I expect The Mindy Project being successful will depend upon New Girl performing well and I just don’t expect it to do so well (considering how other Fox shows are still rating how they did last Spring). My guess for the night is:
    8:00 – New Girl – 2.8
    8:30 – Guys With Kids – 2.4
    9:00 – New Girl – 2.8
    9:30 – The Mindy Project – 2.6

    I would love to be proved wrong and see the Fox comedy block do very well so Raising Hope has a good set of comedies to lead-in to.

  • James

    Oh, not Guys With Kids, Ben and Kate. Damn

  • Naif

    Mindy project will build on New Girl second episode. I think it’ll get 3.6.
    Vegas will debut to a decent 2.8.

  • ethan


    Ben and Kate…3.1

  • Ryan30

    Vegas might surprise but it’s hard to tell. I only said 2.7

  • SJ

    Ben and Kate – 2.0
    Mindy Project – 2.4

    Vegas – 2.7 (would have said 3.5 before I saw yesterday’s Hawaii 5-0 rating though)

    New Girl at 8pm – 2.2, New Girl at 9pm – 2.8.

    3.0 for Go On, 2.0 for The New Normal.

  • j

    Mindy Project hasn’t had “big” critical acclaim. It has a 70 on Metacritic, which puts it at the same level as the CW’s LA Complex.

    Mindy Project 3
    Vegas 3.5
    Ben and Kate 2.6

  • Oliver

    Doesn’t bode well that people are forgetting Ben & Kate exists.

  • POI

    i hope the mindy project bombs i hated the show when i first heard of it and then i saw the trailer and i hated it more im not a fan of mindy

  • Ellen

    Can’t wait for Vegas… which probably means it will bomb :/

  • DKD

    I was underwhelmed by the Mindy Project pilot as was everyone at the office. The only people that seem to be raving about are critics and few of them seems to acknowledge the show’s flaws.

    Key among those flaws is the lack of likeable characters that you can identify with.

  • Raykov

    2.2 for The Mindy Project and 3.1 for Vegas

  • JD

    Mindy looks good, though I’d rather have all of Fox’s comedies fail than have Happy Endings and Apartment 23 get cancelled. Really looking forward to Vegas.

  • Californiadgd

    New Girl – 3.4
    Mindy – 2.9

    Vegas – 3.2

    Go On – 3.0/3.1

  • Guardian Owl

    1.9 or lower for Mindy
    2.5ish for Vegas

  • Baqinardo

    3.2 for Mindy and 2.5 for Vegas.
    But i really hope Ben and Kate does well. Love the show.
    Too bad it’ll have to face final half hr of The Voice.

  • RJ

    Ben and Kate – 1.5
    The Mindy Project – 1.6
    Vegas – 2.4

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