Guess the Ratings for 'The Mindy Project' & 'Vegas'

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September 25th, 2012


Tonight sees two new show premieres, and they couldn't be more different. The Mindy Project premieres tonight on FOX after New Girl and has received a considerable amount of buzz as the "next" hot comedy. Vegas, on the other hand, hasn't enjoyed the same amount of pre-show notoriety but is the only scripted drama premiere of the night, and makes its debut after NCIS: Los Angeles.

So how will these two freshmen fare tonight? Take a guess and tell us about it in the comments!


  • sarah nz

    Mindy 3.2
    Vegas 3.0

    Anticipate that I am too generous with the Vegas rating

  • Joseph A

    Thinking that Mindy did well , opted to not watch Mindy but a 3.1, would not surprise me.
    Did watch Vegas and , I do not normally watch Broadcast at 10pm , but it was a good episode , but then what would you expect with Dennis Quaid, Jason O’Mara,Carrie-Anne Moss, & Michael Chiklis all in the same show.
    Hope it did at least near 2.9, would think its safe regardless of the ratings as long as it build slowly.

  • Jon

    I liked Ben and Kate. The Mindy project not so much. I expect much fewer viewers to return to watch Mindy next week. Vegas was really good, and I think it will be a smash.

    Vegas 2.9
    Ben and Kate 1.8
    Mindy project 1.4

  • stella

    The Mindy Project –2.6
    Vegas – 2.5

  • Big Shooter

    New Girl – 2.5
    Ben and Kate – 2.5
    New Girl – 3.1
    The Mindy Project – 2.9

    DWTS – 2.5
    Private Practice – 1.9

    NCIS – 3.8
    NCIS: LA – 3.4
    Vegas – 2.7

    The Voice – 4.0
    Go On – 2.9
    The New Normal – 1.9
    Parenthood – 1.7


    2.5 or 2.6 for Mindy

    2.8 for Vegas

  • PinoyTVCritic


    The Voice – 4.0
    Go On – 3.0
    The New Normal – 2.0
    Parenthood – 1.8


    NCIS – 3.8
    NCIS: LA – 3.6
    Vegas – 2.8


    DWTS – 2.5
    PP – 1.9


    New Girl – 2.2
    Ben & Kate – 2.5
    New Girl – 3.0
    Mindy Project – 2.8

    — Predictions

  • Kyle

    Based on the 56 Metered Ratings NOT looking good for FOX.

    4.0 for New Girl @ 8
    2.9 for Ben and Kate @ 8:30
    3.8 for New Girl @ 9
    3.3 for The Mindy Project @ 9:30

    Of course they are going to skew younger but these are NOT good numbers especially given all the hype for the Mindy Project.

  • senor chang

    Looks like Vegas might have a shot at breakig a 3 for its premiere. CBS must be breathing a sigh of relief that Monday seems to have been an anomaly.

    Neither Ben or Kate or Mindy Project are looking good, though: assuming New Girl skewed about as young as it did last season, that’s a mid-high 2 for both episodes, a mid-2 for Mindy, and high 1s or very low 2s for Ben and Kate (because America hates nice things).

    NBC did fine, though Go On took a bit of a hit (down 19% vs last week: should be around a 2.7 in 18-49?) while The New Normal fell 9%. Parenthood was more-or-less steady, and The Voice only dropped 10% in HH vs full competition. That’s fantastic.

    I guess ABC did fine. Not great, not horrible. We’ll see how the HH translates to 18-49.

  • senor chang

    The really big surprise for me is New Girl doing better at 8 than at 9.

  • swalker

    8 pm: New Girl 3.4
    8:30 PM: Ben and Kate 2.2
    9:00 PM New Girl 3.3
    9:30 PM Mindy 2.7

    NCIS 3.8
    NCIS LA 3.0
    Vegas 2.2

    Voice: 4.7
    Go On 3.1
    New Normal 2.6
    Parenthood 2.2

    DWTS 2.5
    Private Practice 2.0
    For the top 25 markets only

    from spoilertv

  • Kyle


    That can’t be good for Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project at all. They probably will end up dropping even further. New Girl I can see staying around 2.5 which is still decent.

  • senor chang

    That is really low for Vegas and Ben and Kate…Mindy might have a shot, though.
    Judging from last week’s ratings, FOX might be a little lower, while CBS will be a little higher. No chance that number for Dancing is going to hold in the national numbers, so Private Practice might also be lower…NBC might be a little lower (at least New Normal and Parenthood: there’s no way they gained ~20% WITH competition).

  • omabin

    I agree, Ben and Kate and Mindy are in trouble. I am quite happy for New Girl if that holds up, it’s on last fall’s post baseball levels, which is very acceptable for me, everything considered. I still want to wait for the final numbers though and also for the direct competition with Happy Endings. Even though I think it will beat Happy Endings somehow confortably, it will probably have suffer quite a bit from cross-audience…

  • senor chang

    Ugh. I guess Ben and Kate will just be one of those shows that has one awesome season and gets rediscovered on DVD or something.

  • swalker

    CBS is not having much luck with its pilots.

  • Ryan5

    I feel like that is incredibly low for Vegas; I expected around 3.0

  • DKD

    If the nationals are close to those “top 25 market” numbers, the biggest surprise to me is how The Voice, Go On, and New Normal didn’t really take much of a hit when against real competition.

    Vegas’s low number doesn’t shock because it’s likely Sons of Anarchy will win the 10PM time period above all of the so-called “big networks”.


    Go THE MINDY PROJECT (3.5) & THE NEW GIRL (3.8)!

  • omabin

    Oh and for Vegas if that’s, indeed, close to where it ends up, it will be a goner at the end of the season (CBS will not cancel this show with so many high-profile names involved in the middle of the season). I was planning on watchig it but maybe I will just save it to see what comes of the ratings. I hate to get attached to newbies that end up canceled. I also watched the Ben and Kate pilot and enjoyed it, but won’t keep watching withr atings like this.

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