Guess the Ratings for 'The Mindy Project' & 'Vegas'

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September 25th, 2012


Tonight sees two new show premieres, and they couldn't be more different. The Mindy Project premieres tonight on FOX after New Girl and has received a considerable amount of buzz as the "next" hot comedy. Vegas, on the other hand, hasn't enjoyed the same amount of pre-show notoriety but is the only scripted drama premiere of the night, and makes its debut after NCIS: Los Angeles.

So how will these two freshmen fare tonight? Take a guess and tell us about it in the comments!


  • KarenM

    I saw about two minutes of Vegas last night. Dennis Quaid’s a horrible actor!


    Ill be honest with you I watched Vegas and I found it to be in the same vein as Playboy/Pan Am It has good acting in it but Its very niche and it was very boring to me. I was extremely bored watching it. I think CBS made a mistake cancelling the Unforgetable which I know is returning for this show. IMO CBS is a bust this season. There Monday crashing, their new Tuesday show very old skewing. Michael Chiklis I love but this show isn’t something that I would make appointment TV every week.

  • KarenM

    If Vegas got a 2.2 after the strong lead-ins of both NCIS OUCH for CBS! That’s not good!

  • KarenM

    *Really* worried about CBS Thursday now especially for PoI. I could care less about Elementary. They’re messing with the Sherlock Holmes formula when it’s already been done to death and better by the BBC.

  • Joseph A

    Do not think I would be worried , based on the spoiler info VEGAS would still be the top show at 10pm . and it could easily gain audience over time.
    But looks like Ben & Kate, and Private Practice are dead.

  • Mindy Project Cancelled

    I hope The Mindy Project is cancelled. Hate that show.

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