How Long Before 'Partners' Is Replaced By 'Rules Of Engagement'? (Poll)

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September 25th, 2012

While most of the attention in our comments for Monday night's ratings are focused on other shows, the premiere of CBS's Partners landed with a resounding 2.4 adults 18-49 ratings thud. (cue commenters not understanding that while a 2.4 is a hit on NBC, it's certain death on CBS, remember the cancellation bear)

It's not going to be on the CBS schedule long with that rating.

For a little history lesson, last season How To Be A Gentleman premiered with a 2.7 rating on Thursday at 8:30, followed by a 2.5 rating in its second episode, followed by burn off oblivion.

Just like last season, Rules Of Engagement is waiting in the wings to step into the CBS sitcom breach.

But how long will that take?

  • Bill Gorman

    @seasic, nothing new to that fact. That’s why the bear is always so well fed.

  • Dude

    I’m a little more optimistic. I think they’ll give it at least two more episodes before removing it from the schedule.

  • Dan

    This works out good that CBS renewed Rules, and if Partners gets yanked early it can step in but I think the season of Rules will be capped at 13 episodes still so then Maybe Mondays at 8:30 around March Friend Me can air there. CBS originally wanted Friend Me to air post Big Bang but I doubt they will put Men on Hiatus for 8 weeks. since it has 24 episodes.

  • Dan

    For those of you worrying about Hawaii 5-0 and any show that premiered in the 2010-2011 season in the fall and is still on the fall now (Hawaii 5-0, Nikita, Raising Hope, Mike & Molly) those shows will get fourth seasons (2012-2014) for syndication purposes. Even 2 Broke Girls got a syndication deal and that show just began its second season.

  • Mikey M

    What a really unfunny show.

  • a p garcia


  • Dan

    @Bill – Unlike last year when CBS had ready ROE episodes (originally scheduled for Saturdays) do they have the episodes ready for fall or maybe to premiere in a few months? If Rules is ready than I expect it to premiere around November. Or if CBS doesn’t want to pull Partners, (with comedies recently CBS would rather air the episodes than pull them even if the episodes are low like Gary Unmarried and Mad Love for examples) they probably would air the full 13 episodes through December.

  • Mel

    Terrible writing. Terrible ensemble. Killed “2 Broke Girls.” Total disaster.

  • Dant2590

    I’m disappointed that this show is so awful. I thought it would be a even funnier Will and Grace with 2 GUYS. But it’s off my TIVO schedule. And the laugh track must be left over from the I Love Lucy days!

    Rules of Engagements is a funny show and would be perfect on Monday before the HILARIOUS 2 Broke Girls!

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