Monday Final Ratings: 'How I Met Your Mother', 'Mike and Molly', 'Voice', 'Bones' Adjusted Up; 'DWTS', 'Revolution', 'Castle' 'Hawaii Five-0' & 'LA Complex' Adjusted Down

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September 25th, 2012

How I Met Your Mother and The Voice were adjusted up two tenths, Mike and Molly and Bones were adjusted up a single tenth, Castle was adjusted down four tenths, Dancing With the Stars adjusted down two tenths, and Revolution, the LA Complex, and Hawaii Five-0 all adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, September 17, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.4 11 12.18
CBS How I Met your Mother 3.6 11 8.84
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars (8-10PM) 2.5 7 14.11
FOX Bones 2.3 6 7.61
CW The LA Complex 0.2 1 0.57
8:30 PM CBS Partners -P 2.4 6 6.56
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.7 9 10.14
FOX The Mob Doctor 1.3 3 3.85
CW The LA Complex 0.2 0 0.39
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 3.1 7 9.45
10:00PM NBC Revolution 3.4 9 9.21
ABC Castle 2.1 6 10.45
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.8 5 8.06

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  • Elena


    I’m going to take your super mature and intelligent response as an indication that you have absolutely nothing to counter with. Also, way to go making fun of someone’s favorite football team. Yet another indication of your advanced intelligence and maturity. Way to hit him where it hurts!


    I wasn’t saying the ratings don’t matter. They absolutely do. I was saying the demo numbers don’t carry the same weight that they used to and networks consider other factors nowadays, that’s all. I do get what you’re saying, though. I don’t always understand fully the ins and outs of the advertising world and how networks deal with ad agencies to make money. It’s something that always makes my eyes cross and brain hurt a bit. Thanks for your intelligent and informed input…it is much appreciated. :)

  • madbengalsfan85

    @Elana Wonder if networks would weigh online viewership differently per timeslot. Take Fox/Bones and ABC/Castle for example. Would Fox place more weight on Bones’ online viewership (Tough time slot, no lead-in) than ABC would with Castle (solid-at-one-point lead-in, less competition, MNF may be a dud by 10)? You make a valid point and you have to think networks do consider the online component to a certain extent…but does time slot and other factors matter to how much it factors in? Also makes my head hurt, and happy to provide you with a rational debate

  • Michael

    host brooke burke is the worst part of a bad idea – all stars????? really? it minimizes the value and integrity of winning that hideous mirror ball trophy. duh!

  • RatingsWar

    Actually, a 2.4 for Partners in 18-49 is not that bad considering DWTS only got a 2.5 and Bones got a 2.3.

  • Curtis Vick

    Would someone please tell me what is happening with “Bones”? I realize it is just a show, but I cannot figure out why it seems that the “powers that be” seem hell bent on killing the show. Any ideas, anyone???

  • Matthew

    Oh no:(

    I happen to think Castle is the best written and acted and most fun show on broadcast TV right now and yet it’s being beaten by garbage.:(

    Seems like any show I like watching and enjoy gets beaten in the ratings by whatever the latest CSI is and that is just sad:(

    Castle is the only crime show on TV I really enjoy right now,well I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts. I sure hope they tire up all the plot thread because it doesn’t look like it will get a sixth season and I don’t want to be left hanging like with so many other shows. I wish a cable station like USA would pick it up,Castle would most likely do well on one of the Cable networks.

    I hate seeing my favorite shows fail.

  • Matthew


    I hope you are right about that. I think Castle is the best most fun show on Tv and Castle and Beckett are my favorite team since John Steed and Emma Peel and that is saying something. I really hope Castle last because I can even enjoy the weaker episodes because the cast is just so strong. Molly Quinn keep amazing me with what a great job she does with a type of role that doesn’t work on most shows. I had to call around to get a copy of Castle season four,the only store that had it was movie stop and I had to have them hold one of their last two copies for me and that was at noon on the release day I have never seen that happen with any other TV show. I was starting to get depressed by all the negative press Castle’s ratings were getting but your post has perked me right up and I now live in hope that Castle will get a 6th season. Unlike most shows I think Castle is better with the two leads together and I see no reason why it can’t become this generations Thin Man.

  • Britt

    Castle has been sold into syndication….so the network would be more inclined to keep pumping out more eps to feed the syndication bear. But syndication will only get a poorly performing show so many new episodes.

    Season 4 went down mainly because fans were tiring of getting nowhere with the series thru lines. TBTP said they are aware and things will progress in Season 5 so here’s hoping.

  • Barbie

    Am I the only one who thinks that H50 could be really good in the CSI:Miami spot on Sunday nights?

  • maxime

    I think cbs should replace partners with rules of engagement and order a full season instead of only 13 episodes

  • Nobie Davlin

    CBS needs to put Hawaii 5-0 on another night where the competition is not so stiff. Up against Castle and now Revolution, you have 3 shows that are targeting the same age group. Saturday night would be great. There’s not much else on. Do something where it won’t be cancelled.

  • SteveL

    Castle’s numbers seem fine…I can’t see ABC replacing it with anything that will do better, and having a dependable show that will good okay-enough ratings week after week is worth the risk of keeping it going.

    If they kill it now, what do they replace it with that could possibly do any better?

    As a Castle fan, I think the last few episodes of Season 4 didn’t do it any favours…the whole Castle-pulling-away-from-Beckett thing killed of some interest in most of the casual viewers I know (though the last episode was a small piece of redemption). Getting it back to its roots should help (a lot!).

    And I agree with Elena: the cross-platform sales for Castle are more than worth the average live ratings. The books and graphic novels add to the revenue stream and should be worth a few ratings points over all.

  • CeeKay

    If Castle gets cancelled with over 10 million viewers, I will be gob-smacked. It’s a HUGE mistake for the networks to worship at the altar of The Demo, but they will never learn…

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