NBC Crushes Competition, Goes from Worst to First on Opening Night

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September 25th, 2012

Is it only one night? Yep.

Is it still very, very early? Of course it is.

Is NBC being propped up at the risk of tiring out the Voice too soon? Maybe.

Did NBC have the Olympics and Sunday Night Football to pummel tens and millions of people with promos? Yes, it did. But NBC could've had all that and still wound up in last place on the first night of the new TV season and nobody would've said "how could that have happened?"

Last night NBC led every single half hour in adults 18-49 except at 8:00p where it tied with How I Met Your Mother. Every. Single. Half. Hour.

On the night it bested CBS by 48% with adults 18-49, ABC by 53% and Fox by 135%. You read that right!

On opening night a year ago (9/19/11) where CBS was propped up by curiosity about Kutcher replacing Sheen, NBC was last every half hour with its line-up of The Sing Off and The Playboy Club.

It is only one night and its still early, but to go from worst to first on opening night in just one year has to feel pretty good for NBC.


  • Jack

    It is like college dorms today.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I think NBC is going to take this season as a win, but they still have some pretty big problems. Specifically, they need to fix Thursday nights. What was once their best night of the week is now an embarrassment.

  • brandy

    How long until The Voice is on every night of the week?

  • EatMorePez

    The Sing Off! I totally forgot about that show.

  • Kyle

    NBC is going to do well Monday and Tuesday.

    Wednesday-Friday is something they HAVE to work on. Wednesday is going to be tough with GWK and AP. Also L&O SVU (A show I watch) is getting tired. I don’t think Chicago Fire is going to do well. Thursday is their BIGGEST problem. They NEED to revamp the whole lineup. Friday is just a mess.

  • Robert

    Go REVOLUTION!!! JJ ABRAMS has a hit here…

  • ron

    i love to read every articule ahahaha its inetresting mostly in teh comments even i dont get how teh ratings work its good to see everyone talk about it!

  • MoHasanie

    haha, I thought this was a NBC press release. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did release something with that tittle.

  • iggy

    Yeah but

  • moraliste

    I always had the feeling that behind the desperation of the prime-time Leno experiment lurked a decision, just like with a baseball team, to strengthen your farm club ( develop and buy pilots, esp. comedy pilots) instead of blowing it all on highly-touted free agents. Rumors of the deaths of both NBC and the sitcom genre were somewhat exaggerated, partly because of wishful thinking, on my part, sometimes, just as much as anyone else. The only constant I can think of is the 18-35 female viewer, who now makes more money and has a better education than her male counterpart. Female-friendly dramas and sitcoms rule, with a few ” misogynistic” themes ( Meg on FG, Sweet Dee on Always Sunny, etc.) thrown in for man-bites-dog shock value.

  • K

    Makes me wonder if NBC will put SMASH on Thursday Nights come midseason?

  • Derrick

    Good for NBC.

    now bring back Jericho, CBS is willing to sell it, people are willing to watch LOL.

  • a p garcia

    Lets hope RVN can keep its current #s or go down slightly.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @MoHasanie who said:
    haha, I thought this was a NBC press release. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did release something with that tittle.

    Give credit for TV by the numbers. NBC is still last or tied for ABC in big 4 and is always easy to be nice with first one is much harder with last one. In Englans when in football field play big team and small team neutral spectators always support weaker team. Its easy to support CBS this days.

  • lancelot48

    They should televise football every weeknights. It will crush all competition.

  • MoHasanie

    @Petar Ivanov

    Actually I support CBS since I watch the most shows on that network. Last year I supported ABC because it had my favorite shows on it (Modern Family and Desperate Housewives). There was a time when my favorite network was NBC for many years in the times of ER and Friends.

  • DKD

    I guess they won’t need to bring back Chuck. :-)

  • Tyler

    Good for NBC. Though it’s kinda cool to know HIMYM tied The Voice in its timeslot.

  • RJ

    I didn’t know How I Met Your Mother aired at 830pm. ;)

  • gerry

    good for the peacock. it would be nice to have it place NOT FOURTH again this year. its early, but i think if revolution can stabalize in the mid-high threes, NBC will be thrilled.

    the latter part of the week needs work. and nbc really needs to spend some time thinking about what their new ‘voice’ will be, because with two cycles, i think people will tire of it sooner rather than later.

    but for now, nbc done good.

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