'Revolution' Sets Time Shifting Records

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September 25th, 2012

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – September 25, 2012 – The September 17 premiere of NBC’s new Monday drama “Revolution” has set time-shifting records for the network and for a debuting series on any network.

In “live plus three day” ratings from Nielsen Media Research that count time-shifted viewing through the first three days after a show’s live telecast, the “Revolution” premiere grew by 1.36 rating points from its “live plus same day” rating (a 4.09) to its “live plus three day” rating (5.45).

That 1.36-point increase is the biggest gain going from L+SD to L+3 for any NBC telecast ever. It’s also the biggest increase for any series premiere on any network ever, with the previous high being 1.14 last fall for Fox’s “The New Girl”).

The only series on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox ever to gain 1.36 rating points or more going from “live plus same day” to “live plus three day” have been “Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The New Girl,” “Big Bang Theory,” the post-Super Bowl telecast of “Glee” and the first appearance by Ashton Kutcher on “Two and a Half Men.”

“Revolution” has now reached a total of 24.2 million viewers who’ve watched all or part of last week’s premiere or the Wednesday encore.

In “live plus three day” results, “Revolution’s 5.4 rating in adults 18-49 makes it NBC’s top 10 p.m. ET premiere in nearly eight years, since “Medium” (6.3 on January 3, 2005), excluding previews.

  • MattM

    Question. If these numbers don’t matter to the networks, why do they send out press releases like this?

  • John_M

    Hype and Spin are easy concepts to understand, – one would think

    Pretend a show is more popular than it is and maybe people (who matter – the ones with the boxes) will be tempted to check it out

  • vh1


    Just to brag. It give a network the opportunity to brag

  • forg

    Publicity, to get people curious about the show why it set records such as this with the hopes of them tuning in. Most people don’t know it doesn’t matter anyway

  • Elizabeth

    The show is ok, but the lead girl is awful. She was on Being Human, she wasn’t good on there either. Need to replace her in a hurry to save the show.

  • JD

    Aww, NBC is so adorable with its couple of ratings hits. Only The Voice is guaranteed to stay pretty strong for the fall, but I’m glad they’re getting some successes again.

  • Lisa

    I thought ‘time shifting’ had something to do with the implausibility of the show itself! Had to come here to see what it meant. :)

  • Silent Hunter

    Not surprising. When ‘Castle’ is on at the same time, many people are going to timeshift one of them.

  • Nick

    Wow, Medium was huge back in season 1. I miss that show…

  • Max Vrany

    It’s PR. They’ll say anything that’s the truth.

  • John_M

    Not surprising. When ‘Castle’ is on at the same time, many people are going to timeshift one of them.

    As someone who ‘time shifts’ both of them since I have to get up early for work, I’m not sure how this matters on the first episode, since, you know, castle was a rerun

  • John_M

    It’s PR. They’ll say anything that’s the truth.

    Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics

  • Josh

    Translation: “A whole bunch of people didn’t care enough about this show to watch it live, but were happy to watch it on DVR. Of course, they all skipped the commercials, so our advertisers couldn’t care less about them. But it still sounds impressive… kinda… sorta… right?”

  • psychic


  • psychic

    “Castle was a rerun”
    No it wasn’t.

  • CrimTV


    The Voice, Go On and Revolution are all ratings successes, The New Normal is a moderate success and Parenthood is a stable show while The Office is also doing okay.

  • tv log

    NBC Your Second attempt on Parenthood should be on Wednesday against The Modern Family! Chicago Fire should be on Tuesday @ 10PM! CBS Vegas and ABC Private Practice will kill family drama!

  • enes

    Medium was a great show why today we don’t have those kind of good shows ? Im sorry for Partners but i don’t why that didn’t work each of them has made great tv shows , ugly betty , numbers, one tree hill, chuck, but i guess the chemistry between them is not there , bad pilot :(
    The mob doctor sucks they just wanted to have an other medical drama like house but it didn’t work the only thing i like about the show was that they used the song of The Pretty Reckless “My Medicine”

  • Hessian

    REVOLUTION – the third choice of households with DVRs everywhere!

  • RG-X

    It beat it’s competition in it’s time period – so it’s not going anywhere.

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