Guess the Ratings: 'The Neighbors'

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September 26th, 2012


Broadcast TV is being invaded tonight...and yes there are little green men. The Neighbors has received some negative buzz on the critic circuit despite being compared to 90s cult hit (and similarly-themed) 3rd Rock From the Sun, but its Modern Family lead-in may still give the premiere the eyeballs it needs tonight. What do you think? Will you be watching?


  • James

    I expect Modern Family will do high 4s. I don’t expect any less than 3.0 from The Neighbours with that lead-in.

  • FlorianN

    This is the kind of pitch which can bring people, by curiosity, right ?

  • KS

    Is this show about Aliens?

  • Victor Hugo

    7 million viewers and 2.1 ratings

  • EatMorePez

    Since it has a Modern Family lead in tonight, it will probably get a decent rating. I’ll guess 2.6. But it will plummet next week.

    A better game might be “Guess how much The Neighbors will drop in its second quarter hour”

  • Jason C.

    It has Modern Family as a lead-in and no other half hour competition starting at 9:30. I think its a given that it hits >3.0

  • taylor

    Ehhh, lets go with 2.9. Once it loses the MF lead-in it’ll drop like a rock though.

  • Baqinardo

    I cant wait for the show.
    Seems funny.
    It’ll be > 3 for sure.

  • SJ

    2.1, only thanks to Modern Family (which I thought could hit a new series high somewhere in the 6s, but considering how unexpectedly awful everything’s doing this week, I guess the highest it gets is a 4.7).

    2.8 for The Middle hour-long premiere and 2.2 for the Revenge special.

  • Mark Harmon

    Man we got two really horrible comedies airing tonight Animal Practice and this garbage. Both comedies deserve to flop hard. Not sure why this got a greenlight.

  • CD

    I’m going to make a wild prediction and say that The Neighbors will start off decently (greater than 3.0) and then actually stay stable. I’m predicting this because I have a feeling this is the type of show that parents will leave on for their children to watch and I actually thing children will enjoy this.

    Which is also why I think it was smart for ABC to move it to an earlier time at 8:30 since kids will still be awake then.

    So that’s my wild prediction. Adults will mock it, but kids will love it.

  • rob60990

    3.2. then sink next week.

  • CD

    Also another point I wanted to make for why The Neighbors could possibly be successful is because it’s targeted towards children. If you look at the other horrible comedies this season (guys with kids, partners, family tool etc) they are all targeted for adults. Kids wouldn’t watch that.

    But with The Neighbors, it’s definitely a show kids would love and make their parents turn on their tv to watch it. I mean, come on. It has non scary and funny aliens, 2 cute little kids in the family to relate to and lots of kiddy immature jokes.

    That’s my argument for why I think this show COULD be successful.

  • Big Shooter

    2.7 out of a 5.1 for MF. The Middle will do a 2.7.


    Survivor 2.9
    CM 3.4
    CSI 2.7

    Animal P 2.0
    Guys/Kids 1.8
    SVU 9pm 1.9
    SVU 10pm 2.0

    X-Factor 3.3

  • Jeff (Canada)

    3.0 and next week will drop to 2.0.

  • Raykov

    I think Ben & Kate and Partners proved that a strong lead-in and a strong follow-up doesn’t mean good ratings – just ok. So I’ll go with 2.9 for The Middle, followed by 4.3 for Modern Family and then a 2.2 for The Neighbors

  • Slam

    Zero, with big drop-off after the first thirty seconds.

  • Jack S

    Modern Family won’t be as high as last year so I guess this gets 2.6-3.0. Looks awful but the timeslot change might not be a bad thing, yes The Middle won’t be as big a lead-in but it seems more compatible.

  • Jon23812

    A lot of people seem to hate a show that hasn’t premiered yet.

  • erwan from france

    The Middle : 7.46 [3.2] and 8.05[3.5]
    Modern Family : 14.88 [6.4]
    The Neigbors : 7.51[3.0]

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