Guess the Ratings: 'The Neighbors'

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September 26th, 2012


Broadcast TV is being invaded tonight...and yes there are little green men. The Neighbors has received some negative buzz on the critic circuit despite being compared to 90s cult hit (and similarly-themed) 3rd Rock From the Sun, but its Modern Family lead-in may still give the premiere the eyeballs it needs tonight. What do you think? Will you be watching?


  • Oliver

    Context: Modern Family premiered to 6.1 last year (hour-long premiere) and the finale was 4.1.

    Modern Family’s second episode got 5.7, with its lead-out being the premiere of Happy Endings with 3.1.

  • Oliver


    A lot of people seem to hate a show that hasn’t premiered yet.

    It’s the Work It principle: some shows are so self-evidently awful and doomed that you don’t need to watch them.

  • erwan from france

    In the second week , The Neighbors will crash below 1.0

  • SJ

    I think ABC’s plan is: let this premiere after Modern Family so it doesn’t look like they’re just planning to kill it, then watch it bomb in its second week, move Suburgatory back to 8:30 on October 17 and promo a new show (likely How to live…) for the post-Modern Family time slot. They’ll have two weeks, as MF airs two episodes on the week prior to help Nashville.

    And I SOOO hope that this actually comes to pass.

  • Joe

    The Middle 2.5
    Modern Family 4.6
    The Neighbors 2.6

    Animal Practice 2.0
    Guys with Kids 1.7
    SVU 2.1

    I think people are being too optimistic for Modern Family & The Middle. So far, every show has basically matched its spring ratings, which is mid 4s for Modern Family and mid to low 2s for The Middle. The only thing I can see pushing MF over a 5.0 is possible post-Emmy hype.

    As for The Neighbors, I predict it to shed a huge amount of Modern Family’s audience but still do OK, for now (until it moves timeslots).

  • erwan from france

    I can wait for revenge’s return , beetween Once Upon A Time and 666 Park Avenue, it will huge !

  • Gustavo

    Between all the new shows:This looks like the worst…and for far.

  • Jeff R.

    I know it looks dumb, but The Neighbors is different and looks to be a “family” show – pretty compatible on paper with Modern Family. Look how well 3rd Rock from the Sun did. I think it will at least get sample.

    4.2 out of a 5.3 for MF.

  • Samunto

    It’ll do around 3.1-3.3 given it’s lead-in. Yes, it’s been panned by critics but i think people will give an alien comedy a chance out of curiosity.

    Animal Practice will do very well. Say what you may but people will tune in for that monkey! I say 2,7 – 2.9 tying with The Middle.

  • allen

    Is their is a god, it will get a 0.0

  • John

    5.3 for MF and 13 million viewers

  • Kyle

    I am HOPING the Middle does WELL!!!!!! I want another season of that!

    Here are my predictions

    The Middle: 2.7
    Modern Family: 5.2
    The Neighbors: 3.4

    Obviously we ALL predicted wrong thus far. LOLS We were always optimistic.

  • Ryne

    This just looks god awful. I have 2.6-3.0. I think it was wise for ABC not to waste the post MF slot with this mess the rest of the season.

  • jt

    It has Jamie Gartz in it, right? I like her and will try to watch it if I don’t forget what time it’s on.

    3.4 out of MF’s 5.2

  • MoHasanie

    2.7 – The Middle
    5.2 – MF
    2.5 – Neighbors

    So excited for MF tonight!! :) . I’ll be watching ABC tonight including the Revenge recap, but I’ll skip Neighbors. I’ve always skipped every show ABC puts after MF because it always sucks and the ratings reflect that.

  • omabin

    2.5 I think

  • Don Juan

    It’s one of those shows that I’m going to watch just to see if its as awful as it looks. Who knows, maybe I might be pleasantly surprised. Not likely though

  • KarenM


    Just can it already. It's going to fail.


    The big question is can the X Factor hold up against all this new competition tonight. I think it will probably do about 7.5 to 8 million against all these new competition. FOX still has to be happy with the X Factor because the rest of their shows aren’t catching tons of fire IMO.

  • Clarke

    I really don’t understand all the hate for the Neighbors. Sure, the promos make the show look childish and dumb, but it could turn out to be a very funny and different show when it is given time to grow. Pilots are never good for high-concept shows like this – but if the writing got better it could become a cult classic like ALF. Who knows? My only complaint is it really should have been on Fridays w/ LMS and Malibu Country, because it has a 90’s, cheesy TGIF kind of feel to it.

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